Sekiro : Dunkey Dies 489 Times

Pubblicato il 23 mar 2019
This is like the hard version of Dark Souls.
*Review copy provided by Activision*
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  • I wish they would add to switch

  • ‘No I’m domkey remember?’ 💀💀

  • Love it when he calls himself donkey lol

  • Anyone else here because of Caleb?

  • Who is here after that calebcity video?

  • 3:09 Enemy: "Roberrrrrt!" Dunkey: "No. I'm Dunkey!" Closed Captions: "I'm domkey... My name is Domkey." Even the captions are getting his name wrong.

  • Robbbbbbbberrrrrrrrrtttttt

  • 0 DEATHS

  • I love you bro

  • Roberrrrr!!!!

  • Dunkey: I am the king of all monkeys The King of all Monkeys: so you’ve chosen death...

  • English dub? Ew

  • He got doodoo lol

  • Isedawapbapadoobapawapbamboop

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • At 4:20 did he purposely miss the opportunity to say “dunkey in the middle”

  • That's my chance! *Jumps* GETS SLAPPED

  • He's got DOODOO! He's throwin DOODOO at me now!

  • robeerrrrtttt

  • 489 = 420+69

  • This game looks fuckjng crazzzyy

  • The damn chickens

  • wooooOOOOOooooo... WOOOoOoOoOoOoooO-*CRASH*

  • My friend, who is not a skilled player, picked this game up a week ago despite my warning and he's yet to past the first level despite playing each day.

  • I'm not a sub but this video had me cryin

  • Too bad Logan sneezed 3 times

  • hahaha

  • I might this game 😂

  • Guardian Munkey meets Dunkey.

  • I don’t mean this as an insult but every game dunkey plays he makes them look terrible for some reason

  • You know it's gonna be good when he starts with the WOOOOO roof.

  • wtf that ending

  • when he goes in the bell lmaooo and he screams robeeeeerrt lmaooo

  • Spoiler: He didn't die twice

  • HAHAHA it has been a long time since i laughed this hard.

  • "more robert"

  • That ending 😂

  • Sekiro breaks people who play it

  • Dunkey- I died 489 times Me, a competitive game player- **laughs in 5000+ deaths**

  • Did everyone just forget about this game?