Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: The Favorite Child!

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Galaxy Note is a family now, and the 10+ is the favorite child.
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  • Just answer me this Marquez... what phone do you use?

    • antoine chandler I actually watched a video trying to find what phone he uses and he actually uses two. A Pixel 2, and an iPhone. He says he switches between the Pixel 2 and Galaxy, and also uses an iPhone. Though he says he prefers Android. So I dunno, guess I got an answer lol

    • Wears a Apple watch in every video so I'm assuming iPhone

  • No one: Marques: “d brand skin”

  • iPhone guy here to say that color is AMAZING. I would love an iPhone that color

  • What Phone should I buy? 2019? I am 23 year old investor so on assets $ is no object to me. (Not apple) because can fly to china and build Iphone11 for 400$

  • A Note series fan eversince but won’t be upgrading only because: 1. No headphone jack Still sticking to my Note 5

  • As we have witnessed a flood of new mobile phones this year, can you list the best mobile phones according to you in their respective price range taking into account all the things?

  • The intro sounds alot like keep it thoro prod. The Alchemist.

  • 1:20 the note 8 bottom ports are in one line of symmetry.... + that shit doesnt even matter......

  • . 5:20 From a mile away!?!?!?!? That must be one big BUTT!!!! . .

  • Anyone know where I can find that wallpaper??

  • Samsung Rocks

  • Honestly, what a disappointment of a phone. It has an amazing display, outstanding cameras and a fantastic battery life but the software is legitimately hot garbage. I switched from a one plus 5t (a two year old phone) and instantly missed the clean, fast and smooth aesthetic that the one plus had. The Samsung phone feels sluggish, laggy and the fingerprint sensor, while cool is slower than first generation touch ID. This is a phone with all the features thrown in and zero actual refinement. I'm disappointed Samsung, you should have done better. I'm returning you for the iPhone.

  • 0:42 Techy illuminati confirmed

  • What happened to your elbow? At 6:10

  • I'm sorry but its 2019 and that zoom in quality was not it.....

  • the headphone jack thing really pisses me off. sort of like a "et tu brute" moment for me tbh. luckily the s10+ has it, and samsung phones usually last a long time. who knows? maybe the s15+ will have it (last phone i had before the s10+ was a s6+ that i had for ~4-5 years)

  • The tech community's first exposure to holo

  • I dont think I would buy a wireless head phone I rather want a usb c head phone

  • Wonder if I should make the switch from iPhone yet

  • This biased comparison coming from an isheep user😂😂😂.. Waiting to see how he review the new iphone11 with the new stove burner 3 camera set up🔥🔥🔥

  • No no noooo skinning

  • D-brand skin on this beauty?!?!?! Never!

  • I just preordered the IPhone 11. Why did I just watch this whole video??

  • Nicely done, once again. Can you please do a video on all the ways a headphone jack is useful? These big companies seem to think the world runs on Bluetooth.

  • Wallpaper link pls!

  • Came from The Verge's review of the iPhone 11 pro. They said the Note is better than the pixel 3 for night shots. The bias 🤦🏽‍♂️ im not finishing this opinion.

  • Illuminati all over my body.

  • Watching on my note 5 😒

  • I’m surprised at the end of the video he didn’t change his peace sign to an Illuminati sign...

  • Gggg Samsung copies Apple wtf Samsung no headphone jack?

  • Someone tell simplynailogical her phone has been stolen

  • 0:45 illuminati confirmed !!!!

  • Es un puerco pedófilo denuncienlo....

  • Este tío es un estafador no vean sus videos .....

  • Well it is "gimicky", till you compare to Apple's iPhone just "twice as fast" this, "twice as fast" that..pfft..

  • Lol made my grandpa upgrade to this from his note 3 he loves it! 😂 I got the iPhone 11 pro on the way

  • I want one, im a small child

  • What happened to your elbow my guy???

  • From what I understand Samsung went with the 60hz instead of 90hz to extend battery life. The higher refresh rates really eat up battery life.

  • on demande pas dème pour la vente mais , la fonction stop arnaque tirez vous

  • also a pimp phone

  • HTC was the first to do the zoom-in mic, and theirs was insanely good

  • My favorite phone of all time is the Note 4. I've purchased multiple refurbs of the model because I love it so much. So seeing this model kinda scares me... 🙄

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ doesn't even have 90Hz refresh display rather a 60Hz :-: However, it's still better than the its regular Note 10 and S10 lineup unless you're still into a headphone jack ;)

  • Can I have your wallpaper please thanks!

  • What widget are you using for calendar on your homescreen second page?

  • anyone know what is the song title he used for intro?

    • It's called blood on your hands by Jordyn Edmonds.

    • It's in his description.

  • Everyone is complaining about Samsung not putting high refresh rate displays. Compare the existing high refresh rate with ones in 10 series and you will clearly see how hurt the colors, contrasts, brightness etc. get for the current tech.

  • Intro song?

  • People in 2019 waiting one second for a phone to unlock* "This shit taking too long."

    • The unlock speed issue is animation as well, you can turn on dev options and lower animation speed and it is equally as fast as the s10

    • Lmfaooo literally me 😭😂😂

  • After getting the samsung s10 plus Ill never get another Samsung phone. poor working phone for the price.

  • The way he moved the two phones away at 4:30 is the great content I subscribed for

  • Just One thing.....I don't like The Shirt....of Yours....Hmmm

  • Great I like it

  • I wanna buy this phone so bad... but i can’t :/

  • gf got the black cause that aura glow is ugly

  • Samsung Harry Potter games, lets go!

  • haha 😂 'Marques making apple sheeps mad Brownlee'

  • see his t- shirt

  • Thanks for your channel I ordered an awesome skin from D Brand for XS Max