SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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We take a peak into the lives of SMG4 and friends as they go about their days.
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  • Hey guys! The LIMITED EDITION Meta Runner X SMG4 Shirt is selling out FAST get one now before they're gone forever! ➤ Hope you enjoyed the vid, wanted to do a fun little wholesome video. Also if you've noticed the channel name has been updated from 'SMG4' to 'SMG4 // Glitch Productions'. Nothing is changing at all with SMG4 or the content on this channel. We felt with Meta Runner coming out in two weeks (and potentially other shows in the distant future) it was a good idea to tie in our company name with the channel. SMG4 still is and will always be the heart of this channel :smile:

  • Sykabob Squatblyat

  • the intro is awkward right? leave a comment if u agree

  • Been like 2 years since i watched this channel

  • Steve and the sun are the first to appear in this episode i guess

  • 5:30 lo esta violando :v

  • 1:29 XD

  • Lol Saiko in the minute 3:32 xddddd

  • I don't know what kind of monopoly that was, but I need to play it.

  • 7:45

  • 2:48 trash and gang ( fnaf 6 reference )

  • Where's peach

  • 7:51. xD

  • wait a moment, he is trash and the gang of FNaF UCN

  • Heres my ranking from normalest to weirdest 1. smg4 2and3. mario and luigi 4and5.boopkins and bob(they are just playing their own version of monopoly) 6,7and8.meggy saiko and tari 9and10.wario and waluigi(mainly cause waluigi became a blimp) 11.smg3(kidnapping isint normal) 12.bowser 13bowser.jr 14.axol(he destroyed a entire neighbourhood)

  • Bowser: "Help! I've been held prisoner for a month!" Peach: *Watches the show while eating popcorn*

  • Wait, so are Meggy, Saiko, and Tari roommates now?

  • *a na na go o wee wa nae!*

  • But what die smG4?

  • Trash gang? is that you? (it's in 2:48)

  • How many clothes do they have to buy?

  • You read

  • 2:57 plz fix meggy's model, cuz i don't like that piece of skin clipping trough meggy's shirt

  • Sikaio:PEEEeEeEeEEeW Tari:waaaah Tari :their already dead! Simao:Jdkkdmkdke,

  • 9:33 me at 3 am

  • where is Theo

  • Meggy is adorable

  • YOU PUT the fnaf 6 animatronic named trash and the gang

  • 3:53 Боже какая шутка

  • Are you using coach voice from left 4 dead 2

  • 2:54 FNAF?

  • I like the part at 6:15

  • 1:39

  • Can you bring back desti as a ghost That acts like the real desti and be’s in the rest of the Videos (ik this is a really old video

  • 2:32 console sweats playing Apex Ledgends

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 agregar un personaje mío XD

  • 1:51 Luigi goes to the fridge to get some milk

  • Honestly Bob and Boopkins playing a game together was some wholesome shit.

  • minute 2:48 reference to fnaf 6


  • 5:40 xD jajajajaja

  • Mario rato spaghett all times/está pizza one time

  • 2:54 Hey! Those targets are Trash and the gang from Five night’s at Freddy’s!

  • 7:35 squidward

  • 6:15 but wait,thats illegal.


  • Me: Mom, can we have monopoly at home? Mom : We already have monopoly at home. Monopoly at home : 5:50

    • Honestly it is way better

  • wait why didn't tari have an actual gun

  • 1:38

  • 2:49 fnaf custom nigth?

  • 7:01 Wario: Laughing maniacally and saying take that! Also wario: *fucking putting hot sauce on a taco*

  • That was cool!

  • The mario thing is wath i thoight

  • Axol's species was axolotl right?

  • 7:12 Me: when i step on lego

  • Tari looks so cool.

  • omg trash and the gang from fnaf

  • 2:48 Trash and the gang!

  • Pingas

  • yes