SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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We take a peak into the lives of SMG4 and friends as they go about their days.
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  • Hey guys! The LIMITED EDITION Meta Runner X SMG4 Shirt is selling out FAST get one now before they're gone forever! ➤ Hope you enjoyed the vid, wanted to do a fun little wholesome video. Also if you've noticed the channel name has been updated from 'SMG4' to 'SMG4 // Glitch Productions'. Nothing is changing at all with SMG4 or the content on this channel. We felt with Meta Runner coming out in two weeks (and potentially other shows in the distant future) it was a good idea to tie in our company name with the channel. SMG4 still is and will always be the heart of this channel :smile:

  • Where is that spongebob from

  • Why does meggy still sound like an inkling?

  • I here sans in the bacj ground u cant keep secrets luke😏

  • 2:55 that akward moment when you realize that those things are fnaf

  • This is too wholesome... *tooooo wholesome*

  • This is the best SMG4 video I seen.

  • New and improved

  • Slaps me 9:13

  • 3:53 THE RUSSIAN SPONGEBOB?? **Кто проживает как губка в воде? Спанчбоб сквэрпантс!**

  • meggy is like a kid for some reason

  • Is it just me or does... meggy look uhhh... wierd.......

  • 4:50 *bich duz it look like I ca noo*

  • Hey guys, I took a break off of smg4, and I'm not sure why meggy changed, can you pls help me

  • 6:14 boopkins ded in minecraft

  • Me as R211

  • Meggy just turned in to a small girl

  • 1:35 me when there’s food in the fridge

  • *Only True SMG4 fans knows that this isn't the first time Dr.eggman appeared in a smg4 video lol*

  • SAIKO WHY 3:31

  • Loud House 2019 SMG4 House Day Lige

  • admin is Vietnamese right?


  • Yo opino que meggy deberia a volver a ser una inkling y que desti reviviera

  • Who else misses smg4 back in 2014

  • meggy is a little childish

  • Make a video that Maggie is actually swimming 😀

  • Opino que deberían revivir a desti en algún video

  • *a wild master chief appears!*

  • My family and friends life: Me and Isaac’s life: eating waffles and playing games Human girl PZ7 and anime girl’s life: uh. Shooting crap to train for splatfest PinkSheep’s life: Watching youtube Wife magnus and addy’s life: hating on PinkSheep for wife. Fighting for magnus. Doing cold stuff for addy Fish guy and PurpleShep’s life: hanging out together and sticking heads in toasters Cassie rose and the white pumpkin (they are the same person)’s life: uhh. Forgot Axol’s life: trying to find a house

  • 1:44 there’s a shape of a pussy look closely and fast

  • 1:23 perfect timing crash

  • No clothes? You forgot the clothes that you are wearing now Mario.

  • Meggy looks scary

  • Anybody notice saikos bucket helm has blood on it

  • IT-tvs Videos HONOR FOR

  • SMG4 META RUNNER Episode 4

  • Gordon: I want to die!

  • i liked the old meggy

  • 3:53 thats why i like this vid

  • Wait......what happened to meggy.... REEEEEE -at least metarunner is here-

  • Впервые раз вижу в английской языке есть русский язык 3:53

  • 1.we see a weirdo kissing a horse 2.mario and luigi plays Mortal Kombat 2.Human Meggy does training with Tari and Saiko Pre 2:Smg4 watches spongebob 3.Smg3 does his show again 4.Boopkins and Bob plays a "normal" game of Monopoly 5.Waluigi and Wario sells chilli tacos 6.Heavy and Axol live in a house

  • 5:40 hate to see if SMG4 got cancelled. I would die

  • Is that the garbage people in fnaf 6 2:53

  • 1:38 I need to now the name of that remix :)

  • U should do a flamingo meme

  • Smg3 give us back bowser!

  • I like tari

  • Who let the chonp out?

  • 0:00 What the...

  • 4:51 Bowser.Jr: “Bitch, do it look like I care? *N O .* “

  • Mario in JoJo stardust crusaders

  • 10:07 Evils plans Create an evil star? Make a talk show? kick smg4 in the balls?

  • I can't play when I'm dead-old

  • What's the guy who watches waluigis head expand saying

  • Smg4! Why the f*** a4e you kissing a horse mask

  • If no,then i can move on to creatimg more smg4 ideas

  • Will anybody like my Meme Arc idea?

  • russia bobo lol

  • 3:33 when me mom says school today and i shoot him now his is A CHILD L OL XD 3:40 WHEN I SEE ME DAD AND MOM DOING TO S *beep* x

  • 3:53 Rus (я Русский)

  • 5:39 i dont get it someon pls explain me

  • I ship Mario and meggy

    • @Double C Pixel no it alright i didnt know she was 14 xD

    • I don't want to burst your bubble, I'm just looking at it from a different perspective. I know I'm a bit pessimistic.

    • @Double C Pixel fair point xD

    • I don't think Glitch would want to do that, as it would harm the meme quality of SMG4 when two characters are romantically bonded to one another.

    • As Meggy is 14, it will be 4 years before a relationship with Mario is legal, let alone possible.

  • Wtf happened to Maggie she was normal before and she's new I don't understand 😳😲😵😫😱

  • It’s wonderful how waluigi got back to selling tacos

  • Meggy looks different now

  • О Спанч боб на русском

  • Meggy: STAHP RIGHT HERE! Cops: *Are we a joke to you?*

  • When the spongebob scene came up I was dying

  • Wheres toad?

  • 6:07 por poco me muero de la risa

  • Okay, IT-tvs’s search is so amazing it’s scary. I heard the song at the beginning and typed in “coco” and the top result was the yeah boi remix. It’s scary.

  • Wait a minute ho are you Smg3:smg3 :v

  • Nice fnaf reference

  • i have a Video idea a battle tournement here r the Battles! Mario vs kermit winner mario Koopa vs Bowser winner Bowser Smg4 vs toad winner smg4 Luigi vs peach winner Luigi Boopkins vs bob winner Boopkins Meggy vs Tari winner meggy Axol vs freancess winner freancess Donkey Kong vs heafy winner heafy Quarter Finals Mario vs Bowser winner mario Smg4 vs Luigi winner smg4 Boopkins vs meggy winner Boopkins Freancess vs heafy winner freancess Semi Finals Mario vs smg4 winner mario Boopkins vs freancess winner Boopkins Finale! Mario vs Boopkins winner... Boopkins! Thats my Video prediction bye!

  • At 10:07 one of the crossed off things on the whiteboard is “Create an evil star?” Only og fans will get that

  • Mmm life inspector... Mmm life inspector... Mmm life inspector... Mmm life inspector... Mmm life inspector... Mmm life inspector...................... *MMM LIFE INSPECTOR.............*

  • Mario is favorite characters

  • I like how you had Instant chicken in the back round of megge house