Shopping Fails! | The Best Fails | Funny Videos November 2019

Pubblicato il 28 nov 2019
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  • Stolen video from a year ago, re-uploaded with even more ads than the original. Meanwhile I made my own videos that are original and I make less than this guy....

  • 9:52 very funny

  • 5:45 either drunk or pretty stupid


  • weak

  • Most of these are videos of people being stupid and disrespectful of store property. And a lot of them are adults.

  • Ugh. No wonder half the shits broken in stores and why the carts are fucked.

  • I like the ones where stupid and disrespectful teens weren't in them but my fav was 5:51 😂😂

  • I thought people in my country are crazy and idiots untill I saw this!

  • Some say she's still trying to get off of that escalator

  • If you break other peoples stuff you should be made to pay for it....dummies

  • By all the vertical videos, these are just very stupid people. Not really fails.

  • My life. Link 👍👍👍

  • Morons in Wal-Mart

  • 😂

  • Hilarious🤣

  • 7:55 "who pushed me"

  • Falling isn’t so funny

  • 3:11

  • Glad I don't work at Walmart. Idiots!

  • hahaha 😂👍 excellent how I laugh with these videos are very good thanks for sharing

  • 0:36 LMFAO 😂😂😂

  • Stupid 🤣😂but funny

  • les k-sos , génération de mongolien .

  • I see nothing that relates to black friday other then all the idiot's.

  • The people in this video are lacking in the brain department. They need to go find that section in the store😂😂

  • Omg I can't with 5:36😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • 1:43 so far is my fave🙊🙊😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • 8:30 is the best one

    • LMFAO..😂😂 "how you get off this thing"😅😅😂😂

  • Please stop breeding.

  • This channel is better than FailsArmy.

  • 7:02 baby Alex from A Clockwork Orange!!!

  • It amazes me the amount of people that act like total assholes in stores. If someone walked up to some of these idiots and punched them in the mouth, they'd deserve it and the video clip would be better.

  • Walmart fails...

  • @ 1:52 she see her baby tired and she did nothing there was 2 prongs there the baby may have been hurt that's sad

  • The little girl falling asleep and leaning one way then another in the cart

  • Why do people think it's so funny when their babies are so sleepy that they weave back and forth and then bang their heads on the carts? They should put a blanket in front of them or at least put their hand up there so they won't hurt themselves.

  • Idiots like that are why insurance is so expensive...

  • 00:15 now she is goody as phuck. that board was dam near 1000 feet away and 1 inch off the ground from her and she still managed to bust her big nose

  • Are all these at walmart🤣

  • People are stupid. Did they get thrown out of the stores? They should be.

  • 5:17

  • 1.02 very funny boy gets hit with shopping trolly pmsl

  • 7.45 is that Kevin James?

  • I remember back in my country were you broke something you pay for it and whatever you got in your hand you put back were its in the U.S Wal-Mart is the theme park for small town for people to act stupid

  • 🦃👋

  • bro your voice at the intro is so boomer omg, just play the clips dont introduce them like this is an old cheesy tv show

    • I wonder Why all the comments are hate like if you hate the channel just dont watch it

    • I hate his introduction. Ruins it.

  • How not to behave in the stores lol

  • These aren't funny. These are just stupid teenagers acting stupid and cringey. The title should be "MY AWKWARD TEENAGE LIFE"

    • Something else cringy is the fact you spelled it "cringey".

    • Retsub Anires that’s why the word “ Fails” in included in the title you nut ...

  • 1:21 LOL

  • ...It's so boring.

  • Good video Shopping Fails The Best Fail Funny Videos November 2019 This From The Best Fails

  • Hontesly most of these make me mad. People are disrespecting property and either leaving the mess or broken products for someone else to buy

    • @ThinRedLine God bless you m8.

    • I agree, people are idiots. Thinking it is funny destroying the property of others isn't funny at all.

    • ThinRedLine hope it goes well or at least not completely horrible. I never actually worked in retail but it still pains me to see people act that way.

    • @ThinRedLine Good luck

    • Lucarn Anderson Man I work at Walmart and it happens all the time I know the feeling. Today is black Thursday and Thanksgiving and I get to run the registers

  • 8:57

  • 857

  • Should called this video Walmart Imbeciles. Gee, Lets go to Walmart and act like a complete dumbasses.

  • 5:40

  • 1:28 was best🤣🤣

  • Why Everyone have to try to jump in the Balls cage...... You all know whats coming lol

    • People are freaking stupid I don't get why they are still trying to jump in the Bal cage ither 🤦

  • Not a virtue to be stupid!