SINISTER (2012) Ending Explained

Pubblicato il 1 lug 2019
#sinister #endingexplained
In the terrifying Sinister, a down on his luck crime writer (Ethan Hawke) discovers a box containing several snuff films depicting family's untimely demises, and he vows to solve the mystery. Learn all about the story's twists, the complicated rituals of the ancient evil deity Bagul, and explaining the haunting ending.
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  • Just curious, what happens if a single adult moves in? Would he just wait until a kid shows?

  • Nothing like a movie where Mick Thompson from slipknot is the bad guy

  • First sinister movie is quite possibly the most horrifying movie I ever seen. It really pulled me in

  • A few years ago I got on a horror movie kick. Out of everything I watched, Sinister was the one that really scared the shit out of me. Nothing else came close. I enjoyed watching your video last night so I came back to comment on this today. I had no idea that there was a Sinister 2 so I held off on watching that video until I can watch the movie online today...during the daytime. lol

  • Why are you shouting. We can hear you

  • The reason why I think bughuul didn't kill the dog was that demons particularly ones like bughuul dont neccessary harm animals physically I read a book on demonology and it states that at a certain point in time demons were once angels, and Angels as you know loved all creations of god like the sea trees and animals since they were the first things created and they are absolutely pure so there is no real reason why a demon would harm an animal but a human? A human is a different thing entirely. demons hate humans we are there focus it's just a theory but it makes me think

  • Or maybe he used one of those cameras where you press a button then it films

  • Bagul film in 1960s: Shot on a handheld recorder Bagul film in 2020s: Shot on iPhone 11

  • Baghoul lives within the band in witch is called Slipknot. plays a mean guitar. lol

  • this protagonist is a real douchebag. thats all im gonna say. and ethan hawke was a good casting. so i dnt feel anything for him. when the lawnmower happened i was ready to see him and his family get it. fuck that douchebag. such a motherfucker. get rid of him bagool

  • Kind of sucks they didn’t make Sinister 3

  • Deadmeat is better

  • 08:13 it's nothing out of the ordinary for Super 8 film to catch on fire. It's not meant to be put on pause, way too sensitive material.

  • That kid needs a haircut

  • the hanging scene haunts me to this day

  • That killer look like Michael jackson

  • We have some sort of babylonian demon... he exists couple tousands of years and he has only 5 children? why?

  • Beep beep I'm late

  • Imagine the boogie in a tiktok

  • All I have to do to not be considered evil is not kill dogs? De.... I'll think about it. Also, isn't having a snake loose in the attic fairly terrifying by itself, even without the snake being a manifestation of evil?

  • hey the officer is eddie form it

  • Am I the only one who thinks Ellison is just a modern day Hamilton Ellison: MY WRITING IS MY LEGACY

  • I heard that laugh on, "Dastardly deity does what he does." It was a cheesy line, but I give you an A for effort. xD

  • Awesome movie.

  • Baghoul kinda looks like Micheal Jackson

  • mick from slipknot; eater of children

  • I feel like the most chilling part of this movie was the found footage. Those always stuck with me.

  • Anyone else remeber the Lawnmower scene?

  • Never understood why the hallways walls would be covered in blood after Ashley kills her family in the other room.

  • I loved this movie. The second one, not so much.

  • I am a pus-y when it comes to watching scary movies especially cuz of my religious beliefs it makes me even more hesitant to watch them...but then i hear about a possibly good scary movie and can't resist at least looking up the plot on Wikipedia then if my curiosity is still not put to rest i look for kind folk like yourself who make just the right movie reviews. You keep it straight to the point but in a laid back way and show just enough clips to satisfy my curiosity and let me know the ending which i appreciate. You made a fan outta me and i thank you.

  • *Video is nicely explained and well put together! thanks for that! SUBBED!*

  • Man parents just don't understand.

  • Bad Goul looks likes a demonic MJ

    • It makes sense he did take the kids

  • I thought baghul was pretty scary looking

  • "Solve this bitch for himself" - that's a damn good line !

  • 19:17 I legit screamed

  • In the wide shot in front of all the bookcases of movies there is a voodoo/scarecrow looking you figure behind him, can someone tell me what that is?

  • It’s bughuul not baghoul

  • “Everyone dies”. My number one reason to hate a movie. Sinister=trash.

  • I always found the snuff films deeply disturbing, bagool isn't even why I cringe at this movie

  • FoundFlix is the best dude I love yu

  • badghoul looks like a dead Micheal Jackson that drowned in a cheap suit.

  • I am a light weight horror fan and this movie made me physically ill.


  • Sooooooo baghull is a little creepy but imagine him with a ponytail that shit would make him like a puppy😂

  • Hands down the scariest movie ever.

  • hoping for the sequel, dexter.

  • "DEATH DOODLES"!! "DASTARDLY DEITY"!! GREAT phrases and a GREAT job with this segment!! Terrific movie, truly scary... Too bad the studio produced a "tell-all" trailer. The scene with the son coming out of the box SURPRISED & FREAKED ME OUT, and they put it in the trailer. Shame... Just like the "Get Out" trailer revealed far, far too much.

  • There’s a parody of this film lol

  • So basically scp 096 with extra steps

  • Wear a condom people

  • Ooh look, it's Eddie Kaspbrak!

  • I really liked this movie. Best horror movie I'd seen for a while. I've seen so many horror over the last 35 years, you don't often come across horror movies that original and well done. Plus, Ethan Hake and Vincent D' y'know.

  • Post a thousand times,’explain to me the most basic movie pls’.

  • Man, fans always want some stupid shit.😂😂

  • 11:27 summoning police officer elmo

  • One of this films many cool points was the cinematography. Eg 8:43 the shot is framed so on the right an open door exposes the room beyond and a corridor with open door in the distance . They used this technique several times with the main characters not being centrally placed in the shot and open spaces and doors ajar behind them. It creates unease during the scene, like an expectation that something is going to happen. Quite good!

  • You remind me of Paul Gilbert

  • Can he be Officer Eddie Kaspbrak...??? Please? 11:11