Sampdoria 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Header Wins It for the Visitors | Serie A TIM

Pubblicato il 18 dic 2019
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brilliant header as Juventus overcame Sampdoria to go top of the Serie A table | Serie A
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  • Cristiano Ronaldo💪 👏

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  • ronaldo ❤

  • Ronaldo Top

  • I'm pretty sure Messi can do better

  • No one talking about dybalas goal?

  • 1:56 is the header btw Yeet!

  • No one.... Ronaldo: waits for ball in the air 1:55

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  • Just look how empty those stadiums are. What a shame ronaldo left Real Madrid to play in that kind of environment

  • 3:08 there's nedved

  • *#Huuuu**......*

  • Everybody came here to see That jump

  • That is such a big jump, it's kinda insane

  • Haters keep hating, come on, but Ronaldo has done amazingly at juve. Definitely a great move to a better team that real

  • Ele também voa!

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: *Header* Isaac Newton: 😑

  • Keep in mind this is same jump is the exact average for an nba player at 28 inches and wilt Chamberlain hit 48 inches just to think about how average it was

  • I think Ronaldo drank Red Bull before the match.

  • I think it not volontery,congratution cr7 for ur talent


  • Ronaldo

  • He could have smoked a cigarette while he was in the air.

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just cr7 practicing his levitation technique

  • Povero Caprari

  • Olá

  • Cr7 is the best 😍 Cr7 love you...

  • 2:12 what you came for

  • That leap further than my future

  • 10 Millionen views 🔥🙈90% because CR7 🐐 👑

  • Seriously, my soccer icon can fly...maybe CR7 should consider competing in the air with birds...nobody matches him on land now. "THE HEADERS' KING"👑

  • Fifa should feel guilty,what a corruption association🖕👎

  • This is just absurd, how can he do it?! Especially when he is running so fast and then not only insane jump, but he also hit so precisely

  • Ronaldo the best world jump fotball

  • Nice One

  • Yang nonton tanggal 07 januari 2020 like


  • Ronaldo landing after that header was 😱😱

  • CR7's Header 1:53.

  • Humans can't fly ! Cr7: am I joke to u?

  • 11 millions views soon

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  • Μπραβο ρε Γιουβεντους τους ειπιες το αίμα

  • Messi fan but that leap from Ronaldo was inhumane🤩 Let’s appreciate both whilst we have them both.

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  • Alex Sandro 3 asist))))

  • I love you ronaldo

    • Even if there were three defenders he would jumped above them all How do you defend against that

  • Just best..

  • Jump cr 7vs Jump LM

  • Juventus’s training ground is a no-fly zone in order to avoid the risk of planes hitting Ronaldo while he’s practicing headers

  • You can’t defend against that

  • Dybala gets to play with Ronaldo AND Messi. What an honour

    • The 4.8k who didn't like it are drones actually.

  • Djokovic tries to repeat Ronaldo's jump

    • @sehhi vooty 💪😀

    • The 4.8k who didn't like it are drones actually.