she ruined my sweet 16 | Model Material S1 EP 1

Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
The M2K (Moda2000) Models throw Dani a Sweet 16! They catch up about school, homecoming and boy drama. During the party, Frida talks to Sams crush..and somehow Brianna ends up in the pool because of it...
A Group of teen models share their lives as they navigate the struggles of being a teenager and balancing their life with aspirations of being an influencer.
My Dream Quinceañera - Dani -
My Dream Quinceañera - Brianna -
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Special Thanks to Drazo Entertainment!
Created By: Kevin Stalker, Jackie Merry, and Fay Robles
Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Producers: Kevin Stalker, Jackie Merry, and Fay Robles
Directors: Kevin Stalker and Fay Robles
Line Producer: Vanessa Naive
Associate Producer: Omid Afshar
Director of Photography: Golnar Fakhrai
Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
Camera Operator: Sade Robinson
Sound Mixer: Rommel Suniga
Production Assistant: Cas Hanney
Editor: Fay Robles
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  • Dang,Sam threw so much shade even I got covered with it.......

  • Brianna is legit so beautiful

  • how'd she get the perfect boyfriend tho? .

  • Girl whoever was talking about her teeth needs to shut up because if that was u then y'all would cry like a big baby and that's on periodt

  • The 13 teen year old girl is so tall

  • Sam doesn’t deserve them

  • Sam focuses on her future while Sam is talking shit

  • I don't understand why Sam got mad when frida sat by gustavo

  • I wish l have braces

  • How is Suraya 13.

  • Sam be talking things and can’t even do her makeup right 🤦‍♀️💀

  • Frida is so cute but like SAM FIX YOUR FREAKING EYELINER

  • They are really cute tho

  • I fell so bad for her she probly thought her boyfriend was going to prepose to her. ( I know my spelling I don't really care tho)

  • All of these girls except a select few seem so toxic ⚠️‼️

  • These girls are so lame nothing to reality I refuse to think girls are like this now . When I was 15 I was running around smoking weed living the crazy life lol social media wasn’t even big then just these little girls have it easy

  • The name armando is my brothers name lol but that isnt him lol

  • Okay I literally hate Sam

  • 13 and a freshman ? whaaaat

  • 13 in high school I’m confused

  • I don’t really like Sam like boo worry about yourself

  • Braces are FINE I don't know why y'all think she looking ugly like RUDE

  • I'm sorry but why does Sam look like she has a big forehead I'm so sorry Brianna I love you!!

  • why’d Sam have to push Brianna in the pool like that ☹️ not cool man

  • Don’t listen to anyone you pretty with braces or with out either way you’re pretty and all of you guys

  • Wtf lowkey sam is cuter than frita but that attitude... no sis

  • Dani Is beautiful.I wish I was her people just talk bad because there not a model like her PERIOD.✨

  • Sam ur eyeliner ain't it

  • 14:33 shes literally a hater 🤣

  • Braces aren’t a big deal, but some people NEED them, why would you want a tooth sticking out your mouth.

  • SHES FU**ING 13?!?

  • amount of times Anika said like ------>

  • This show be wild👀💀

  • How is she 13 she looks 16

    • Ik right I felt like briana was the youngest but its suraya

  • the whole thing with Briana falling into the pool was hella staged. How was it that Anika was recording and Dani was allready looking to watch her fall in. Everyone was looking cuz they al new it was going to happen.

  • Briana and Frida are the prettiest out of all of them. and sam is just a big ass hater

  • Anika I feel you, how you got bullied and your school didn't do anything about it, it happens to me every day. 😭

  • Wait she is 13

  • Sam then teach her if you want to talk.....

  • Suraya is so pureeee omggg🥺🤚🏻 I want to b friends with herrrr


  • You guys all look beautiful ❤️

  • i wanna go to disney land

  • YAY dani!!!

  • wow!!!

  • Sam needed to chill.

  • Tbh I always wanted braces you go girl always remember haters are gonna hate but that doesn’t matter you injoy your 16


  • Sam has a big nose

  • i have what brianna wearing

  • Dani just ignore those coments you still look prety with braces.

  • The way richard talks to her 🥺🥺

  • Sam was talking about Frida and she cant get her nose fixed and Asian eyes

  • Sam is soo ugly she should stop her negative thoughts her nose is halla ugly

  • ...

  • Y'all suraya is 13 I'm. 12 she looks way ild

  • it’s funny how sam talks a lot about frida but that’s what you call a hatter so just keep doing you frida

  • I love your braces danni

  • how is a 13 year old in highschool

  • I like deinns boyfriend and her are cute