Sam Reads Mean Comments from Haters | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Pubblicato il 5 dic 2018
Like Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets, I'm reading negative comments from haters.
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  • LOL!!!

  • Love what you are doing. I am a Brit living here in the USA. Taking kids to UK soon. Used your 10 best foods video to "gear"them up about UK Food. Like a number of your followers they have little idea, that we do have grocery stores and good clean food. Keep up the great work. Oh your English accent was a bit rubbish ( like my American wife's)

  • can you make a fart video where you fart on each peace of food while ur cooking

  • You keep interrupting all the hate!

  • Louis reminds me of Master Yoda. I enjoy your videos. Don't ignore the haters, laugh at them!

  • love it! love all I've seen on this channel!!

  • @samthecookingguy- Can you consider making this: A bacon cheeseburger w/ an egg (w/ whatever add-ons you'd like), but here's the kicker, using a krispie cream-like glazed donut sliced in half as the bun w/ the glazed part inside. I had this once a few years ago and it was AMAZING, but haven't been able to find another place that does it. I know if you consider making this burger, you'd kill it. Looking forward to this one by you. TY

  • ive been searching for the video in which Sam reads the feedback from a soldier, can anyone please link it here

  • No stress here Sam. Actually whenever I am stressed and down, I know that your great cooking comedy shows always lift up my spirit. Even though you're always making me starve watching your amazing dish creations.

  • Love your program, most relaxing . Keep at it .Max Rules

  • Fuck these haters. Unnecessary comments to make. Fun channel I think!

  • 😂😂 great show

  • Starts video off by saying "Sup bitches", immediately 10/10 rating.

  • I actually watch Sam because he relaxes me. I can't understand how you could hate him. Also, pizza is obviously male.

  • If this show is made for stoners, then Louis the Dog is the target demographic. 😂

  • I’m grateful for you folks for all the amazing recipes and techniques y’all are amazing in my eyes. Thank you guys so much for giving us the time of day.

  • Geeze, I feel the need to apologize for all the ass**** commentary. WTF is wrong with people. My Mother taught me to hold my tongue if you have nothing nice to say, unless someone needed criticism.

  • Sam is a great cook and appears to be a wonderful person. But if you present yourself as feisty, neurotic and with un clever comedy, it will annoy some people. Look at Laura in the Kitchen and Food Wishes. Those IT-tvs channels get less hate comments because the hosts present themselves with more humility, smoothness and don’t add that unnecessary weirdness

  • I've learned many tips for cooking. These guys are assholes

  • Awesome recipes. I've made then as is and tweaked them. I love your creativity and sarcasm. My favorite chef!!!

  • My only complaint is that your food makes me hungry AF. keep up the great work

  • My Dad hates when I say he's weird. Lol!!

  • I love this channel and wouldn't change anything. Fuck those people that are complaining, tools!

  • Sam l judt subscribed to ur channel. Personally, l think ur funny and not ridged like some u tube chefs. Ur 💯 x's better than Anthony B.

  • Haha I hope you actually don’t give a single fuck about these people who comment for attention. Life is too short, live it up man. Don’t waste your time on these losers bro 😂

  • Sam, eat my ass. I love your channel. Happy Chanukah.

  • I smoke weed and I love this channel

  • Lmao 🤣🤣🤣I just found this video 😂😂😂 not sure why you would make it because feeding the hater's is like applauding a terrorist, you just don't.

  • You and your recipes are AMAZING! You make cooking fun and appear so easy! However, you’re way too entertaining at 3am when I need to be sleeping!😘

  • Dude, f**k the haters. Your the opposite of stressful to watch. My wife and I watch you to relax so we won't kill each other

  • Great looking dog 😆😆😆 People need to chill out, relax and stop being so butt-hurt or politically correct about irrelevant stuff. Keep doing things how you are. We enjoy your videos and presentations.

  • Louis feeling some type of way lol boy high af!

  • Sam this channel is the best thing i have found in 2019.. Keep the content coming. Come and see us here in New Zealand sometime..

  • LOUIS!!!! SOOO Cute!!!!

  • Sam, You can cause me stress but you'll need to ask your wife first. LOL

  • The old guy, is a bad ass for real, Sam to hell with the Haters you have a great 👍 and humorous show. I can watch your videos for hours. You just continue on keeping it all the crazy things you make

  • Sam, you are a great guy who makes killer food. As long as you have a IT-tvs show, I will be watching. Some people would be really lucky to have a cool dad like you

  • What a bunch of butts. If the butts had butt breath and smelled like a dog's butt, but not a dogs butt. A much worse butt. With food. Figure it out

  • François Hollande cooking

  • Sam, keep being you I think you're awesome and how men should be. Straight forward and speak from the heart. They don't see your warmness and humor. It's these snowflake entitled millenials who live in a bubble who are like this. Bunch of pussies. Soft as fuck.

  • LOVE your videos Sam. GREAT stuff...... and the food........yummmmm

  • Sam is the only cook that has some balls. Glad he's embracing it.

  • My girlfriend and I shared a box with you at a Sade concert several years ago and you were wonderful company and such a gentleman. You even bought me a drink! Love your channel!

  • im not sure whats wrong with an attitude in a cooking show... alittle personality makes it great

  • You are my favorite guy to watch n listen to about cooking food. Wish you were my neighbor. Can't thank you enough for what you share.. And by the way, fuckin a. I know you wash your hands n other shot behind the screen. All those negative comments come from people who were born in 1909, or earlier. Screw them all. You R the man. Keep up the great show. Being honest, telling it like it is, n most of all just being you. It's your show. Like you said, if you don't like it change it. My thanks to, n Abom79, for letting me know you are there for us that care. Till later my friend keep cooking in a way that keeps us entertianed, n teaches us things we don't know. Never to old to learn something new.Thanks.

  • Should do walk in side of restaurant.

  • If you dont like sam somethings really wrong with you. We love you sam!!!!!

  • I don't understand People talking bad about you! I think your the bes t & I love watching you.

  • Hahaha!!! These are pretty funny! The Bourdain/Dice Clay comment was funny but most of those weren’t very original

  • Sam you're the best! Tried over 10 of your recipes and I'm so happy I did. Thanks Brother

  • Fucking love this guy, this video made my day

  • I know you and your channel since a month and I immediately loved you, your passion for food, your humor ... Before that, I didn't care about cooking and now you gave me the envy to cook. Probably one of the best channel on IT-tvs. Thank's Max and Sam.

  • The first video I watched of yours, I did kinda get a douchey vibe, the more I watched though that went away. Love your videos, keep them coming! I find you very funny now.

  • Love you guys.

  • Nothing wrong with u Sam, we think u have a great personality, some people are just A-holes x

  • This is a riot. You should do this once a month. It's hysterical. Best unscripted / improvised on the fly, show on youtube. Lot's of laughs, fun, humor, food and enjoyable interaction between you and Max. I never miss a show. They're a blast. And oh yeah....LOVE the EVO and sliding top grill you have. Those are awesome.

  • The British episode the audio was ton low xcoulnt hear.

  • I’m just giving him confidence. Please make Cincinnati chili And or goetta. I’ll LOVE IT. EXTRA ONIONS. SWEET VALDALIA.

  • Someone. Is screening ur fan mail

  • Ur wife just deleted my comment!!!