Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! Switching Back to iPhone..

Pubblicato il 8 mar 2019
My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review & Why I'm Switching Back To iPhone After 9 Days of Use.. The best & worst of the Galaxy S10+!
S10 Speed Test.
S10 Durability Test.
S10 Camera Test.


  • I don’t know why people are so sensitive about which brand is better Apple or Samsung; PC or Mac it’s all just a personal preference. I prefer iPhone and Mac and i don’t care if others prefer pc, Samsung. Both companies are great

  • 2 days for each of the 10 years you've been on iOS is not enough time ...

  • Here's something that'll help people's desicion: developer mode. Samsung has a hidden dev mode feature in their system and you can change just about everything software wise. Dont see Apple with that.

  • Wow i'm dissapointed.

  • Which colour do you have prism blue or prism green??

  • He basically said android is better but he can't stay on it cuz he's not used to it rn (and cuz his channel is named everything apple pro)

  • They are almost there? Iphone is 6 year old hardware.

  • So you're saying s10+ is better in pretty much everything but you dont like how you have to touch the back arrow to go back instead of swiping from left to right... Thats why you are changing?? And fluidity on s10+ is great in fact i think its better than apple. And you are switching back to the iPhone because of your channel name and ego and nothing else. You might keep your SIMi in the s10+ and not tell us... I love your vids but this is BS

  • What’s up with the seat belt? 😂

  • iPhone and Samsung are different, try using the s10+ as itself you'll see the difference. A weeks usage would vs 7 years usage is not at all near enough to figure out everything about something. Do appreciate the this video tho it's awesome.


  • Apple call him,Change phone we give you a nice car.. video done 10 second after :)

  • He puts randomly the finger on the screen just to state that the ultrasonic fingerprint reader doesn't work well..If you are accurate it will work perfectly...He is the apple guy so even if the S10 is better then the iphone XS..he MUST come back to know what i mean...!

  • Is this nigga wearing a seatbelt indoors.......

  • S10plus 1TB #addicted

  • Did you turn on the feature that heightens the touch sensitivity for the screen? Makes the finger print scanner up to paar. I wished it had been faster and once I found that setting the entire phone changed with fluidity and motions. :)

  • I switched from Samsung to iPhone 11 . Ecosystem makes my life easier. Everyone in my house has Apple and communication through iPhones are smooth. Little things like emojis , the keyboard, and home screen are so well design .

  • i regret i gave you 1 view ....🤦‍♂️

  • Switching because of software animations...

  • Tap phones and share the love. XD

  • he praised the phone the whole video.... and still switched back because of animations ( animations that he lowered )

  • So better screen, better battery, better reception, better camera, better value, better connectivity to other devices...but goes back to iPhone cuz "smoother".

  • Actually you r in apple ecosystem where samsung cant fit .

  • I completely agree with you . The S10 is a great phone, beautiful screen, beautiful design etc ... but an iPhone is an iPhone. He does everything better without lace. With an iPhone we can send a photo or video by text message in high quality while on the galaxy when we do the same thing the photos and videos are sent automatically in low quality and that I am not able to do it! Great review!

  • Why the hell do you have a seat belt on your chair 😂

  • obviously they'd keep the best screens for their own products

  • They can't fix what the app developers won't dude. I am an iPhone guy and just barely switched to Android. Can't blame them for things that are literally out of there control

  • Enjoy the downgrade going back to iPhone 🤣🤣

  • samsung hater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I still use both Android and iOS for many years. Pros and Cons with both OS. One isn't really better than the other, yeah iOS can be so simple it's dumb, but aint gonna lie, Android still glitches, scrolling is not so smooth. And just as you said, too many misspelling errors and failed finger print recognition. This is where Apple just doesn't fail. Why I just don't know but iPhone is polished.

  • Why u wearing your belt u pussyhole lol. Wtf wrong with u

  • no matter what Samsung comes out with. Ima never buy any of their phones. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #TeamiPhone

  • Omg 😂😂 you werent even putting your finger in the right spot. And as for the keyboard you can change the size. The single tap to wake up is a thing? You think youd know that after 9 days. The bluetooth IS 5.0 and of course the batyery is better. IPhones batteries are the worst you can get. Also! The speakers are so much better on the galaxy 🙄 get over yourself

  • The channel name says it all

  • to be honest samsung sucks ...oneplus is waayyyyy wayyy better than any android phone out there

  • He said that night mode feels strange and never uses it.. for me that's the exact opposite" Since I started using this mode I never changed back, it feels more confortable

  • You bought a tv a Watch and android home pod and after 9 days you Switch back to iPhone 📱

  • Anyone know what wallpaper he has on his s10+?

  • Switching bacause these fucking tech reviewer guys can easily get these kind of costly devices. And we people doesn't think about switching phones every year.

  • Lol he's just an apple fanboy? It's that simple

  • I like how he praises the phone to the gods and then switches back because of fluidity

  • I just came from samsung s8+ to an iphone 11 and omg IOS is just soooo smooth and nice looking. Apple’s ecosystem is a hig reason i changed but i defintely still prefer samsung better.

  • I need one of them phone s10 of i pho 10

  • Me: has a phone for 2 years that is already out of date when I get it. Him: has the best phone you can get and lasts 9 days.

  • I really want the s10 I can use it for 2 days straight without changing it overnight

  • Looks like a robot with its eyes on the front, android and Samsung are garbage

  • But EverythingApplePro, how do you know what 2025 Phones would look like? *Time Travel Confirmed*

  • Everything this dude says is invalid because he is an apple fanboy. Nothing more to see here, move on people.

    • 90% of what he said about the samsung was positive but alright

  • he is just an iphone fan..

  • Love this man 🤣

  • That seat belt tho hahaha

  • Bias iPhone user here hehehe

  • You can’t make a Samsung an iPhone

  • Apple ecosystem bro

  • Been using iPhones for a decade now and I just ordered the Galaxy S10, which will be my first ever android phone. I'm so sick and tired of the extremely limited stock iOS, I don't get why anyone would ever wanna be stuck with the shitty stock iOS. The only positive thing about iPhones is that you can jailbreak them (e.g. iOS 12.4) to make them more like android, but even then they fall short. The customization options alone on the S10 makes android Superior over the shitty, boring and limited iOS joke of an OS.

  • “Samsung’s finally paying attention to what the consumer wants” lol

  • Pick what you want dude, you picked iOS because you pick what you want unlike those idiots that say stuff like: “Apple sucks, Android is better”, “Haha look at the Apple sheep, they are so stupid”. Don’t listen to them, pick what you want and I’ll respect your decision

  • I have an s10 plus and I wanna ask whoever owns one for a long time does it have screen defection or burn in (i don't have that problem just asking)

  • I already new this was gonna happen to be honest

  • The only reason the photos on insta and snap look poor is bc the devs of the apps put more effort in to making the iPhone version and don't pay attention to to the Android side as much so they don't update the picture repost quality. From Android user