Pubblicato il 25 ago 2019
A short video describing the concept of self-organization.
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  • We are all guilty of Eusociality now.

  • Is statistical entropy really reduced (in other words, the number of available micro states reduced) or is there really just a reduction in the number of micro states observed to be selected by the system?

    • Systems Innovation thanks!

    • Try this paper to answer your question "The British cybernetician W. Ross Ashby proposed what he called “the principle of selforganization”. He noted that a dynamical system, independently of its type or composition, always tends to evolve towards a state of equilibrium, or what would now be called an attractor. This reduces the uncertainty we have about the system’s state, and therefore the system’s statistical entropy. This is equivalent to self-organization. The resulting equilibrium can be interpreted as a state where the different parts of the system are mutually adapted."

  • Thank you. But there is more to the phenomena behind the order of the universe than just local interactions behind self organisation. Say for example, there is no example or evidence where the homogeneity, and isotropy of the universe can be assumed to have been achieved through local interraction mechanisms.

  • Where can I read more about this