Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: The Favorite Child!

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Galaxy Note is a family now, and the 10+ is the favorite child.
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  • Please, can you explain to me why everyone makes such a big deal about losing the jack???? There are so many wireless headphones now. Why would you WANT to be tethered to the phone???

  • i hate you

  • that is right off the bat

  • I love my note 10 +

  • I've never met a SINGLE PERSON who skins thier phones.

  • I actually kinda like the speakers on this phone. Some of the best speakers I've had since the Nexus 6.

  • Good people of the internet. Does anybody have link for that wallpaper? I really need it.

  • Watching note10 reviews while on my note 10 plus

  • 20,000 mah battery Marques: So the battery is really good. I get about 30 mins of screen time

  • Bruh do you even like anything

  • I literally watch your videos twice cause I love the way you do it

  • The pen is great for long text and I like that it can be used to trigger the camera shutter.

  • Whaaaaaaat? Dude the speaker is loud as hell on this phone. -Note 10+ user

    • Yeah the speakers are insane I dont know what he's talking about

  • Being a little disappointed in the S20 screen management and noting the The SnapDragon 875 will have 5G in the processor, I will get this until one of those tickels my fancy. Everything with a SD 865 will be a dinosaur next year and too expensive this year. Thank you for your keen revue. As a comment, I do appreciate the One+ 7 90 MHz refresh rate, but I am not a gamer and in an application, a quicker refresh rate makes no difference on static content.

  • Great review! I'm considering getting the Note 10+ for video creating, so I appreciate you being thorough.

  • Coming from iOS to Android has really been a breath of fresh air. I was seriously stuck in the apple ecosystem for a very long time. Since the iPhone 4 actually. Year after year I'd upgrade but always felt like I wanted to try Android but I always followed the crowd of apple being the best at everything I don't need to switch. But I've had the note 10+ for about 2 months now coming from the 11 pro max and I really like the experience I've been having. I like the design a lot, Android software is night and day difference, customization, etc...

  • Love your videos. They are good

  • Deserves best phone 2019.

  • Please someone link the wallpaper that in the video 0:50 minute

  • Feel like tech reviewers are obsessed with refresh rate. Do normal people even notice or care? My 60hz tv and note 10 plus feel smooth as my 144hz laptop. Maybe I'm blaspheming.

  • I had a 2012 flagship (iPhone5) and I recently switched to Nokia 6.2 which is just a mid-range and its fine for its price but I would like to have a Note someday just because of its professional capabilities

  • Can you share the wallpaper?

  • Marques, what's with the Illuminutty shirt why are you promoting them?

  • *Big glass phone* 😂

  • 5G connectivity phones 5G connectivity phones @t

  • But the ultrasonic is more secure and also you dont have to push too hard

  • Pardon me but , the one that is getting my attention is your shirt . Thats a great .. triangular design ..


  • So should I get the note 10 plus or should I get the s10 plus

  • Can u pls review ur fav child lite version Samsung note 10lite😃

  • Great video!!

  • ILLUMINATI On His TShirt

  • I'm literally seeing this video on my Note10+ to know a bit more about the phone I just got 3 days ago. 👌

    • I have a question I just played around with the OnePlus 7t pro mcclaren at TMobile and the note 10+, which one is the better phone tryna upgrade from my Motorola

  • ironic you compare every feature to one plus no more comparison with iphone, one plus has come so far

  • Honestly who the fuck needs a 6.7 inch screen

  • 6:10 look at his arm

  • Watching this on my note 10+ makes me happy! 😍

  • The screen/display is really nice, but I went into a shop to get hands-on and the back and sides look and feel a bit plasticly which I didn't like.

  • I’ve been with iPhone since the 4s and I’m sooo bored with it 😭 I miss customizing so badly. Often find myself watching these videos but just can’t seem to switch. I find a minor reason here and there that’s ultimately the deal breaker

  • Cant decide between note 10+ or mate30 pro ☹️ need help people

    • Note 10 plus, mate 30 pro had google issues.

  • When your budget realme phone has a bigger battery and bigger memory than a flagship samsung

  • Flat screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio please!!

  • Can you have wireless charging with dbrand skin on?

  • Sorry bro, thumbs down on this video. Way too much complaining over little stuff. 60hz vs 90hz, not going to notice it on a tiny screen, no headphone jack, big deal, their is products that use the type C to 3.5m jack.

  • Don’t get d brand get sophiguard, they ship faster and have quality skins.

  • My thing is what more can you do to a phone every year to upgrade it?

  • Why don't you link those wallpapers in description just below the like button😅

  • Which app did he use for the wallpaper?....looks good !

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy A10 e water resistance??

  • I'm in need of a phone I currently have a galaxy s9+ is this worth still picking up or am I better off just waiting for the next galaxy note ?

  • Awesome phone, got mine a week ago. It's the best!😃

  • That zoom in microphone thing is actually pretty cool

  • Imagine using a headphone jack

  • Did you notice any blinking dot beside the front cam when making a phone call and if you have Accidental touch feauture on? I thought they're dead pixels.

  • It looks like they melted a CD to the back

  • Here's an idea: a tiny attachment that converts any regular wired headphone/earbuds to bluetooth compatible :)

    • They're out there. I have one for my Nintendo Switch. But they do make usb-c headphones too.

  • Illuminati agent MKHD

  • I imagine scrolling through IT-tvs videos with my S pen while the phone is not in my hand. The phone is pretty big, so some users might get tired always holding it in hand while watching or reading.

  • so the eye in the pyramid has taken over youtubers as well? interesting

  • As a contractor I save numerous property maps on my phone in S Note so I can jot down notes right on the maps, which has made my job so much easier, as I used to have a pocketful of folded paper maps. On S Note, each map turns into its own book, forward button clean map, back button past maps so I have a history of my notes. I don't really see this phone as being the top choice for a casual user, as it's like a business phone to me. It's my mobile office and worth every penny.