Selena Beautiful MANIAC?! Gemini Shadow Selena Gameplay! Top Global Selena by i7 ~ Mobile Legends

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
Selena Full Build : / Demon Shoes / Clock Of Destiny / Lightning Truncheon / Concentrated Energy / Dominance Ice / Winter Truncheon /

Selena Rank 3 Player: i7 Ft Nancy 그루

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Selena Beautiful MANIAC?! Gemini Shadow Selena Gameplay! Top Global Selena by i7 ~ Mobile Legends


A brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real Human opponents,
all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hands! Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of Strongest Challenger! Mobile Legends!


  • I have Selena i know how to use it But i have Harith dont know how to use it, used it in classic then got a maniac xD

  • Lollipop buid why he use lollipop build he can use the clamity reaper build what lmao.

  • Panu wlng mage klvan

  • aku juga ada gameplaynya lihat channelku

  • Wow proud to be Indian

  • And here I am practicing Selena since I wanna buy that otaku star next month

    • @mark mark Good since I've been using heroes that needs a good prediction (Franco, Gusion, Guinevere, etc.). The only challenge that I'm facing is the distance and the timing since abyssal arrow is slower.

    • So how is it?

    • Same here

  • Background music anong title???

  • Did selena really need lifesteal?? Cuz i didnt use it in my lena build ;-; lol

  • Just watched! since im starting to be a selena user 😎 thank you for this

  • This selena got 0 skill As a selena main I can say that playing selena needs: good prediction , good aim, a lot of think and by that I mean ( If u stun someone u should think if it's safe or is a trap or if it is how are u gonna kill that someone and escaping too) but most immimportantly is the prediction and aim ! What that player doesnt know what it means... u can clearly see him not aiming the stun or having predictions... he is just using a newbie technique .... let me explain it, he doesnt aim his stun.. hes just pressing it... if u look carefully u can see that when he tries to stun he waits a little bit , and than hes just pressing it, That's why many times using this method the stun stuns jungle , minions or tanks, instead of squishy heroes and also because of that that's why he misses so many stuns... btw I'm a little impressed how he stuns so many players.. now cmon,...they were getting stun so is so impossible not to dodge those obviouse stuns...

  • What intro music please

  • bobong selena pnakabobong gameplay na nkita q d tumatama stun mo ulol

  • Mag Hack

  • Normal gameplay .. I know all flag indian and myanmar so fcking nub

  • What is the title of the intro song.?

  • Blum bisa ngalahin selena rrq leman walaupun top global

  • 9:16 - the end was not something u see everyday 😆...because of IGN i7....India deserves MPL

  • 4:52 lol Akai really thought he could fit in there😂

  • Gg teammates. Maniac was a luck. I'm better than you

    • I think the same.. But respect him bro. Instead of just saying, prove it


  • Selena apaan tuh miss mulu lele nya wkwk😄 Mampir ke Chanel saya se agresif apa Selena saya😎👍🏻

  • Mampir ke channel saya. Ada gameplay selena. Nuhunn 🙏

  • lunox or selena?

  • Musik?

  • He is indian yoo ♂‍🙋

  • I want to know the music name🙏🙏

  • beautyful maniac, ya ya ya 🤩

  • Noob arrow

  • what is your reason to pick selena?

  • what is the title of this song

  • Apa nama tu lagu

  • Selena mis

  • Music intro?

  • Should i buy selena or gusion

  • Go Sawo Selena

  • Wtch my selena gameplay and subscrbe if u all like it tq!

  • Kentud

  • Kentud

  • Selena pt

  • Pls upload some more selena gameplay