Scared Of Me (STY - Betty Version) sung by Project SNT

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2017
Original Song from:
Steven Universe - Stronger Than You:
- This version -
Music by Amella:
Vocals by ProjectSNT(Courtney):
Video FX by NyxTheShield:
Art by me(Camila):
Lyrics by me (Camila) and a bit of help from Veir.
Video edited by me as well!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I love Steven Universe a LOT. And I really like some Stronger than you versions out there, THAT along with a lot of other requests from other people, I finally decided that it'd be nice to have a song for Betty as well... referencing this next episode...
Hope you like it! This was made just for fun.
(My heart breaks everytime Betty sings megalovania there, well played courtney, well played ♥ )
Also careful with the spoilers if you catch me animating!
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  • garnet: love sans: love chara: love frisk: love betty: fear me: FOOOOOOOOOD

  • Bettah:im ur wost feah Meh:nani?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ıts daytime how is how does pitch dark exist!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • stop singing im trying to sleep


  • Betty:i'm made of your worst fear Me:RUN!THE CIL X CRAY IS HERE! Betty:*le what intensified*

  • She is basically Pennywise if you get scared you'll *Get died* But problem is if you don't fear her she still won't weaken.

  • Wolfychu?

  • Now that i know after watching the origin of bete that she's a walking corps controlled by a demon her real name is actually Amber


  • Хехе😅

  • Sans-chara-frisk:I MADE OF L-O-V-E Betty: I m fear Betty again:lalalalalalalaaaallaalalllaLL

  • Much that epoch we don't even know....we were so inocents

  • Betty: I'm your worst F E A R Me: so ur school?

  • Betty:I'm your worst fear Me:Oh no it's Netherlands invading Indonesia MaPhilIndo gather!(countryhuman reference)

  • Betty: I’m made of your worst F E A R S Me: pls no spiders 🕷

  • I really love steven universe so much more than undertale!

  • Betty: I am made of your worst fears! Me: Does this mean that you're made out of St Mary's kids?

  • Hey guys please, I want to know where is betty from I mean which game? Please answer me...

  • The megalovania killed me-

  • I finally get the ballet shoe reference

  • Betty:I Am your fear Frisk:so you are my mom?

  • She said we are intertwined Which means they are kissing

  • "My Creater was victorious," Me: TORI!!!!!!!

  • Betty: "I'm made of your worst fear" Me: so you're me?

    • Betty: **commits suicide** Betty: I W I N

  • “I am made of your FEARS” (Only shook bc she doesn’t have a nose)

  • Pルート:Bettyに殺される Nルート:horrortale Gルート:Charaに殺される どうしろってんだ。

  • -I am your worst fear- So I guess Betty is made of not getting isekai after dead


  • Betty:I am your worst fears Me:are you ad 1of2 Betty:...

  • bad 1:58

  • MY comment is no longer valid

  • Betty: i'm made of your worst fear Nightmare Sans: Hey you stole my job

  • This is similar to steven universe and the one with chara and sans

  • Is betty a ROBOT and she said she made up of fear hhahahahah thats dumb

  • Gasps shes dead to us

  • Betty: I will make your worst fears true Internet go outs Me starts crying Betty: aww what are going to do fight me? Me pulls out two knives: bring it on

  • Betty: I am your worst fears Me: my fears are being smart so umm can I borrow one of your spear things Betty: why Me:so I can fight you but if it's a no my fist will fight you Betty: bring it on Betty almost kills me Me: Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha Betty: why are you laughing your almost dead Me: no u Betty: crap he is right

  • Betty: I am your worst fears Me: I have no fears Also me: AHHH WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE THAT WANT TO TALK TO ME me has a bad dream with Betty in it: welp where Is the coffee or the knives I will fight Betty with stupidity

  • I want to hear Chara's response to this.

  • wow x1000000000 i want to say betty is who?

  • I still don’t understand how Betty says she is debt.

  • "Are you scared because i killed some of your close friends" Me:BOI-

  • BettY:I am FEAR mE:i my fear is just scoll and ME AM DED


  • I love this song is bootifool 😀

  • T

  • Betty: "I am made of your worst fears." Me: "Fan fiction?" Betty: "Yes." Me: .... Betty: "And Jeff said to Clifford the dog in a conforting voice, ohh Cl-" Me: Oh god please show mercy on me and kill me already.

  • Stronger than you Betty version

  • Betty is full pink

  • Yeah it isn't,i am also made out. F E A R.,it aslo is a matter of time.


  • .......:)

  • Betty:I am all your fears Me:you are me xD

  • 😏👌

  • 3:05 es la mejor parte. :v

  • This would fit surprisingly well for Catastrophe LuCiel from Elsword Online. They're entire thing is fear. Also if she's made of my worst fears, she's in for a bad time, my worst fear is my worst self. And I'm entirely okay with putting a blade through his chest. I kept him in check even at my lowest, having him in someone else?...... I'd have no reason to hold back if the host is just as nasty.

  • Su creador fue victorioso Que quiere decir q camila fue victoriosa en que?

  • Betty love

  • they took out the melody from stronger than you

  • 2:27