Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
Perhaps the most balanced NBA season we've had in a while. So many different teams can win it. See who wins it all in this NBA 2K19 simulation!
Ja Morant Career Playlist:
D-Rose Career Playlist:
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LBJ MyCareer:
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Instrumental produced by Chuki.
Just a dude who enjoys playing 2K. Favorite NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder.
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  • *Yes I know KD and Klay should theoretically be out but I just wanted to see who would win with every team starting healthy.* *Remember to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed!*

  • MVP: Curry Champs: Clippers

    • @Comments only yeah I'm srry bout that kinda triggered that warriors were so op lmao

    • @Jesus Mtz Fair enough, but I think he'll handle it well. I hope that at least you don't think that it's as ridiculous of a notion as you did initially.

    • @Comments only because he has one of the most well rounded teams great chemistry and history together I don't think he'll win mvp he still needs to adjust to the new comers and needs to adjust to playing without a top 5 player in the league

    • @Jesus Mtz If he can't do anything better than other MVP candidates why is he putting up 27 a game with another MVP candidate on his team? Exactly. He does a lot of shit better than most other players. Best shooter, second or third best ball handler, amazing court vision, top-five finisher in the league, and a great unselfish leader too. You're acting like he's not the best PG in the league.

    • @Comments only but can he drive better than other mvp candidates I think he can hardly do anything better than other mvp's especially at his height

  • MVP - Harden Champions - Rockets

  • MVP Ben simmons

  • 76ers

  • Warriors and Curry as MVP!

  • MVP: Stephen Curry/Russel Westbrook Champions: LA Lakers/LA Clippers

  • My guess is that lillard is going to be mvp

  • When i saw the cf I knew it was going to be the bucks and rockets

  • How are the clippers the 8 seed

  • Mvp award goes to steph curry clippers will win it all

  • Mvp

  • Who watching after Russ was traded

  • Rusle on the rockets

  • Most improve. Josh Richardson. DEPOY Giannis. 6th man Spencer.D. Rookie of the yr Ja. MVP James harden CHAMPIONSHIP Rockets!!

  • Clippers

  • Lakers win Championship and Kylie Irving wins MVP

  • Who was here when Westbrook got traded.

  • As a knicks fan beating the nets cures my deppresion

  • how do u put all the players on there new team

  • Russel Westbrook on rockets and cp3 on okc

    • What you talking about it is just Chris Paul and a few picks

  • People sleeping on the nuggets they didnt make any moves so their team Chemistry is gonna be really high while everyone else will need to figure out the pieces.

  • This doesn't aged well coz of CP3-Russ trade

  • Shoulda waited just one more day man now russ is gone too😂😂

  • Who’s here when Russel Westbrook got traded?

  • like how right after this wrestbrook gets traded lmfao

  • Cp3 to thunder and Russ to rockets

  • MVP: LeBron Dpoy: Giannis ROTY: Zion MIP: Jaren Jackson Jr 6th man of the year: Darius Garland

  • Steph MVP and Lakers Champs!

  • My prediction for the vid MVP- Antony Davis ROTY- Zion Williamson DPOY- Giannis MIP- Kevin knox SMOTY- montrazel harrell Coach of the Year- Frank Vogel Champions- lakers Finals mvp- Anthony Davis

  • MVP James Harden championship Los Angeles Clippers

  • Would think the rockets got the better end of the westbrook trade

  • Rockets, Chris Paul

  • Where is dbook at the all star dang that game dodo

  • And this is why 2k is a shitty game

  • "Kawhi has been quiet this season" No surprise there

  • Jazz for championship

  • LeBron is Point guard in real life

  • MVP: Harden Champions: Rockets Wow, I was right!

  • My predictions clippers vs lakers: clippers win 4 to 3 Edit: at least my hometown team won

  • Mvp lebron and champions my nets

  • MVP Curry NBA championship bucks

  • T Mac pls bro

  • Clipers

  • What happened to the ja Morant series

  • What happened to the ja Morant series

  • Did anyone realize that the clippers blew a 3-1 lead against the rockets

  • Will you go back to Zion plus love your videos bro 💯👊

  • If injury were on kd wouldn't have played

  • MVP: Curry - Championship: LA clippers

  • I'm a huge OKC fan too, when I heard about the Paul George trade I almost got out of bed and punched a wall.

    • @NotEditing Best dynamic duo 😂

    • Big Nugget and westbrook😂😂

  • Where’s the Ja vids?

  • Awesome video

  • First to watch it

  • Where is the Ja Morant Series

  • Why is AD rated higher than Lebron, but barely played this past season?

  • Jokic mvp Rockets vs bucks finals Rockets in 4 Edit: keep up the good work and my finals prediction was right

    • I did because my 2k did the same thing when i simulated so i took the same result and that was my prediction jokic mvp and rocket bucks finals rockets in 4

    • There was no way you can actually guess that

    • No i didnt

    • U went through the video quit capping

  • second

  • First