Shoutout to Jacksepticeye

Pubblicato il 11 giu 2019
Shoutout to Jacksepticeye:
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  • This is the clearest i have ever seen Pewdiepie, just buy him a new camera brad

  • I now have a kink for jack saying bruh while touching his beard

  • Who watching this actually doesn't know Jacksepticeye...? I'm really just curious.

  • Who's watching after kong da savage😭♥️♥️♥️

  • They cross streams NiCe

  • Lol

  • U guys met 2 days after my 7 birthday so thank u for the 2 day late present

  • Why is the audio level so low lol

  • Yall need to collab more. Yall are awesome bros

  • I want a friend that has chemistry with me like jack and felix. Its amazing.

  • Those dislikes are from mark

  • Anyone hype for destroy all humans 2 ????

  • why is the video quality worse in this video then then sean's even though they're using the same camera?? it's better than normal but still worse then sean's

  • The roasts were the best part

  • *``SMELL IT!!``* ``I Wanna- *Sniff* ``

  • Felix: you spit on me Jack: I’m sorry WaNt Me To LiCk OfF

  • Damn the color grading on pewds video is so much different than Jacksepticeye's video....

  • Me watching. Old vids because he's still gone


  • Well well hello my eastern european friends

  • The Copying definition : means it was a good idea and that they want to use it.

  • Y u no have gren hair!?

  • The title: pews n jake reacting to jack reacting to pewdiepie roast jack

  • its been a Month of pewds on his Break ..i have been watching his older videos while Pewds Gone Loving it

  • Seán and Felix are the feckin best comedic duo ever

  • play more pvz warfare

  • Why are they in jacks house on pewdiepies channel

  • pewds roast on jack was so bad and cringy

  • wierd focus

  • Wait! You played Garden Warfare!?

  • Poor mark

  • jack and felix *making video* markiplier:ill be sittin here

  • When Jack was pretending to lick Pewds face i was like HUUUUUuuuuUUHHHH IS THAT JOJO

  • You went to la and it’s clear to see why all you got do is watch you channel die

  • I wanna join them😥 when they are together, they turn into a kids Just like I am

  • All I heard in this video was BRUH

  • I love pvzgw

  • *update* The roasts still have the same views as each other

  • Everywhere I go, I see his fave on my IT-tvs recommendation

  • Honestly you are here because Felix is on a break.

  • I love this video so much. Even have the Pewds shamelessly selling you music.

  • every time I watch this I end up literally tearing up from laughter, bless, I want more collabs

  • Jack:wow this is so cool. Look at all your toys ! Corrects himself in Swedish accent : "I'm sorry! Ection figeureens" Epic !

  • I love how the camera keeps focusing on whoever is talking 😂

  • 9:12 killed me XD also. Raw potatoes are great.

  • If you like this comment you are confirming that it is 2020 or above.

  • What about the bottle flip?

  • I'm rewatching old pewdiepie videos because he's on break. I hope he enjoys his break

  • BRUH

  • This is kind of adorable lol.

  • 12:57 what falling out??? Like I’ve searched EVERWHERE and I can’t find shit

    • There wasn't a real falling out. A couple of years back you had the whole Wall street journal drama with Felix. Jack made a video with his thoughts on the incident where he also criticised Felix (or something like that, it's been a while). People started saying that he backstabbed Felix and that they weren't friends anymore, which wasn't true at all.

  • Bottle flip videos though 👍

  • Actually Seeing Pewds In High Quality :O

  • RIP, Love MJ

  • so nostalgic

  • That intro is like 2 troublemakers thinking of ways of getting into trouble 0:06 haha

  • 14:04 Do you had to put that jumpscare in the end of your record???

  • This make me realize how much I loved pvz garden warfare😂

  • 6:04 Me: That's a faraam knight figurine from fucking dark souls 2... Everyone: Felix bailed on souls... Also everyone: And Sean too. Also me: YOU DIED souls fans: Noice Everyone else: what is this meme? Me: THE FK!?

  • Watching this in 2020 lol