Shoot the Person Behind the Wall! | Heat Vision Camera Edition!!

Pubblicato il 30 ago 2019
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Hey guys! In this video, we bring back the game Shoot the Person, but with a little twist! We use different weapons like Stormbreaker from the Avengers, A spear, and the Widow Maker! Let us know what you like to see next!
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  • Someone should have sprayed the whole wall so they couldn’t see

  • It would be interesting to have a compilation of joey's sfx'd Screams/yells/whispers. 3:23

  • Me to

  • Any one see the subscribers

  • How come Joey had to hit them twice while Bobby only had to once....with less people also? That makes no sense.....

  • The spicy mamma seta had me dead

  • 1like eaquals 1 inch taller for Bobby.

  • Yeet

  • The heat vision camera was so cool

  • So a Joey had to hit three targets twice and The others had to hit them one time. Joey ace isn't balanced. Joey was clearly at a disadvantage, not to mention Bryan didn't even have to throw anything and he had a partner who made the kill shots. With each round, it became easier for the offense, it was an unfair March up.


  • The sound of that @ 8:13 was intense! 😂

  • 3:19 How did I know you were there?! I own you! YOUUURRR MIIINNNNNEEEEEEE

  • Bobby your not alone i am short compared to all my friends

  • I

  • 4:48 Did anybody notice that star sound is from Mario super sluggers


  • A

  • 7:45 lol

  • I couldn't stop laughing when Joey said "OH SPICY MAMA SITA"

  • hi

  • Joey:I told you Three seconds later Spear hits Joey Joey: ow

  • Just the thought of Joey with an axe. 😳 Sorry Joey that’s just not your thing... 😂

  • J-freds going insane

  • That was so funny

  • 1 like = 1 cry for Bobby

  • Your videos are so boring

  • 3:14

  • In memoriam BIG BOB

  • R.I.P BOBBY.

  • I love whitney she's so badass and cool lol

  • This is the funniest video you guys have ever😂😂😂😂

  • Tori looks dead inside

  • Thor WHY DIDN’T YOU AIM FOR THE HEAD!? Joey “ aims for the head right away”

  • Dang it I got Bobby, why is J-Fred mad?

  • Hey it’s tori


  • why is everyone aiming for bobby whenever this challenge starts?

  • Hi

  • 3:20

  • If Thor was in real life and was crazy, he would be J-Fred

  • I'm late as hell but ayy NC gang

  • Anyone did you just noticed the mannequins crocth? Somebody?

  • "Spicy mamasita" - J-Fred 2019

  • J-Fred throws stormbreaker at bobbys arm Thanos:wanna be buds

  • the vein at 3:23

  • Where can i get the tennis ball cannon

  • 4:19

  • If you place a heat lamp or something heat you dont see the heat signature of a human. So you can outplay the heat vision

  • Tori is a beast. She got them both out

    • @Bartholomew the girl that showed up outta nowhere towards the end

    • Minion You who is she

  • Well *DAMN* Whitney, Son-Bobby didn't deserve that

  • Tori looks depressed

  • We need a compilation of Joey just yelling

  • I've been watching your videos for how long and I keep on beeging for food and I'm so hungry 🍟😣

  • I have a lot of laugh in this video because of the editing 😂😅

  • Only tori hit those shots

  • The way jfred throws strombreaker looks super violate

  • totally lost it when the water sprayer was making dolphin sounds.

  • HOW DID I KNOW YOU WAS THERE!I KNOW YOU!YOUR MINE!!!!!Bobby:I have to travel to nardia to get this...hey mum I'm still alive he is going to die brender it's petal)Looooool

  • my dad can make betra jokes