Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
Shia LaBeouf finally takes on the wings of death for the Hot Ones Season 10 premiere! He's an actor, performance artist, and style icon, and he's got a pair of brand new films this fall: the much buzzed-about Peanut Butter Falcon, out now, and his semi-autobiographical story, Honey Boy, coming to theaters on November 8th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "half-Cajun, half-Jewish" star battles the brand-new Hot Ones lineup and discusses everything from wrestling with Tom Hardy, to giving Kanye West his Indiana Jones hat. Welcome back, spice lords-Season 10 is finally here!
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Season 10
Episode 1
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  • Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?

  • get dave chapelle on this shit

  • I was at work trying to keep it together but when Shia said "I feel like I'm on touched by an angel right now" I couldn't hold it in anymore hahaha

  • I wish Hunter S. Thompson was alive. He’d do something like this

  • the crew in the back losing laughing their head off. this one is my favorite hot ones

  • What song is this at 7m15s?..

  • Shia La Beouf actually lookin’ buff

  • Why does he remind me of post Malone’s older brother

  • SO JUST DOOOOIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eat at all

  • He reminds me of Jorge Masvidal

  • 21:30 Mmmm whatcha say

  • This video make me wanna eat a hot wing

  • He’s def not Tom Hardy right?

  • LOL at @21:00 min it just switches gears completely

  • I was just starting to like LaBeouf again when I saw his body cam video from his arrest... super disrespectful to the cops, lies about being in the military etc.

  • I knew I wasn't wrong about crushing on Shia for YEARS

  • I've always loved shia, I'm glad he got some time to put things in his own words and show the world what a cool guy he is. Great interview, excited to watch honey boy

  • Shia has always been daddy

  • Man, it is a MINDFUCK to watch this and know this is the same kid I used to watch way back when. Fucking amazing. FANTASTIC video!

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  • Did you really have Shia on your show and not ask him about the biggest capture the flag match ever. Not even any HWNDU?

  • Love him! So this is good satisfying burn ha ha

  • Bruh, why did that hot dog story genuinely sound sad.

  • He still hasn’t divided us

  • I’ve always loved Shia as an actor, this makes me love him even more as a person. He seems so intellectual and very interesting. Would love to sit down and pick his brain. Stay happy and healthy Shia, we love ya.

  • Huh, they must be deleting all the mean comments. Wonder if this one will get deleted too.

  • he looks so sad right now

  • Hes become bigger 😐

  • 13:25 - what is the word he’s referring to? Seems to mean ‘prolific’ to me but the word eludes me. ‘Opephenate?’

  • Sean looks like he really did have fun. Shia is way funnier than expected

  • Damn Shia gets a lot of shit and you can tell it has shaped and matured him into the man he is now

  • Haven’t seen dis nigga sense transformers

  • “Buddy imma switch to milk because I almost can’t see you anymore” .. Took me out

  • Vin Scully is still alive!

  • Shia, In My community Washing someone with Milk is the highest respect you can give to someone, cheers for washing yourself with milk💪💪

  • I think Shia is slowly morphing into Tom Hardy.

  • Another good one. I have mad respect for Shia LaBeouf.

  • The Shia Push™ vs. The Whole Fuckaround™.

  • Shia is so weird. I love him.

  • Somebody got Shia Labuff.

  • from the intro i already like it

  • when shia actually breaks sean

  • This punk is a useless piece of shit I no talent has been

  • Shia LaBeouf rasing the bar whilst looking totally huggable. Best possible start to the tenth season of Hot Ones!

  • I wish I could meet him. Me and my siblings grew up watching Even Steven's and honestly as a teenager that show taught so much about character and how to deal with family dilemmas. I would just love to thank him in person and keep telling him to inspire creation

  • _its amazing how you can turn the appeal of a character through some emotional music and non controversial questions_

  • this interview was MUCH NEEDED!

  • Best one to date!!

  • Love my Shia

  • THAT VOICE UM WHAT. i always expected him to have a high voice. I had to check myself, the more i watch - the more i fancy him.

  • sean is a very good interviewer! like one of the best ones ever. the questions he asks are sooo insightful and he KNOWS what he's talking about. and SHIA holy shit haven't seen him since transformers he's so different in a good way

  • Seems the man's grown up and became a great dude

  • Shia LaBeouf Is a fruit cake who has mental issue's.

  • Dude, you said the Late Vin Scully, he's still alive bro. Fact check please

  • This normalized Shia to a degree. He is creative rather than purely narcissistic. Like a guy who would be fun to hang out with. Very funny person - should write comedies.

  • Shai is the dab king 👑

  • Shia is starting to look more and more like Gerard Butler

  • Pres from barstool sports needs to happen!! Just sayin.

  • Nothing will ever top this one, here for 32nd time.

  • Keanu reeves would be awesome :)