So I triggered my fortnite live stream...

Pubblicato il 12 giu 2019
So I triggered my fortnite live stream...
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Outro Song:
Credit where credit is due! Thanks to spifey for the inspiration:


  • Fuck riske like a hoe

  • Ddr zxcffdsd full kg ro vase rmm busboy confetti ybor country button vids c9 ttfsfjg fit zip flop goop cup fo goop goop tip go hip hip HTC hip tu rex chip cty GB kit svm cry 6dz CV bui tfx chip bc r.c bio TV hip hz GB bui rd GB h.c top jvc cdi jvm ver GB mi ye dip mt hz co g up

  • U suck🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😂😂😂😂😂😂 u are💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Yep 👍🏻 you sure are triggered.

  • animae tiddies

  • When pelley sees ninja eating a banana and then ninja wants to meet him

  • When ninja ate a banana but he ren into peely

  • I must say you make your thumbnails very well, they are very intriguing lol

  • U look like King forquad

  • 6:32 perfect timing

  • Caption: when u find the human size thing that was in ur ass last night

  • bruh there ain´t no bounce pads enymore boy you you gotta..... SAY THERES NO BOUNCE PADS

  • You fuck

  • 2:21 jason is disappointed in you

  • Fortnite is the worst

  • Trigger chat and/or Mirza counter: 15 lol


  • Noob noob noob nooooob gay

  • Caption: lol ninja love big bananas

  • Caption: When you see your bro at a party, but you took a ton of Acid

  • 5:53 If u were a girl or are a girl would u marry that face? Like = Yes Comment = no

  • An actual good fort nite video in 2019 that’s weird

  • He looks like Fiona from shameless

  • Me next to why my wife left me (45 million)

  • Caption: you are the banana and your ex is ninja.

  • (°^°)

  • Jsr did this

  • watch


  • He should’ve used bandages then used a med kit. It’s like he basically wasted bandages.

  • I have never inhailed so much air before lol

  • What fuck rifty

  • U should’ve ate a burrito sideways😂

  • Rifty looks like lord farquad

  • Are u the dude from game shakers?

  • Somebody removed my sub and likes on ur channel

  • There is a scary looking ogre behind te door in 10:39

  • stop ripping off skeppy

  • 4:18 use headphones for better experience and turn it up to max volume

  • w

  • 10:01 Charlie in a chocolate factory looking as

  • Caption: Banana is contemplating something

  • I feel bad for all the defaults watching this thinking it’s the right way to play fortnite

  • This was amazing

  • I remember when you made really good content, such a shame.

  • T A S T Y C H I C K E N

  • Nobody : Me: Eeeeęéëęéêëėętyūńñčxźßßßßß

  • Someone in the chat said ”Jason is disappointed in you”😂🤣

  • *R E E E*

  • Copying latenci