Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
The legendary Snoop Dogg drops in to give his opinions on Jay-Z's deal with the NFL and tells a bunch of stories from Death Row Records. The rapper also touches on the late Nipsey Hussle.
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Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More
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  • damn yee came out for the dogg !!

  • I've always luhvd Snoop's bone structure, soooooo handsome.

  • I hate that people have no idea what a legend is now lmao

  • Don't Know How I Feel About The Theme Music, Gives Me Horror Type Vibe, Wonder Who Did It?

  • 15:09 i felt that

  • The grown out thumb nail on snoop dogs left hand serves two purposes breaking up chronic to roll blunts, and gouging mofos eyes out

  • That part when Snoop said he Concerned about the list that get you in a heaven ! Very important message! Please forgive each other . God forgive us NONSTOP !

  • dizzy van winkle!!!! lol Great show

  • Your A Crip? A gangster? Cut your long like a woman hair! Millie Vanillie!

  • Man when charlamengdn gave him that lotion I died Lol 😂

  • Snoop was upset one time at Charlamagne for disrespecting 🐦-Man.

  • man snoop dogg is so damn chill

  • He’s free too. He’s God.

  • "When you grow to live and still on earth you learn what you here for". Its real love. Thanks Uncle Snoop.

  • I heard snoop was a David Ruffin is it true?

  • The way Snoop Dogg constructs words is honestly beautiful.

  • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  • You Are Well Spoken, Your Words are so Devine 😊🙏🏾💛 SNOOP

  • I Watch the breakfast club every now and then,And today I must say that Angela Lee you are looking Extraordinary, Amazing,and Diffientely Beautiful ❤️ 😊🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


  • Talk about you original rap name Snooper Dooper, rockin a kid n play high top. Suge gave you this crip Doggy Dogg persona. You was alwys jealous of Pac, Not a single song on Doggfather ft 2Pac. Pac had you on many songs giving you praise. You a snitch, police informant, a fake, jealous ass busta

  • PUBLIC ENEMY: dont believe the HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snoop is wrong AH was a thug before the NFL, gangs are everywhere. Snoop sounds dumb in this instance.

  • "Well he didn't know and they put him in Nawww nigga nawww when you walk that gangsta walk you gotta walk that shit out" snoop never disappoints with his interviews😂😂😂😂

  • @43:49 lmfao

  • Wassup uncle snoop

  • Legend

  • Calling my spirit x x pommm x x x x x hey Katy Perry ya lucky babe x x x x x

  • Kodak black and ynw melly love em ;))

  • 12 years a slave :(( such a sad film but inspirational x x x pommm x x x x

  • Well said snoop x x pommm x x x x x

  • Tupac is soooooo sexy

  • Street soldier :))

  • Damn I fucked around and watched this shit again! From top to bottom!

  • Love this dude

  • I can't believe I set back on this whole interview but it was worth it snoop dog knows a lot

  • Snoop so G❤️

  • 28:52 - Wtf? Snoop smiling? That don't look right.

  • We as millennials need to understand how important it is to appreciate living legends like Snoop Dog. He is one of the few still standing. But people only appreciate things when they are gone

  • Snoop is a minstrel show.

  • Love Snoop! And I love your shirt!! Invest in your mental health! Love that!

  • I'm curious, what does Drama do? He's in every shot when you see DJ Envy..but for what?

  • Love

  • I’m glad I saw Big Snoop Dog at the Verizon Wireless With the game! Concert was called How The West Was One. Texas

  • Good show

  • When snoop said, nobody thinks his relationship has its ups and downs.... snoop we always think that... lol... there’s not a moment we don’t think y’all going through hell behind the scenes, because you do way too much snoop doggy dog

  • l love snoop lolll

  • “He definitely own the bobcats “ bruh 😂😂😂😂

  • Easy money check it out for yourself

  • Best interview ever.

  • Y'all better listen and respect the legend while he here

  • When Charlemagne gave That lotion to snoop 😂

    • Since he said that lotion is good for black skin i want to try it whats the name i can look up for?

  • First time I've watched an entire show.

  • Snoop is dope! A living legend!

  • Peace Cuzz!

  • Charlemagne enjoys the booty men talk lol

  • Maturity

  • Lookin like a alien with those shaded

  • Yee so bad🤤

  • that's world wide celebrity hood, slide em the wrist band ahahaha