Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...

Pubblicato il 18 set 2018
Sierra Burgess is a Loser animation
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  • The cartoon looks so cool

  • I love marching band so that hurt

  • Okay, but have you reviewed F the prom?

  • I wish Shannon Purser had a better movie to lead and that she co-stars with Christina Hendricks as mother and daughter. Honestly the scene where Veronica tries to pluck Sierra's eyebrows is pointless: they didn't even bother to add fake hair.

  • How she have time for all this with a marching band schedule?

  • We re constantly told in such movies that looks don't matter. But shouldn't it go both ways? It should not matter if you're ugly or pretty. Say if Veronica was the one doing the catfishing and lying I have no doubt that she would've suffered the consequences. But since it's Sierra the chubby girl we re automatically going to give her a pass. And the kiss... Was just way too uncomfortable to watch. How.. just how... And why. Sierra wasn't even nice in this.. I mean to get what she wanted she ended up lying and hurting the people who cared about her. This movie more or less showed that even if youre a brat youre gonna get your happy ending....

  • what is that slime on veronicas hand in the crying scene in the hallway?????????????????????

  • You know its bad these days when the best representation of a outcasted kid being bullied is Peter Parker........from the 60s. Speakimg of comics why does Alex sound like one of the TMNT Turtles?

  • Alex from English class, you have our thoughts and prayers

  • I used to have a friend like Sierra. She was awful.

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🦑👾💩😈👾

  • "demigorgon"

  • They are 3 so the main one can be on the center while keeping the group walking simetrically

  • please tell meaning of bc

  • I'm sorry but this is true if they swapped genders every one would be hating on this movie so much I mean if a boy did this to a girl everyone would be so mad that kiss is sexual assault but for some reason girls can do it to boys but boys can't do it to girls

  • Imagine if it was a guy kissing a girl who thought she was someone else... the cops would come over quicker than someone can say "sexual assault"

  • Video was great... except for the sponsor, screw the sponsor

  • Mean girls is based off of Heathers. The Plastics are supposed to be the Heathers.

  • She literally just said "i'm sorry that I suck so much" to her best friend and then he automatically forgave her

    • The whole "I wrote a song for you so me pretending to be the girl you actually had a crush on, getting her to lip sync what I was saying so you'd think I was her, pretending to be deaf just so you wouldn't hear my voice and find out I wasn't her, getting jealous and angry when you kissed her, made you think she was cheating on you with her ex to break you up and admitting it all is A-OK" was stupid. Add to that Sierra putting her hand over Jamey's face before kissing him so he'd think he was kissing Veronica and you've got yourself a stalker.

  • You know what really gets me? The only character I actually kind of liked in this movie was Veronica. She’s way more fleshed out and sympathetic than Sierra, and I honestly would have liked to see the movie be about her

  • The rule of three

  • I like it tho

  • just saying, Alex drew Jaime's bulge in a whole lot of detail on 8:21

  • 21 year old... high school student?!? I am halfway through high school and just turned 16 a month ago! 3:39

  • I love ur sarcasm

  • noah, noah, noah, noah, noAH. you need to understand that you arent always the upper boyfriend

  • Barb the most tragic death in Stranger Things I’m not kidding it is beside topper because I was so much better than her I mean no one really cares about Barb I mean yeah they do but I don’t know she’s in a marching band and she’s in the movie bracket and she’s totally not a 19 whatever because she’s in the future hey guys I am in the future because I’m totally not a psychic or whatever those things are time ciao there

  • bro stop hating on movies. they worked hard to film that and your just making fun of it

    • You don't have to make a movie or a better movie than a bad one to be able to criticise the bad one. If you watched a film that was really bad would you say "They worked hard on it so it's good." No. No sane, intelligent person would say that. A film being worked hard on doesn't necessarily make it good. The fact that it's such shit shows that no work was put into it whatsoever let alone hard work.

    • Xehanort10 they do work hard on it. why dont you try to make a movie then.

    • Good films have hard work put into them. This isn't a good film. I'm getting sick of people defending bad films by childishly saying "they worked really hard on it." And "hating on" is not a term either. When people hate something they say they hate it. They don't say they "hate on" it.

    • Apparently not hard enough if this is what they shat out.

  • Macaroons at midnight vibes..........

  • BARB

  • Honestly, the problem with these things is they're trying to give us a new and progressive protagonist, but most of the time their actions are pretty... problematic

  • also every popular girl trio has a blonde, a brunette and a minority

  • i need a devils tango shirt

  • It's always 3 girls because all of these things want to be as popular as Heathers.

  • MARCHING BAND IS A FINE ART AND IS AMAZING ~your local drumline kid

  • You should review Heathers

  • No u

  • Also with the whole reading, the voice lines out to the loved one, thought that was a more of a cyrano de bergerac kinda deal.

  • kids, catfishing is bad. Do not result to catfishing to get the guy. Doesn't actually work irl.

  • The way I flirted was asking guys to marry me.... they would say yes too I had so many husbands during my high school years

  • No problems with how Sierra looks. Her character though is bad. This was a rehash of Cyrano De Bergerac. The plot ends in tragedy as the consequences of Cyrano's actions. But in this case, the author tried to give a happy ending. Unfortunately, whoever wrote it uses something akin to deus ex machina where her actions are forgiven after a song.

  • The reason she was his type in the end is because he knew she'd put out tonight 😂 I mean it's def in the bag and probably the whole shebang #3holes

  • I did not know veronica was in this, ( kelly from the society )

  • Wait sierra kissed him but how did they switch places so fast after the kiss? How could he not notice lmao

  • Sierra burgess is a loser Literally the title summed it up

  • I love the song that Sierra wrote in the movie. It is very meaningful to me as a Sunflower 🌻

  • “Because pretty girls are mean”

  • Ight this movie is insane

  • lol this is comedy

  • “See back when I was a 21 year old high school student, flirtin wasn’t that easy “ I think there was another reason flirting wasn’t easy bud🤣🤣🤣

  • "Its almost like someone told them what to say *headbutts the fourth wall*

  • veronica: i broke up with my ex girl veronica: here's her number veronica: SIKE! thats the WRONG NUMBER her two friends: OoHHHHHHhhhhhhhHhhHHhhh

  • 3:31 - 3:36 Sounds like the average conversation between my boyfriend and I. :3

  • I get she did terrible things, but it's like everyone is looking at the big picture. Sure, it's not okay to do any of that stuff, but does no one have an ounce of empathy, or sympathy for her? She was a nice, cool girl at first. And it's really Veronica's fault all this happened. If she didn't give him her phone number, this could have turned out differently. She's a good girl who did some messed up things to keep a secret she wanted to tell, but was too scared to. You all know why she did the things she did, and making it out like she's a bad person. She made mistakes... People forgave her.... What's the harm? I'll be honest, what she did to Veronica was messed up. And she should have apologized. I was waiting for it. I was honestly hoping she would make it up with Dan, then Veronica, and then Jaymee. It didn't go that way, but I'm sure she learned from her mistakes and won't do it again. That's part of life and growing up, right? You can't expect her to be perfect because no one is. She made mistakes, get over it. That's what they did. You can, too. Edit: Nvm. I thought about it. Yeah, she's a pretty terrible person

  • Story time: So my friend and her boyfriend got together after we called him anonymously while giving him clues about who the friend who liked him was. Ending phrase was: if you understood who I am add me on fb within 5 min, if not ill call again. And yeahhh they are together now.

  • Noah Centineo is in every teen movies!

  • "As a 21 year old high schooler" dude you are killing me!

  • I really wanted Veronica and Jamey to end up together.

  • Subbed coz ur hilllllaaarious XD

  • 9:36 Should have been the end