sister reacts to song i wrote for her *she cried*

Pubblicato il 7 giu 2019
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  • I’m crying this reminds me of my sister, she joined the navy and never came back home

  • I Wish i could have a sister like that... Mine is disabled (mentally) and i can't really talk to her properly sobits hard sometimes.. I'm happy that you have a sister like her. 💜

  • Why did you make this song?? Btw I'm new to this channel ;))

  • Bro you made me cry 😭

  • I was cryyyy so bad I can watch it miles away

  • My sisters leaving in 15 months😭

  • I thought Caroline was the older sibling

  • Roses are red Violets are blue Everyone knows You cried too

  • I cried u don’t want to see my face and everyone should love there sibling but beside them they don’t show it but inside there like she/he is the best

  • No my sister is leaving for college in Florida in a couple of months 😭

  • im crying but i dont even have a sister

  • why am i cryinggg

  • I literally cried my eyes out

  • where is she going

  • I tried so hard tyo not cry

  • Omggg u both are so annoying🥰

  • Caroline: my sis is my bestfriend Me: ~hit sis 10 seconds ago~

  • Is it just me or does Caroline look adopted......

  • UGH you made me cry🤧 this was so sweet

  • I swear this is my favorite song I cry when I hear it

  • Who’s the older sister ?

  • What going to happened to her

  • 3:06

  • they: *being bestfriends* Me: *don’t talk to my sister*

  • I cried so much omg love u guys

  • this makes me think the impact an sibling has when their sister or brother dies young.

  • I’m crying rn cuz it reminds me of my sister that went to school to live there

  • omg I was crying the hole time 😭😭😭😭

  • I cried lol

  • I definitely cried because I never get along with my sister but I will definitely will try because I know how time flies

  • There face went🍎🍓🍓🍅🍅🍅

  • I cried the minute it started

  • where is she going x

  • I started to tear up

  • I am crying

  • Ik how it feel I miss my sister and my sister is my bestfriend I love her so much😭

  • you defiantly made my eyes cry everything out!!!!

  • my sister literally just turned 8, but here i am thinking of her getting her master’s degree and stuff.

  • Why did I cry

  • I cried :(

  • you didn't sing this song for me but still got a little teary. lol

  • i’m crying

  • *why am i crying*

  • Ahh I cried

  • I am crying so extremly hard and I don't even have siblings

  • Am confused why did she write songs she's good tho is her sister leaving?

  • Pussyo

  • Her sister looks so young like she is 14or15or13

  • Are you older or you’re sister

  • RIP I cried because I’m not close with my sisters at all and I wish I was 😂 cried cuz I’ve never kinda had that comforting hug from a sibling (I don’t like hugs :/)

  • Even if my sister hate me, I will always love her

  • If you love them make it blur

  • You make me 😢

  • You should publish this as a song x

  • Made me cry so much🥺💔

  • crying is an under statement i balled my eyes out bro

  • I cried

  • I was crying so much

  • Put this on spotify!!!