Seemingly Innocent Things You Shouldn't Do In Russia

Pubblicato il 10 ago 2019
It's a good idea to do your homework before visiting​ any foreign nation, particularly if the country is Russia and you're a semi-ignorant Westerner. Here are a few of the things you should never do in Russia.
If you're going to be in Russia in the summer, you don't have to worry too much about this rule. But any other time of year, you probably won't venture outside without a few pairs of gloves. It gets cold!
But no matter how frigidly cold it is, there are occasions when you're simply not allowed to wear gloves. According to the Moscow Times, one of these occasions is whenever you are shaking hands. But why? Because from the Russian perspective you're not wearing that glove out of a desire to keep those fingers frostbite free -- you're wearing it because you don't want to touch the other person.
And really, a handshake only takes a couple seconds, and then you can put your glove back on.
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Gloved handshakes | 0:12
Refusing drinks | 0:56
Empty bottles on the table | 1:58
Whistling indoors | 2:52
Arriving empty-handed | 3:42
Share the load | 4:33
Don't accept the first time | 5:06
Don't criticize Russia | 5:52
Wearing shoes indoors | 6:53
Public transport | 7:38
Don't smile | 8:28
Don't forget your passport | 9:18


  • Have you ever been to Russia?

    • Grunge I turned my volume down completely when the man was whistling. I believe the things Russians believe,and they seem to be true although the facts stated in the video are not all correct.

    • @Jay i feel sad for ya

    • @Artem ErmoshinПривет товарищ! Твой медведь какую водку предпочитает? 😉😁

    • ха-ха! я здесь живу!

    • Yes, I was born in Russia. And yes, Russians who always drink vodka are just a stereotype. Vodka has long been less popular than lighter drinks simply because people need to earn a living (in order to drink vodka in the evening and go to work in the morning you need to have extraordinary health and very strong head). And you can refuse a drink without any problems, and if you have problems, you simply do not know how to choose friends.

  • If this video is true seems like it's alot of work to visit Russia :D....I rather go some place were I could lay by the beach. My idea of a relaxing vacation is not feeling like I'm walking on thin ice both figuratively and literally.

  • lol,if you think russians never make fun of putin or the government then youve definitely nevery been to russia

  • “Leaving empty bottles on the table is an omen of financial hardship...” Me, Russian looking at the table full of empty soda bottles: no shit

  • I wouldn't step foot in Russia, because they don't want people of color there

  • Getting out of US and EU there is a distinct lack of political correctness. Our banker elites till trying to do the dictatorship thought control on us. Russia and Putin kick the Bolshevik western bakers to the curb which is why thye atre stinn butthurt in Washington DC.

  • These rules are NOT strict (except of even numbers for flowers, russians only get even numbers of flowers when they go to cemetery to put flowers on graves). Don't worry about other rules to much and find the right company of people for what you're looking during your travelling. Try to find people that remind you of your friends from your country. And please, make jokes on shirtless Putin more

  • I'm Russian and I miss it there. People are very friendly and nice back where I was born and raised.

  • I really liked it. 😀

  • I'm a westerner and lived in Moscow. I currently live in a former Soviet era country and have traveled and spent significant time in 7 former Soviet states. Imagine the friends and acquaintances I have. I can tell you through experience, knowledge, and validity; your video isn't accurate.

  • Who tf wears shoes inside??


  • I would never survive in Russia. I laugh for stupid reasons and don’t drink alcohol

  • i love to give a smile to people and just knowing that makes me anxious ;-; 8:38

  • In America, during the 1960's, '70's, early '80s, and earlier, a good host offered you a drink. if you refused a drink - even non-alcoholic - you were being kind of rude. The Moral Majority, and the later SJW's, put a halt to that. 90% of Americans know their astrological sign. Depending on source, 25% - 51% of Americans believe in astrology. ;) Approx 75% of Americans believe in angels. etc., etc. Different cultures, different beliefs and practices.

  • Giving your seat up for a pregnant woman, elderly person or someone whose disabled is just decency. Its not part of a culture. Its called being curtious. Something thats lacking in 2019!

  • 8:50 now I know why americans always smile.

  • Yeah fuck going to russia.

  • I'm russian and this video is almost pure bullshit

  • I went to live in Switzerland with my Swiss wife in 1995 to 2005, the Swiss have giant floppy slipper like booties u wear Over your shoes when visiting their home. The Swiss are very proud of their culture and so laughing for no reason or smiling at a stranger is considered dummy. You better have your pass port with you if u are not a Swiss (born and bred) their dialect and accents are so acute that they just know yer a foreigner. (Bye The Way; Swiss hate foreigners)

  • this is completely bullshit.

  • Hmmmm, former communist country has a lot of superstitions about money problems. What a shock

  • How about be truthful... Russia has a hard time there.

  • only neanderthalsi n the US wear their shoes inside their own homes, everywhere else, shoes are taken off in the hallway.

    • armzngunz not in Australia 🇦🇺 really it’s a filthy habit here after living in Canada where everybody takes their shoes off

  • And don’t hold hands in public if you are gay.

  • What’s the movie or show at 10:03

  • About Putin (which cannot be criticized), this is nonsense. These are stereotypes of Western propaganda. I hear more criticism of Putin in Russia than criticism of the US government.

    • @Hardy Harhar I am a German who lives in Russia and sees everything with his own eyes. The Russians who left for the USA are not a standard of opinion. I communicate with many Russians around the world and they do not agree with you. I think you're a troll.

    • @Aley And you are a troll! We have Russians living in the US! where do you think we get some of our info from? From them sooka blyat!

    • @The Bowser one You cannot give me a single fact. You are a prime example of a victim of propaganda.

    • People have been killed or turned up missing for calling him out. That is facts.

  • You cant say "it's not a cliche" and expect it to stop being yet another cliche. Russians dont drink that much in general and dont like vodka very much in particular. Just google alcohol consumption per capita. As for 2018, Russia barely made top20 and level keeps decreasing. I live almost at Russia/Finland border and I barely see drunk russians, especially amongst younger ones who wasnt around for USSR collapse, but drunken finns? Oh, man, those people cant keep their hands off vodka. But noone made cliche out of it cz who cares about Finland, right? Several millions of suicidal maniacs with world highest youth unemployment rate, inventing things like alcohol ferry trips to avoid being caught back at home. Poland? Those never seen sober since lost of Rzechpospolita. Still, no one cares. Cz vodka and alcoholism are yet another brands used by western propaganda to demonize image of russians, the only ones amongst real civilizations who NEVER backed down in a war against anglosaxon' sect.

  • Lol so I guess Russia is not halal

  • You know what - to hell with the Russians. Remember the Cold War? Well, it's still on, and at this point, they're winning by trillions of dollars - dumbasses!

  • Oh

  • Spent 9 days in St. Petersburg never was offred vodcka, didn't even see it in menus. The city is wonderfull and russians were very kind and willing to help.

    • @eskimo weed 93 yes, very much so, very nice people.


    • U sure?

  • dude chivalry only has ONE thing to do with men treating women with respect......Chivalry is SPECIFICALLY the code between knights, like if a knight was capture he was allowed to be ransomed instead of guys don't even know what words mean in the Language you first learned how can I take anything you say at face value?

  • That's what happens when you spend 74 years as communists ☭

  • Russians must have an awful time here in Thailand because Thai people don't shake hands they wai each other using prayer hands. Shaking hands is weird for Thai people.

    • And you really believe this video? This video is BULL SHIT! None of it is true. It's all PROPAGANDA against Russia.

  • I watched this video expecting valid points, and was disappointed.

    • It is mere PROPAGANDA against Russia.

  • Guns N’ Roses viewers also watch this

  • I wanna go to Russia

  • You can avoid all these ass backwards traditions by not going there.

  • Bro, you need to emphasize ignorant westerner and replace semi with gigantic.