Senegal Muslim Brotherhoods Play Key Role in Daily Life

Pubblicato il 1 apr 2019
In Senegal, Muslim brotherhoods play an important role in everyday life, from politics and agriculture to transportation and music. VOA’s Salwa Jaafari reports from the center of one of Senegal’s largest brotherhoods.
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  • That went right over the heads of people. In the open, the West needs these Sufi dhikirs and Orders to maintain secularism. They don't hide it anymore.

  • Salam from Pakistan. I'm a follower of Shaykh-Ul-Islam Ibrahim Niasse (ra), and have very great respect for Shaykh Amadou Bamba (ra). The great Sufis transformed our region, and its the same in Senegal and West Africa.

    • @Ali Badra Undeniably Sayyidi Shaykh Ul Islam Ibrahim Niasse (ra) was one of the greatest Sufis and Awliya of the last century.

    • Cheikh al islam Ibrahim niass is the greatest sufi in the world

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