Saudi Arabia: major fire at world's largest oil refinery after drone attack

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
The world’s largest petroleum processing facility in Saudi Arabia and a major oilfield operated by Saudi Aramco were hit by a series of explosive attacks that have disrupted more than half of the kingdom’s oil output and could affect global supplies. Donald Trump has said the US is 'locked and loaded' and ready to respond, as US officials said the evidence pointed to Iranian involvement. The attacks have disrupted more than half of the kingdom’s oil output and could affect global supplies
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Major Saudi Arabia oil facilities hit by drone strikes ►
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  • Major Saudi Arabia oil facilities attacked ►

    • Guardian News they are now kidnapping Arab solders. Why no news please 😰

    • What did " Reliable Patriot " do ?

  • My ex has an army and NASA is in it and they gave the army technology to fly drones and other unmanned air craft further then ever before by means of hovering So they decided to hover their high direct energy laser drones right over to Saudi Aramco right from home base in the great USA because they want to destroy our energy infrastructure to conquer the world That is why they hit the Amazon 10,000 times ina week and 70,000 times this year they do not care what they kill they just want to be the only rulers on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • i give - thumbs up to comments and number count stays the same- ???

  • smoke and mirrors

  • 4 banger hondas all day 😂😂😂 I’m glad I don’t have a v8 anymore

  • Alahu Akhbarrr !

  • Saudi getting bullied

  • Iran is now attacking Arab soldiers and killed kings son

  • I just love to see the Saudi family humiliated.( the great Saudi kingdom hahahaha) how is it great ??????

    • @YourSincereWellWisher Death to Saudi Arabia from Germany!

    • @E A But even if that's true. Why do you want Saudi people to die ?

    • @E A They didn't create Houthi, Hezbollah and bunch of mass murderer terrorist groups in Iraq & Syria.

    • @YourSincereWellWisher the saudi family is the real exporter of terrorists

  • What it means is that not only Saudi Arabia with all its American help but even more statelets like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc cannot just, willy nilly, join alliances and bomb people who just want to be themselves. Where 50% of a country's oil storage and refinery facilities were pinpointedly hit imagine what could happen to Dubai's fountains and palm islands or Abu Dhabi's "luxury residences"

  • The Houtis, Yemenites, Iranians or all three have certainly shown that they can destroy the country in spite of thousands of billions of dollars spent on American military equipment. But the large Saudi family which savagely owns the country still persecute and torture dissidents who want basic human rights. But they can't.have that. You see Americans are fed that Saudi Arabia is a friend while China and Russia are "adversaries" An adversary is a country which is independent and doesn't act like an American vassal like for example the United Kingdom, the EU, Australia, Japan

    • And worse Saudi Arabia dispite how brutal their actions are never has to face retribution for their actions

  • እሰይ ኣየኩም የመን ሳዑዲ ርጉማት ዉድእ የበልኩም

  • I want war back like before with sword

  • Many people said US won’t get affected. I’m from California and I saw a major increase last week. Maybe it shouldn’t have affected us but since iCalifornia is corrupt anyway I won’t be surprised if they wanted to benefit from the situation anyway.

  • pllease start war so we all can die

  • Israel f35 carried out the attack to create hostility between iran and saudi...

  • much likes than hates, that's mean everybody is happy if Saudi goes down.

    • yay this guy likes seeing people die

  • Yemen hutie drone & missiles can evade a modern sophisticated USA Patriot air defense. LOL

  • What is the return policy on the MIM-104 Patriot Missile System? Since it failed to hit any target since its production, I nominate it for the MOST PEACEFUL WEAPON of the world: BEAUTIFUL INDEED! so beautiful that must participate in arms beauty pageant than protecting the SENSITIVE AREAS!

  • Any suggestion for a new name for MIM-104 Patriot missile system? How about: - Toad head beautiful ORANGE erection! - Lame D_ck head. - Humanitarian Air Defense System. - Peace Loving Air Defense System. - Winner of Arms Beauty Pageant. I heard the U.S. is placing order for S-400 to protect its Patriot MIM-104 systems :-)!

  • Okay where did those drones come from?????

  • Now these will empty our pockets 🙁

  • saudi aramco attack in Iran or the huts did not. this is an attack that the american personally planned and made.

  • in modern combat... Military target is not always hitting enemy army. They also targeting all civilian building which support military in supply strategic, specially oil fields. so, when your country at war with your neighbor nation, you have to put anti air craft system into your all oil fields. not only there, you also put high protection to your power plant and manufacture factories. if one of those three things are destroyed, the war will not going so well.

  • Seems like waste of oil and just extra pollution

  • What a horrible sounding language. If it was in Italian or French it wouldn't be so serious.

  • Could this be done by revenge by Jamal Khoshoggi

  • Israel did it 100000%

  • where are all America made air defence systems? they are useless

  • Plot twist... It was America! 😱 (black screen, roll credits)

  • usa is the main terrorist. there is no truth there is no freedom. lies and deceit.

  • Al Houthis fired more than 100 ballistic missiles towards Saudi Arabia. We have clear evidence of Iranian involvement in Yemen and supplies of arms and ammunition to Al Houthis which they used on Saudi now.

    • I like to shop at Walmart.

  • These dangerous weapons were supplied to Al Houthis by Iran. So far, between 20,000 and 30,000 mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found by the UAE Armed Forces and were cleared.

  • Iran didn't do this, they are not that stupid. America and its allies have been looking for a excuse for a long time, they are lying to the world and I wouldn't be surprised if the C.I.A. are up to their necks in it. America will not be happy until they have order out of theire own chaos. I do not support America in any way and I think that their country should be sealed off from the rest of the civilised world until they can learn how to live without causing nearly every war in modern history

  • Come on Yemen, don't let the Saudi desert bandits export even ONE drop of oil. Destroy all export facilities and oil stock. Bomb all major oil pipelines. Bomb all airports and all radars in the country. 4444 4444 😝😝😝😝

  • Saudi don't blame Iran bcs Saudi tired from war but USA blaming Iran what's kind of proxy ,,, go war looser middle East gainers arms sellers

  • No Iran attack

  • Attack is imreca

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  • Bravo to the poorest Arab nation taking due revenge from the richest baby-killing, journalist-butchering Arab nation.

  • Us attacked this refinery

  • Rebels?.. with drones?..Sure.. If I didn’t know for a fact that the Saudis did it themselves, I would’ve suspected the Israelis.

  • Bomb more Saudi 🇸🇦 facilities please

  • Yemen, not likely! Someone in the vicinity highly likely!

  • This is what is killing the earth do we really need it

  • So Sad . Heart Breaking News

  • Saudi Arabia could not understand that a petriot is not an air defense, but an expensive useless toy.

  • اكو عربي هنا 😂💔؟

  • yanıyosun selman abi

  • Im surprised no one seems to have spotted the obvious. The billions of dollars worth of air defence missiles and radars that the Americans sold the Saudis don't work for sh /t.

  • I just remembered my war time with the Germany

  • We salute Houths

  • Shareholders in the energy sector are popping the corks off the champagne bottles . energy stocks are soaring . they probably paid a terrorist group to blow it up .

  • All this for money 🤦🤦

  • Smh the planet is gonna be like hold my beer 🍺

  • That’s a act of war !!!

  • New type of warfare Kill the money

  • Well done Yemen, burn that evil House of Soud to the ground.

    • Oil prices are going up Oil production countries : *CLICK* N I C E

  • Who did it? The Saudis themselves?

  • USA is crying and blaming on iran and no one asking to USA where ware yours anti air defence sytstem suadi Govt. has invest bilions of $ and thad system is failed im asking the oil refinderis are in saudi or iran? stop blaming game actuly u failed to protecting most imported income surce of country this is a part of 2nd great game