Slow-Roasted Pork Belly - Gordon Ramsay

Pubblicato il 7 mag 2015
Slow-roasting really locks in the flavours, and the end result will be a delicious crispy delight perfect to share with family and friends.
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  • 0:31 oh yeah

  • Like si hablas español 😅😂💗

  • Parece cerdo al palo

  • Bend it over in the cracks 😂👅

  • Normal humans:hi today we are going to Gordon Ramsay:take a sharp knife bend it over and rub it into the cracks

  • Oh dear lord. I just realized. Gordon Ramsay has................. ASMR voice

  • Pork is yucky

  • A second is one bottle of olive oil gone

  • Важный момент для смотрящих из СНГ, он использует грудинку а не подчеревину, уже готовили дважды и именно грудинка то что нужно. А подчеревина превращает это в огромный тазик жира сгоревшего.

  • Pork: this is our best effort for roast pork. Gordon: hold my lamb sauce

  • Thank you Gorden!!

  • Imagine Ramsay was your dad and u get to have high quality meals everyday 🤪

  • Will those flavors work with a pork tenderloin?

  • Gordon having a threesome with Salt-N-Pepa: Gordon: Salt, in. Pepa, in.

  • I need your cook

  • Honestly as an Asian i think Gordon is the only chef amomg the top chefs that cooks meat properly unlike other chefs cooking raw meat and says its done righy after few mins of cooking.

  • Me acordé el capítulo de South Park cuando Randy Marsh empieza a cocinar

  • กอร์ดอน แรมซี๊ด

  • Y la pimienta negra recién molida??? :(

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  • I'll just add msg hahaha Saves a lot of time 😂 Same savory flavor 😁

  • A perro le estás haciendo la competencia al Óscar Capital 🤣🤣🤣

  • hamonado version in philippines

  • Pura pinche grasa como en las carnitas de doña pelos

  • I like the way he touches the meat

  • You have to learn how to roast.. Whole pig from 🇵🇭.. We have the best roast.🐷🐷😁

  • This is the video that introduced me to Gordon's youtube channel

  • Who else realized that he flipped the meat 90 instead of what he said which is 180?

  • Pork is haram

  • I tried this. Came out pretty close and was universally rejected by all except the dogs. The cut of meat was too fatty. The meat itself was decent. The licorice taste of fennel was interesting. The skin came out very hard and tough to chew. If you want to do this, make sure you get a good cut of belly meat with lots of meat.

  • Restaurant: Serves gordon water with no seasoning Gordon: iTs FuCkInG dIsGuStInG!

  • Pork has cancer that's one of the most common causes of cancer you know

    • Pork does not have cancer lol


  • “Bend it all those cracks”

  • Gordon makes the best salmon. Mmm

  • This is the ultimate anti muslim meal

  • Looks disgusting

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  • Yeah now this meat is fucking cooked right

  • I don't know which I like more: as Gordon cuts the meat, or as he cuts the bullshit. This meal is gonna be tomorrow's lunch, although from suckling pig shoulder. Game: ON.

  • why so much herbs ,salt and pepper s al you need.

  • My Brain: I want to eat that. It looks easy. My hand: Okay! Brother~ I'll try to make it. My Tongue: Ugh. Oh! damn....

  • Scrumptious

  • My God he is really good at cooking he should be a chef

  • Gordon Ramsay videos' comment section -- is always awesome. **HILARIOUS XDD

  • Pretty sure I'm sexually attracted to this video...


  • Every youtube video intro: “This video, is sponsored by skillshare” - - Gordon: “TaKe A sHarP kNiFe”


  • Gordon: That's how to cook a really cheap pork belly Also Gordon: puts in expensive ingredients

  • GG

  • Look delicious! 👍🏼❗️

  • Abselute Haram

  • Wow wow I want to do this but deferen style in my channel guys..

  • Any idea what kind of stock he's using?

  • That looks like shit

  • Does Gordon also season his wife when they have sex

  • What kind of stock was that?

  • To all who haven't tried this recipe yet there is something massive missing from the instructions. If you don't do what I'll add shortly your skin will look crispy but won't be, and will be the most chewy experience ever and you'll need a few picks to clean your teeth. Things to add to the recipe: 1. Don't wash the pork belly. Grab a piece of bounty and use the knife to scrape the skin of any dirt and debris. Get every spot. Discard the messy stuff and toss. Should be like a nasty sticky fatty paste on the edge of your knife. 2. After you score the skin making the crosses he shows, line a backing tray with an elevated grate and place the belly on top so there is space below it. Then added a hand full of sea salt all over the skin and in the cracks. Toss in the fridge for an hour. Remove and repeat one more time the same process. If you have the time do it a third time. This will remove all the water from the skin ensuring the crunchy crackling skin goodness. A whole another level to this dish. This step is essential for crispy skin. 3. At 350F increase baking time by 30 min to an hour checking skin for hardness. Add boiling water to increase cook time being careful not to splash the skin. This will continue the cooking and the water will reduce out. The skin needs to be hard, like candy hard. Test it by trying to squeeze one of the diamonds. If you can squeeze it isn't done yet. Without the crispy skin this dish lacks that element so get it right.