Satan's first pass with it's new engine | The Money Shift

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
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  • Never got the life. Hard work

  • The thing I love about itsjusta6 videos is it's all about Cars and Friends... the rest of the BS of this world just fades away... the way it ought to be.

  • he should give the car to his camera man and make him happy

  • Millenials...yuck...

  • Have launch was amazingly sick bro...Every thing about her is sick now bro....Baby beast bubba

  • I race a jr dragsters at meremere drag way in NZ and a cross the world best run is a 7.80 RT 0.00

  • The tire at 17:15 wassssin readddyyyy

  • That is some nice shoes

  • This is a weird question but what is the music playing at 0:46?

  • I think u should make a movie based on cars and racing

  • Wish we had a cool community like this here in Canada. Where i live its just middle age married men doing charity car meets :(

  • Are all of these videos demonstrations of immaturity, glib speech, and wasted money?????? These children need a dose of reality......

  • THE OLD INTRO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When’s the next money shift

  • Holy crap that blue mustang

  • Omg the nova

  • You could really make a tv show put of your life

  • Hi, Im from the Netherlands 🖐🇳🇱

  • The netherlands that awsome that some people came all the way from the netherlands

  • It’s just a six. That’s what I tell the women. Then their jaw drops. 🤥

  • The best sounding mustang ever

  • god that nova at 16:57 reving its big block😍😍😍

  • been wishing to drive that badass cars😰

  • "People have been in line for 3 hours" "People coming from the netherlands?" Meanwhile it looks like maybe 300 people total. Just saying

  • 😌👌

  • i have no idea what they're talking about or whats happening but i love it

  • Gavin have a new girl?👀

  • Only 1 half ass pass..lame

  • check my new 2000hp mustang

  • The new girl looks like a Gold digger🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Gevin iff i was rich i Wanted to buy your car for 5 mil

  • Hey what's the song you used at the end beat is dope 👀

  • Will they be racing in Texas any time soon? I would love to take my brother to one of these events

  • If your car doesn’t scare you, it’s not fast enough. 🤣🤣🤣

  • i know exactly were this race was bc i raced there

  • Race GapCat only IT-tvsrs that I see has the wickets Build you in Sikk Whips

  • Intro needs more Mustang!

  • 💲🙌

  • say it don't spray it

  • Poor ecoboost guy

  • "Satans first pass" not "Satan's first pass"...

  • Yo the outro is so dope i seriously feal like im playing a racing game

  • Im out of country right now and I literally cannot wait to come back and finish modding my car.. Love the videos bro 👏🏽🇺🇸

  • Car needs new name. Red is satan's color. Blk is what priests wear.

  • time for the Money Shift 2K20

  • Who thinks he should twin turbo the Camero👇

  • Have you raced that demon yet with the new engine

  • What'd it run? Driver mod

  • I just realized that he lives in Ruston la I live in sterlington la which is like 10-30 min away

  • Anyone else saw Murda?

  • Please host a meet near South Carolina

  • Spinning ain’t winning. Never seen someone so happy to not have traction lol. At least your loving it that’s all that matters.

  • Crowd control 100

  • Bipolar

  • you need to tub it

  • New moto 150 miles warm up

  • Video is pretty clear, you went for 3rd but in typical MT82 fashion, it didn't let you. I love Mustang and the S550 platform but I absolutely LOATHE the MT82. I was curious how this built one behaves and I hope future runs are better. I would seriously consider your options on the transmission.

  • Did I just hear the engine knocking at the end

  • just like the old days baby the Camaro aka LEGEND returns @Itsjusta6

  • where is harry?