Skyrim - Cheese Assassin (Machinima)

Pubblicato il 15 feb 2016
The Jarl of Whiterun gets a rather unexpected visitor...
Much thanks to Ross Bugden for his royalty-free music!
Music Used:
Mods used:
2. Unfuzer
3. Sheogorath Shout
4. Cheesify Shout
5. Advanced Telekinesis
6. TAZ Visual Overhaul
7. Skyrim 4k Textures
8. Director's Tools
9. Puppeteer Master
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Computer Specs:
Intel Core i5-4670 @ 3.4ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 4GB
Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM
Windows 7 Professional
Video Software:
1. Nvidia Shadowplay
2. Sony Vegas Pro 13


  • France power my niggas

  • if cheese were weapon it can damage 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 that can kill everyone you want. XDD

  • First video i watched when i got up. i cheese well. i'll let myself out.

  • I just so happen to be the sweet roll assassin, I have come for the throne, the cheese assassin will be dead once I’m done with him, for our power is matched

  • This lad is low key fire 🤣🤣🤣

  • *Don't fuck with the cheese assassin!!!* 😂

  • what the hell did I just watch

  • When a guy with cheese purges whiterun

  • oh shit..... not again with the cheese

  • I think he was bored

  • nightingale headwear and daedric chest?? what kind of game are you playing

  • Whiterun, but all the walls filled to overflowing.... with CHEESE WHEELS

  • Dame some deadly cheese

  • The cheesiest way to go. LOL

  • This is amazing 😂

  • Lol have that mod

  • Astrid: No you idiot, the contract was for the court wizard! You massacred the entire town and plastered the streets with cheese! Where did you even find that much cheese! Why did I even take you on...

  • you turned that little girl into chees lol

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  • I would be a sweetroll or bread assassin lol.

  • What the hack?!😂

  • *C*

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  • "Oh and the CHEESE ! To die for"

  • By the Gods so much *cheese* !!!!!!

  • Was that kamehame by cheese?

  • What's next!!! THE SWEET ROLL ASSASSIN!!!

  • He uses cheese too assassinate people His worst enemy is the cheese bandit

  • History knows this day as the cheddar massacre

  • Skyrim: the last cheese bender

  • He is fighting to end world hunger.


  • What

  • I kinda dislike it when people get a mod to make the game look better, because it already looks perfect

  • 4:23-4:35 KAAAAMMMMMEEEEE HAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEEEE CHEESE! 😂 That's what went through my mind.


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  • what spell is that?

  • More like cheese warrior

  • He's been spending too much time with Sheogorath

  • The legend of the Cheesessasin.

  • TF is that?!

  • braith got what she deserved D:

  • Cheese Assassin... Raised by Sheogorath and taught by the Dark Brotherhood

  • The one they fear...

  • Cheese is the most deadly weapon

  • Beautiful.

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  • So he used telekinesis to kill everyone in the game

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  • Cause of death : constipation

  • This made me laugh so hard!😂

  • 5:41 "I can't believe you've done this..."

  • @1:11 did u just decapitated a dude WITH CHEESE?