San Andreas

Pubblicato il 18 mar 2015
The Musical.
(Vice City


  • Am I the only one who's never had trouble playing the train or RC mission? Why do people always find that so hard to complete?

  • What's the song at 3:40?

  • Getting Smoke killed in any mission should roll the credits on GTASA...

  • The gold in ara of GTA no MICRO transacshins

  • All we had to do was follow the damn train Dunkey

  • I got scared when I saw that the Vice City video, my brother, was taken down from IT-tvs, and I had to check on San Andreas, my son

  • I rewatch this video frequently for the low rider scene 😂

  • If you think that the train mission and the rc mission is the worst wait till you reach the mission where you hijack a plane mid air whilst your plane is slow asf

  • 1 like for rage against the machine. 🤗🤗

  • Can someone name the song at 4:27

  • 4:28 These days

  • What's the song called that was used during the low rider part

  • *Follows the damn train*Big smoke misses all of his shots

  • GTA SA is legendary

  • My favorite part is when he uses Jungle as an adjective! Haha

  • The Intro was lit

  • What’s the name of the tune that’s playing at the very beginning?

  • Outro song?

  • Lmao the traffic lights

  • 2:40 every person living in florida be like

  • One of my fav songs at 0:26 horse with no name by America

  • rage against the machine was the shit and still the shit 🔥

  • Hey, I'm here to tell you that the vice city video was copyright striked by WMG. rip.

  • What song was that at 0:50?????

  • I've eaten a pepperoni pizza and played the train mission.

  • Best game of all time

  • Aww man i miss this shit

  • March 18th 2020 them we'll see that stunt be completed

  • How I realized how to beat the train mission is to on the other end of the oncoming tracks so big smoke can get a better shot at them dont be to close to the front of the train or he's gonna basically be shooting up

  • Get your dicks out ladies and gentlemen

  • Song at 0:16 ?

  • Bro how you use licensed music without copyright warnings?

  • this... this is youtube art.

  • 0:08? MUSIC? PLEASE

    • Kevin Rose love rollercoaster by the ohio players

  • San Andrea's was the greatest game that was never released. I wish people other than me could experience this masterpiece

    • Most overrated game or all time

  • Song at 2:07 is Low rider - Funk

    • Nope it’s the George Lopez theme song

  • 4:19 how to kill the penultimate boss

  • 2:09 😂 God I love this game

  • what are you all talking about the train mission is easy just drive i beat it first try

  • Song? 2:03