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These young talents don’t only have a great voice, they also know how to Rock! Who would you pick as a winner? Let us know in the comments.
1. Sebastian Radzimski sings 'Highway to Hell' (The Voice Kids Poland):

2. Erik sings 'Here I Go Again' (The Voice Kids Germany):

3. Анастасия Першикова sings 'Highway to Hell' (The Voice Kids Russia):

4. Andrei Ciurez sings 'Highway to Hell' (The Voice Kids Romania):

5. Lou sings 'Highway to hell' (The Voice Kids France):
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  • What is your favorite rock audition in The Voice Kids?

  • when you turn the blind audition into wow concert

  • Poland❤❤🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Germany best performance kids.

  • Highway to school 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sebastian? what is a full name??????

  • Yes u shocked me , u shocked me with that first kid , what the hell ? U want to tell me that kid sing it well? U should go check ur ears , cause ur ears suck 😂

  • Yes u shocked me , u shocked me with that first kid , what the hell ? U want to tell me that kid sing it well? U should go check ur ears , cause ur ears suck 😂

  • Aguante el Rock, un Idioma Mundial...

  • Ok I’m in love with Erik

  • ooh wow first guy was so bad! let some room for the real talented. fuck that was bad for my ears.

  • Во Франции самые лучшие судьи)))

  • Highway to school 🤣

  • Erik and Sebastian but mostly Erik because he sung something elelse than hiway to hell.

  • Higway to school 😂🇷🇺👍

  • Where is Valentina trom The Voice Brazil Kids. She was perfect!

  • Given the age of Anastasia.

  • Poland❤️🇵🇱


  • School??? Seriosuly??!!

  • Not that great of singers most were just yelling

  • The first one is insane!!!! 😂😍👏 He has a great voice

  • Такое ощущение что все мечтают о путешествии в ад.. Жуть..

  • The second boy really got me. Very nice performance! ❤️

  • Suggestion:

  • Im on highway to schooool :'v

  • U should add Courtney Hadwin in this list, she's so awesome!!

  • 👍😘🤘

  • React the Brazil Please!!!

  • Omg noooo 😂 the french girl can’t sing and dance... and the french coaches are quick

  • Why os it all HtH

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  • ACDC was the first concert I ever went to, Philly PA, 1990, I turned 17 that June. It was the Money Talks tour cuz during that song they dropped fake money from the ceiling with Angus Young's face on it. I still have that fake dollar bill! They musta used good paper to make it cuz it aged better than real money! LOL

  • rock kid from Indonesia


  • Erik👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ihr wollt in die Hölle, dann erstickt an eurem eigenem Erbrochenem und fahrt zur Hölle wie Bon Scott. Es geht ganz einfach. Verkauft eure Seele dem verdammten Satan und brennt letztendlich mit dem verfluchtem Looser im Feuersee, nachdem ihr hier ein wenig herum getanzt habt. Verräter!

  • Erik is something special and absolutly unbelivable: Спасибо за этот опыт! Gänsehaut pur und meiner Lieblingsmusikrichtung eine absolut würdige Präsentierung!

  • Second audition: ah shi, here we go again

  • Huge fan of AC/DC and i love the performance.....bravo

  • 👏🏼👏🏼🇷🇴

  • Man I'm Egyptian but I like listening to English music they more amazing even dough my voice are so nice but I'm so shy to sing infront of any one but hey who like th voice global press like👍and for who like vevo comment 😍🥰

  • Erik from Germany was the best. Not only did he sing well, but also rock the stage.🤘

  • Highway to school....that's cute

  • WHY they are all singing the same song??? O.o

  • Erik is amazing ♥

  • Algum Br?

  • .......highway to school

  • Without Erik from Germany it would be an AC/DC Highway to Hell Compilation

  • Romania🤘👍

  • finally

  • The kid in the first audition did not sing well at all, I think.

  • Highway to school🇷🇺👍🔥😂

    • F true

    • That was the cutest thing ever 😂❤

  • The second one

    • he is from Russia and performed in the Voice Kids Germany (he speaks fluently the german language).



  • wonderful stars full of talent .... Super Like

  • Suggestion:

  • Poland ❤

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