SBK - Sound Boy Killer (Dot Rotten, Yizzy, T Roadz Send)

Pubblicato il 8 gen 2020
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  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • big up my man new generation of grime slayed them man

  • Face like they sucked a lime 🤢🤮💥

  • I see where you got the inspiration for your graphics...

  • SBK you can’t bar with dot so hush 🤫 irrelevant yute

  • Wtf is this. I wanted dot, tricked by the imagery. 💩go back to the bin with cadell

  • Fucking hell mate SBK's beat selection is insane

  • been listening to sbk since novelist brought him on set when he was 14

  • Let be real tho dot don’t war with minors he war with men

  • If your mic ain’t 5k then don’t bother fam LOL

  • Jeez gwarrrrrrn

  • keep grinding fam i know people gonna realise the talent soon enough

  • @ Dot bro, I'm sure man will send bk this was dope still. Keep hittin up da Village

  • I knew that bit at the end of dots dub was directed at you SBK. Good don for standing up SB man

  • Deeps need to react to This!!!!!

  • Weak abc's

  • OFFT. I’m a big fan of Dot but this honestly One best sends since everything started

  • Both tracks are decent. SBK holding his own for sure.

  • Wavey keep it up young one

  • 🔥🔥🔥 get em s

  • Now I dissed your last diss track but this is a lot better effort don't get me wrong you need to get some views to target the bigger sorts dot rotten is a level up that's just being honest but your going to be good in time I want to see you in a few years when your thinking evolves then yeah I think you could be up there but grime is about more that just doing sends get yourself established.....original real talk is sick he killed it pure 🔥🔥🔥 that track streets ahead of any I have heard in the last 6 months

  • Ey dat beat is ufffffffffft!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  • 🔥🔥🔥 keep em coming

  • Woah.... Didn't expect this

  • “This is what grime is about” AMEN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sbk best younger in the scene atm. Got that Authentic Grime Aura. Big up SBK. Wouldn't even bother sending for yizzy guy's a joke

    • Izzie gibbs tho still

  • LYRICS: 1. I’ve been to melors studio with Jammer and Muna 2. Dot rotten hush up your gums you best move up 3. Stop saying you are on top you’re a loser 4. I’ve got bare stuff to say and prove up 5. You was fucked up passed out on the sofa 6. Dot I’m a sound boi killer it’s over 7. Man wanna take the title I got 8. But I am the prince my cousin lemme show ya 9. Anybody chatting up my name I don’t know ya 10. Just cos you’re an older I don’t owe ya 11. Yizzy, will lick you off your high horse 12. He can not come across cool inna my thoughts 13. Anybody chatting get schooled I will fight more 14. Old school don man my lyrics dem a fly more 15. I don’t know what drugs that these man are taking 16. But after I’m done niggas will wanna buy more 1. I’m on Twitter seeing haters LOL 2. the jokes that they make are the baitest though 3. Dot rotten wouldn’t send for a man with a mic 4. worth less than 5k rude boy take a stroll t 5. T Roadz your a small fry, playing with dolls 6. ask funky dee MCs fe get troll 7. How are MCs dem still tryna call out my name 8. When their mumzys still on the dole 9. Rudeboy, don’t make me lose control 10. Cos your career a end up in a whole 11. I’m the prince MC in the scene as a whole 12. So I ain’t really listening, dot I’ll get rid of him 13. Watch how rotten it will get, when I finish this 14. It’s hot fire that I spit are you listening 15. Dot rotten I think you’ve got gotten 16. You could never pick on me I’m not cotton 1. Your bars, cududududucrap 2. When I send shots bududududubrap 3. man wanna chududududuchat 4. In a race get lululululululap 5. Lyrically you will get Suttin in your back 6. when i spin dot around and bruck a nigga fam 7. Tryna say you got iron wid nothing in your hand 8. Yizzy tell your mum there’s muffins in the back 9. Whole of your lyrics them are nothing to a man 10. My pen is so heavy that it brucking up my hand 11. Nunununuah you ain’t my cousin it’s a fact 12. I’ll tell your darg chill widda muzzle in my hand 13. I am the boy that’s doubling a man 14. Zeph or Dot you can shut up when I land 15. I won’t lie I ain’t gunna hush up in a clash 16. Tell T Roadz you’re a little kid not a dan 1. It is not no joke here family I won’t lie 2. At English, I’m out of this world, and I’m so fly 3. Yizzys a kitty and a snitch nigga don’t lie 4. You should quit music and build up a coke line 5. If you know their bars then I think you should you know mine 6. Thinking I’m a cower to their power you are so blind 7. I rate Zeph Ellis but dot it is showtime 8. Big boy bars inna war Ima show mine 9. S to the B I’m a legend in my own right 10. Devilish bars that even the pope likes 11. Dot wants to chat about mic quality 12. Expensive or budget I will murk you on both mics 13. Jaykae and Wiley they are both right 14. Dot Rotten is evil, that’s what I don’t like 15. I’m a YG, and an OG, so guys 16. You can watch me murk the whole scene with both eyes 1. T Roadz, I’m done talking about you 2. Nothing you said about me was true 3. you’re a younger but this war is getting old 4. So it’s out with the old in with new 1. Dot Rotten, couldn’t ever step against me 2. From nowhere?! Who is it a better MC 3. anything you say, that’s dead against me 4. And you can’t stop me from following dreams 5. On my ones manna got bare streams 6. Yizzy and T Roadz they’ve got teams. 7. Man wanna try get rude around here 8. Still i hit em widda fire that’s hotter than steam 1. Hit em widda OH MY GOD 2. Dot is a pussycat OH MY GOD 3. Anybody looking for the king of this ting 4. Should know it’s SBK OH MY GOD 1. You’re gunna run out of time, Joseph 2. You ain’t abolishing grime, Joseph 3. Ask anyone when they hear my dub 4. They got a face like they sucked a lime, Joseph 5. And no matter what you say, 6. you ain’t the best MC of all time, Joseph 7. About GOLD Rotten 8. My bars are ahead of my time Joseph

  • youre clout chasing, ygm, youre looking for the clout, the beefs kicking off; its got nothing to do with you

    • Looooool my bad, fair enough

    • @marvin huraira check the beginning of his last track then come back g

    • everyone involved in grime has a steak in the beef

  • Why are you sending only for dot you shoulda aimed at stormzy and Wiley too

    • starling coz dot fires at anyone and they bigger than him trust dots his best chance

  • ngl I'm a Dot fan and discovered you thanks to the war, but big up man, this bangs hard and it's criminal how slept on you are! respect

  • SBK wants all the smoke fairplay to him 🤣🔥

  • Sbk is 🔥 but grm linkup and them shares only wiley and stormzy that aint helpin the scene

  • Gwarn young SBK 🔥