Sneakerhead Essentials For 2020 (Holiday Gifts!)

Pubblicato il 1 dic 2019
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  • Sneakerhead Essentials For 2020 (Holiday Gifts!) also 12:54 ahh thanks i forgot that legos is a sneakerhead essential

  • Hi

  • THis guy has so many ads on his vids

  • It makes me triggered that the levitating sneaker machine only levitates the shoe up and down and not side to side

  • Title: Sneakerhead Essentials For 2020 (Holiday Gifts!) "Pokemon Cards lets goooo!"

  • 1:30 bus seat jackets lol

  • we all know you aint wearing none of those american eagle shits, like never lmao

  • Awesome you live near ATL I saw Lenox Mall that is cool I live near ATL too

  • Where can you buy the neon sign

  • After watching this I’m most definitely set for 2020

  • Not the EA I wanted but lol one yesterday

  • American Eagle wtf throwback lol

  • Where did you get the shoe box bag

  • You are full of positive vibes! Keep it up! 🤘🏻🤙🏻

  • What’s your camera set up fam ?

  • Box

  • I want to win the $500 mystery back

  • This guy is Jake paul

  • I swear the cameraman can literally make anything look good.

  • Y'all really gonna wear J's with American Eagle?? Lmaooo

  • I’m going to be in Atlanta this weekend to watch LSU beat Georgia! Is there anything you are giving away that I could receive!

  • Your so blessed man 👌

  • Can you do a review of the Supreme Patchwork Leather Backpack it just came out

  • Keep up the good work Man U doin good

  • Selling some kicks on Grailed, please check them out🙏

  • A reverse card isn't rare aaaaaahhhhhhh

  • used to love teck decks

  • My man I'm also a Raven fan

  • Hey i just started to get into sneakers any tips?

  • I like the air Jordan 1 fearless jewel swoosh more. It is a mid that’s all black but is sewn together with red material and has a shiny rubber/plastic like swoosh on the outside with a the fear tag on it.

  • Y’all are hating on him to much❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  • Damn, I need those neon lights :o

  • Cleaning kit? Bruh I’m sleep. This is all sponsors. Who wants a cleaning kit for a 🎄 gift.

  • Hey Harrison, i noticed you named your key master "free keymaster" you should name it "freemaster" instead it would be so cool my insta is tomau_lmfao

  • do a mystery box

  • all i ever wear is american eagle

  • I just figured it out - you look like the fuckin Mr Beast of shoes.

  • Hey guys I know you all are giving him shit for doing all American Eagle stuff and making it all sponsored but this is a huge deal for him. It is a big deal to be sponsored by a store like this. He has worked hard to get to this point in life and he doesn’t need to get shit for it. Thank you.

  • How much is the levatading

  • Where the signs from

  • Anyone got a link to that white stand on the left?

  • Honestly i was a big fan but the content he drops started to get wack in my eyes


  • Running out of ideas much

  • Where the links at

  • Since when did this turn into a Pokémon unboxing🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I like how he put no links to anything but the AE stuff

  • If your not a fan of those fearless Mids, do a video of cutting them down to lows, seen pretty doing and they look heaps better as a low.

  • Imma use that shoe box bag as a lunch box 😂😂

  • The teck decks are bigger

  • I love the holiday season so much. Awesome video! I’ve been wearing my Stranger Things Blazer Mids everywhere too.

  • i feel like the first one is a a nike lunch box

  • 12:42 harrison whistled when he said “so” wtf was that

  • The problem is i dont have enough money

  • Yooo I got the court purple 1s low too last Tuesday

  • I love American eagle Jeanes and jacket

  • Do dress like nba youngboy

  • When the floating sneaker thing costs $300 💤🙏

    • its literally off of aliexpress for $40

  • he really giving out one shoe🤦‍♀️

  • lmao took tobusunika 6months to ship one stand. invest your money somewhere else 🤣🤣