Scarlett Johansson CONTROVERSY, Shane Dawson's Return, & Trump's "Go Back" Backlash IS The Gameplan

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
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Scarlett Johansson Facing Backlash Over Casting Comments:
Trump Tweets About Freshman Congresswomen:
Shane Dawson Announces New Video on the Way:
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R. Kelly Facing Two New Federal Indictments:
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigns Over Epstein Plea Deal:
Call to End Discrimination Against LGBTI Soldiers in South Korea:
Politician Tells Reporter She Must be Accompanied by a Male Colleague:
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  • Happy Monday! Hope you can hear me over the shirt. lol ScarJo Backlash (0:06), Shane Dawson Quickie (3:42), Launch and TIA (4:44), Trump Did Trump Stuff Happy 2019 (6:27)

    • salamadestron and Obama couldn’t resist feeding into it, how did that work out for him? 😂

    • Cassie Banks Congress oversees transfers of gold because its money so that’s unlikely

    • AgentOracle asylum should be ended and every illegal deported

    • Jack Ban and it was democrat presidents that started most of those interventions so the blame goes to the democrats

    • ShadowMatter nothing bad happens at the border

  • 0:55 Please, point out to me the trans actor that is as talented as Scarlett Johansson

  • I don't really have an opinion on the trans thing, because I'm a cis girl uneducated on trans issues, but as for the Japanese one, I do believe that characters should be played by actors from the same race. And as for what she said about the interview, I think she was wrong. Actors *should not* be able to play characters no matter what. With sexuality, I don't care about the sexuality of the actor, but for race, it should be the same race as the character. Even without 'political correctness', it just makes sense. If you have a story about a black person, then it just doesn't make sense to cast a white person in the role. Can you imagine The Hate U Give, with Starr played by Anna Kendrick? Probably not. Not to mention, a lot of the time, a character's race and culture is part of the story, even if it's just occasionally them saying a word or two in Chinese, or celebrating Hanukkah.

  • Hey Phil, did you go into your mom’s closet with wearing that shirt?

  • When Trump promised to drain the swamp, he really meant defend the swamp.

  • All actors must divulge their sexual orientation religion and political views prior to getting a job and their views must match the views of the characters they are to play in. Does this sound familiar to you? From now on everyone must declare their gender orientation prior to getting a job. If it is not to the liking of the customer base, they must be denied the job. So if there is a job in a place where there are alot of homophobes, you cannot be hired if you are gay. If there is a job where there are alot of gays, you cannot be hired if you are straight. Sounds a lot like the very thing you are trying to fight against. In this situation, the moviegoers are the customers, you who are crying foul. "I WILL ONLY TAKE A DRINK IF THE BARTENDER IS _____ orientation"

    • in the same situation, no "mid /upper" tier actors will be allowed roles if someone who is making less money than them can do it, since alot of these actors have lots of money already. any actor making more than 100k a year should give up their roles if an actor of similar skill set is available. they need to give opportunities .

    • Oh' people. She gets offered the role because she earned her spot. She worked hard. She put blood sweat and tears. If you didn't get an offer, it is only because you didn't earn it. People who make movies want the movies to sell, part of that is by using the popularity of the actor. EX: robert downey, etc. Let's go ahead and give away michael phelps medals. Or his spot at the olympics since we need to give other people a chance. Does that sound fair? Believe it or not, there are these people called FANS, and actors bring them to the theatres. There are movies whose profits get better because the actors bring in the audience. I work hard at my job, but i also support other people who have needs, does that mean i should give them my 1 day shift, since I don't need the money anyway and I already make enough from the other days i work. It is about loving your job and loving to do what you do. If they deserve the job they will get it, they will work hard and prove themselves in the field. This is an example of shoving your beliefs down people's throats. It totally goes against "if its not hurting anybody". It is THEIR MONEY, why does anyone get to dictate who they pay with THAT MONEY? If you want social justice that costs money, why don't you use your own money to do it? Why do you have to make a cry about someone else's money being spent on an actor or actress of their choice? If you don't want to watch the movie that is YOUR MONEY, do what you can with YOUR MONEY. I am asian and I don't care if she plays bruce lee, in fact, I think that would be fun to watch. From now on, every role must be played by someone of the exact description. All christian figures must only be played by christian actors, not only that it must be played by the exact sect EX catholics can only be played by catholics, sunni only by sunni, and roles played by terrorists must only be played by extremists from that exact sect to accurately represent and embody their advocacy of beliefs. all other ethnic roles cannot be played by their exact ethnic counterparts.

  • If you can play your role convincingly that's good enough in my book. Obviously that still takes into account both looks and acting skills, if looks are relevant to the role.

  • Perfect solution: allow actors/actresses to play whomever they choose.. This is ridiculous. Its a movie not a documentary, people act gay when they are not, people act straight when they are not? since when does matching the character being represented a prerequisite for a film? It's called acting for god sake you pretend! Who cares! With that logic you would think gay people shouldn't play straight people? anyone can play anyone! This generation cries about anything, honestly...

  • That nasty old fart is so dumb and nasty, it say it all that he is your "alpha dog".

  • Casting directors should pick the person they feel best embodies the character in question. In an ideal world transgender actors wouldn't actually be at a disadvantage, but the next best thing imho (which is still a long way off) they would first look toward actual transgender actors for a transgender role, but if they can't find the right one, why not go for an otherwise really well fitting actor who is just CIS? Transparency is the problem here though, because we have no idea what goes on in those offices, how many trangender actors applied for a role vs cis actors. Same goes for a role written as Asian. Related to that, there is no reason NOT to cast an asian or african american actor if a character isn't specifically written as being white.

  • Ugh those people saying stupid things, as always. ScarJo is an actress and as she said in that magazine, she is supposed to play anything and anyone

  • The issues with Scarlet Johansson and Jared Leto are completely different. He’s a cis male playing a transfemale. As Jared is a method actor he’d have to feel the experience and struggles of being a gender he’s not. If Scarlet was playing a transmale character it wouldn’t be an issue. Cause she’d have to learn how to be male. For example, how could I as a cis male know what it’s like to be female and transitioning to male? I’m already male so it’d look too natural and wouldn’t feel authentic. That’s the point being missed here.

  • I agree with the over reacting millennials. I don't want to see a non serial killer play a serial killer! Recast and reshoot Dexter! Outrageous

  • Only Americans think they're in the greatest nation in the world. Arrogant twats.

  • It has come to the point that I'm skipping when Trump appears in videos.

  • I disagree with both Phil and ScarJo here. Sure, in general, actors should be free to play any role they are asked to. However, I believe that, in the case of the transgender character, there must be an exception. Until being transgender is no longer an embattled state of being, it is important to not usurp their characterization with that of someone who knows relatively nothing of their struggle, specifically when it comes something that will shown to at LEAST hundreds of thousands of people. This exception should absolutely apply to other embattled minority roles as well.

    • @Just Another Happy Humanist A sound argument indeed. However, it does not hold up against my main point. I'll try rewording it to make it more clear. To forgo actors and actresses who actually embody the role of an embattled minority SPECIFICALLY when it comes to a role from an original piece that EXPLICITLY had that minority in said role, is wrong. This is due to the fact that it waters down the cultural exposure of that minority in favor of higher success through more recognizable faces, or just plain ignorance. Or both. If it's an original work, or the work it's based on was ambiguous concerning the specific traits of the character, then cast all cis whites for all I care. If they do a good job, I'll still watch the hell out of it.

    • So minorities shouldn’t be allowed to play historically white characters because they know nothing about their struggle? LGBT people shouldn’t be allowed to play straight people since they can’t identify with them? Non-criminals shouldn’t be allowed to play criminals since they can’t identify with their struggle? Rich people shouldn’t play poor people? Poor people shouldn’t play rich people? Your argument is nonsensical. I’m bisexual, and I can tell you that sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with one’s acting ability, or their ability to relate to, and empathise with, other people. Acting, by definition, means taking on a role - becoming someone, or something, else; IDENTIFYING with someone or something else. Trying to understand their struggles and their pain. That’s the whole point of acting! I can also tell you that my sexual orientation has very little to do with who I am as a human being. There are many other things about me that would be harder for someone else to identify with than just my sexuality - my hopes, my dreams, my character, my experiences, and my interests, to name but a few. As a matter of fact, what you are claiming is exactly what homophobic people claim - that LGBT people are defined by their sexuality. We’re not. We’re just people. There’s no difference between a straight actor playing another straight person, and a straight actor playing an LGBT person - in both cases, the actor is playing another person, with different struggles from their own. Frankly, I find your opinion quite bigoted. I know you don’t mean it that way, but you are doing exactly what most LGBT people hate - defining us by our sexuality. You are making it the most important thing about us, the thing that defines us. Differentiating us from straight people to such an extent, that straight actors can’t even begin to understand or identify with our struggles. You are being inadvertently homophobic, and doing our community a disservice. We’re just people. Gender and sexuality have nothing to do with who a person is as a human being. It doesn’t matter who an actor plays - they’re always going to have to identify with struggles other than are own. By claiming that we are so different from other people they can’t even empathise with us (the way they do with everyone else who is born in slightly different circumstances), you are dehumanising us.

  • Hey Phil! I'm a fan and I'd like to explain why it's important for transgender actors/actresses to play transgender characters. I don't think you are transphobic. These kinds of things are thoughts that not many people think about if they don't live that specific life. Overall western culture will only accept a trans actor if they can 'pass'. If you're playing a man, but you look too feminine you won't get the part. So because of this a lot of trans actors and actresses don't get casted for any roles they audition for. There's also a lot of issues with representation in general. A lot of people expect that a trans woman will just look like a man in feminine clothing. That isn't the case with many trans people. This adds stigma to our community. This is why we get backhanded compliments like "Oh I couldn't even tell you were trans you pull it off so well". The PR that the specific actor adds to the community as well is very crucial. A lot of times interviewers will ask them questions and they answer with transphobic answers. Not saying that they are transphobic, but because they just aren't part of the community. And young trans kids deserve a role model to look up to beyond the screen. In a cisgender focused world, we really only see cis actors. And because of this a lot of kids may not think they can be an actor or actress one day. Which is why representation is important on screen, and off. Representation of who is trans is also important. The stories we've seen have either been a white trans character or a black trans woman. These aren't the only stories. There are trans actors and actresses of all races, backgrounds, and abilities. I'm asian and I'm trans. So many people say "You can't be trans". But I am. The writing is also an important factor. Depending on the writers of the movie, the content could be very helpful or hindering to our community. The more we push those stereotypes and misconceptions the more our community hurts. And those stereotypes and misconceptions are shown a lot through writing, and casting. Yes, acting is being able to play anyone. But acting and storytelling shouldn't hurt those that they're telling the story about.

  • Yes, they should bring POC all the way around. However, actors are playing a part. Stop kicking actors, start kicking casting,, directors, producers, etc... JS

    • Yes I'm late.... but still here! 😋

  • Fuck that first story, people need to start taking life less seriously man

  • At 1:07 I though Phil was having a stoke and started listing off random letters

  • For the ScarJo situation: There’s a difference between being chill with a non-specifically raced character being presented as black in a movie...and a cis white woman playing the part of a specifically mentioned minority Ariel is never mentioned as being white, just that she has clear/almost translucent skin... that’s it...

  • With Rub n Tug, it would've been a lot better if they casted a man to play the trans man. We have a lot of issues with people denying the existence of transgender people... the last thing we need is a movie potentially perpetuating that. A woman playing a trans man makes it seem like trans men are just women pretending to be men. And there is a lot of people who already think that

  • Phil, "This is the gameplan" does NOT excuse Trump's remarks. My mother came to the United States from China when she was 2 years old. If someone told her to "go back to where she came from", they are essentially saying that the place where she has lived for the past 50+ years is not her home. Which is cruel, hurtful, and just plain untrue. I wasn't seeing enough people be mad about this in the comments so I just had to say this.


  • People who think a role should only be played by someone similar to that role don't understand the word "acting". I would guess that any minority actor would much rather be considered for ANY role than be limited to playing only the minority roles that person "qualifies" as... O.o

  • I find this actor situation funny and hypocritical of some. I am all for diversity, but the fact that people are mad over a woman like SJ playing a character who doesn't share a similar background with her but not mad at the fact that a woman of color is playing Ariel I just find hypocritical of people. I don't have a personal opinion on any of these specific situations but I'm all for diversity. But that's just something I've noticed and find ridiculous. People can be so two faced 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It’s funny how Hollywood believes in these strong SJW beliefs, until those beliefs starts to ruin their own careers.

  • Sorry Tom Holland, we're dropping you from Spiderman. You haven't been bit by a mutant spider and gained superhuman abilities under the spandex.. so yeah ain't gonna work.

  • i believe scarlett, but this is a complex issue. i see no clear solution.

  • Can anybody tell me if this is true or not or if we can still do it but I remember learning in school that we are able to remove a president if he's not doing what he's supposed to is that not true nowadays or what

  • Philip DeLiberalo

  • Scarlett is capitulating to about 5 outraged nut jobs on twitter. So sick of of this outrage and then apologies

  • Why are some people using the argument that ScarJo is a better actor and should get to play that role, I bet you that you’ll be able to find Trans Women who can play the role and draw upon their own experiences to communicate to the audience better than ScarJo could. I think people should be getting mad at the casting director or bigwigs that canceled the movie. Just shows that they don’t really care about trans people by their refusal to cast a trans actor and just scrapping the project. We should have put our energy towards trying to get this movie made WITH a trans actor, rather than canceled entirely.

  • I love how the world works! People Discrimnating another person because they feel discriminated.

  • Trump is shocking. 3 women who grew up in the same country he grew up in and 1 who has lived in America longer then the country she was born in, being told to 'go home' literally because they aren't white. But he doesn't have a racist bone in his body right? It's not racist to tell someone to go home when they already are just because their skin colour is not that of the people who STOLE the country in question. Not the people OF that country, the people who stole it.

  • White people: "if you don't like it you can leave" Also white people: stayed with Obama

  • Slow down

  • Eddie Redmayne played a trans person, right? Why is Scarlett the only one of the two being criticized?

  • Who cares if she’s not actually trans, most of the people getting angry aren’t trans, and don’t realise an actual trans person could get Major dysphoria from having to play a trans character because, surprise of the century, trans people just want to be seen as the gender they identify as!! They don’t want to be known as “that trans man” or “that trans woman” just “that man” or “that woman” and making the fact they weren’t born as the gender they identify as the main subject of the character they’re playing is so dysphoria inducing.

  • Ghost in the shell Was casted By an Asian person People like her are considered foreign in Asia, the person who casted her was casting her because where he comes from that’s diversity

  • I can't support impeachment, because Pence is a religious fundamentalist and absolute wackjob and I would rather endure another year of the utter chaos that is Trump than the very focused and mission driven Pence instituting Biblical doctrine into law.

  • I'll agree to Scarlett Johansson playing anything when Sam Jackson gets cast as Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln

  • Yeah I'm really buying a tix to see Scarlett Johansson play a black slave. What would that movie be called? Seven years a whitewash?

  • "Go back to the broken and crime infested place from which they came..." You mean like Germany, Yugoslavia or Scotland? Yea, pick one Trump...I'll raise money for your one way flight.

    • His great grandparents must be turning in their graves at their lineage and how stupid it's making them all look.

  • Okay, but Scarlett Johanson isn't THAT good of an actor. How can we know if she's better than trans and Asian actresses if we've never seen trans and Asian actresses in prominent roles

  • Alot of movies coming out now are changing a characters long history into something progressive, and having any actor playing any role because they have the skill would be fine if it didnt like fundamentally change the character. Big talk rn in the news is how spiderman can be gay. Tom Holland could be dropped rn and a gay actor takes his place. Fine, great ya know but peter parker should still be straight. you cant change 60+ years of his character being straight. Just to be progressive isnt a reason, but you could created your own multiverse spiderman who is homosexual np. They created Miles Morales because there wasn't a black spiderman and the movie was in the box office for 16 weeks near me. Another big news story is the little mermaid. (Dont know her name) but the girl playing ariel is mermaid pretty, can sing and act, but I guarantee she got that role solely because she isnt white. And I'm not trying to be racist like that's all Hollywood's doing. But I personally don't think she fits the role of a redheaded white girl. Lmao like the racial aspect of all this just changes too much. The little mermaids been a classic for so long and then BAM she's a different person. If the movie wasn't every kids favorite for the last 40+ years then this would be so okay but now it's different and for what reason? All the mermaids besides ariel could be black and it would all be good but that's the main character ya know. SJ here should be able to land any role that belongs to a white person with her physical appearance, other aspect of the role like religion or sexuality she can act out, but like in that Japanese ghost movie she did, she couldn't change her race and it upset the existing fans that expected a character's race to be the race it's always been.

  • If only LGBTQ’s actors could play those roles does that mean that they can’t play straight roles? It should go both ways

  • You have at least 100 years of white actors playing roles that should've gone towards minorities.... In an ideal world, anyone should beable to play anyone... but we do not live in an ideal world, going back to the Ariel discussion, white people can fully appreciate the problem of "white-washing"(here being used to represent any casting where someone of another background is casted in). Every time the issue comes up, when the role is being played by a white person it's "OH, the role should go to anyone who is most qualified" ... but then when it's reversed... "Oh our culture, our history, red haired, yada yada, PC culture, virtue signaling, make your own characters, blah blah blah" ... meanwhilee you can have a white actor playing an actual person, and that's fine. So I'm not buying it....the roles should go to PoC if the character is a PoC, likewise if the person is LGBTQA yada, and so forth and so on. There's enough roles for white actors, and unless a studio decides to really flip the script and cast everyone in the "wrong" role solely to mock and ridicule the issue, and from there it just becomes a thing... Like, I still overly appreciate the Cinderella live action from back in the day, because while it was confusing as fuck to have certain person playing certain roles... You can look past it because the production itself was satisfying.

  • Don’t get me wrong I get that there are issues in the acting industry but that really shouldn’t be the actors fault... an actor should be able to play or audition for any role they want and not have to fear not trying out for a role simply because they should just give it up to someone else who feels misrepresented.., it should be up to the casting directors and people should be angry with them instead of an actor it should simply be up to who is the best for the roll not based on someone’s sexuality

  • I don't like Trump as a person but I agree with most of his policies. I absolutely loathe the progressive "squad" and their radical, idiotic viewpoints. What Trump said was pretty fucked up, but the chant that Trump is racist has just been repeated over and over again that it's lost its meaning. I'd refer you to Tim Pool's video on this as it explains this further.

  • “people should be able to embody people from different backgrounds” but as POC or trans/non-binary ppl we never get that chance unless the character is a poc or trans/nb ... so if we can’t expand then how come white cis ppl get to take our space too..

    • First of all. they aren’t “non-POC roles.” Ariel’s race doesn’t matter in the movie plot. You have no other argument other than i’m “playing the victim”

    • Playing always the victim won't get you additional space And playing the victim here is also more than inappropiate, a quick look at current Disney movies, the biggest movies that are made nowadays have a lot of roles for black people but also alot that in the original story were white characters, yet they are played by black people Just last week there was the announcement that Ariel would be played by a black actress So do you really want to complain about being victimized, when black people are actually the ones getting non-POC roles?

  • I firmly believe that logical debate - devoid of emotional tactics - should be taught in every school, in every country. Teach people how to recognize the difference between facts and emotional appeals. When people can tell the difference, they can reason better and be more rational. If this was taught, the whole 'go back where you came from' idiocy wouldn't be valid in our country. If you are capable of thinking logically, you can recognize that A: if a person was raised in America, they are American, and B: Acknowledging the imperfections of America and wanting to improve your own country is commendable. How is disagreeing with various government policies and practices unamerican? The right to disagree and the right to enact change is how our country was founded. Free thought and free speech is essential. You don't have to agree, but attempts to silence opinions by calling them foreign or unamerican is blatant racist manipulation.

  • Part of the problem with casting people who have the same background as the character of a movie is that big companies don't want to risk losing money. There's a reason why popular actors are cast in movies - they generate ticket sales. On the business side, it's about money more than it is about racism or gender normativity. But it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. White cis people get hired more because they're considered less risky, so they have more opportunities to become popular, and then when they become popular it makes them an even safer option to hire. The movie business is slowly trying to break this cycle, but considering the skyrocketted costs of making a hit movie, the companies are also less and less inclined to take risks. America is the center of cinema and white americans are still statistically racist as hell. AND even completely non racist people are more likely to see a movie starring someone they've seen before, and whether they are aware of it or not, that's more often a white cis person.

  • Shrek should only be played by a real ogre


  • Would love for Dawson to just stop doing youtube and do some real humanitarian work. Really sick of hearing about it. Same for Trump and all that other shit.

  • Why are the comments all about some Hollywood drama when the president continues to disrespect democracy and the consent of the governed ??

  • If literally anybody else said something even remotely similar to the terrible things this man has said their career would be ruined. I miss the times where I could have pride in my president.

  • What about merch for the ladies??!! 🤷‍♀️ No?? Ok...

  • I love your videos and all ... But the feminine for actor is "actress" when were talking about Scarlett Johansson... That wouldn't stop bugging me lololol