Sam Reads Mean Comments from Haters | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Pubblicato il 5 dic 2018
Like Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets, I'm reading negative comments from haters.
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  • I love watching you guys!!!!

  • Fucking Hilarious!

  • Louis totally looked like he was baked. And he looks like Black Yoda...

  • That person with the disrespect comment is a effing judgmentally, know it all, self righteous appointed youtube expert. They cant just sit around and just watch. They have to comment about your show because their life SUCKS. They internet tough guy that said you get beaten up by a hammer is just that, internet tough guy. In really life he is a person that got bullied. Who gives a rats ass what you throw and what you dont. Your show is funny, enlighten, educational, and very entertaining show. I watch a lot of cooking shows and I have to put your show up as one of the must entertaining. Their goes the idiots (leftist) that likes to cry racism when they clearly have no facts, uneducated, social justice (when their the racist themselves), they cant have an intelligent discussion, so the cry wolf.

  • Fuck the haters Sam and Max, you are both great ❤

  • Some bellend comments - jealous cunts 🤪

  • Here’s a negative comment. How about the time you were a dick to the cougars on the Today show?

  • If Larry David and Gordon Ramsay had a child it would be him

  • Sam, I watched this video again. It’s hilarious. Can I pitch in with some help? How about Worcestershire Sauce 😀No one in England says Wooshter-shire Sauce. Drop the H and shire, then say just Wooster Sauce. That’s how we say it in the UK. It’s like a tongue twister for you guys😂

  • Sam is so Gangster.... I LUV THE FOKER! ;)

  • this is great !! what r those neg people seeing? you are brilliant and thanks to you and max for doing this bit it was golden!

  • Love your channel, love your personality! Keep it up!!!!

  • PLEASE do this again!!!

  • Screw the haters. You’re amazing and have been adopted as my dad because you’re so awesome

  • Namaste Sam...LOL

  • Sam u a riot! I love you and Max :)

  • Mean comments come from people that are suicidal because of their shitty lives.....

  • I love this man. He’s hilarious!

  • Sam keep up the good work your food is the bomb I especially love your chicken alfredo and your garlic bread! F*** the haters man! You do you!

  • My wife and I watch your videos together! We enjoy them so much, you don’t stress us out one bit. We laugh together and then get in the kitchen and try to make what you made.

  • LOOOOOOL! We love Sam. His humor is the fucking best. We’ve followed so many of your recipes and they’ve always be delicious. Much love from EL PASO, TEXAS.

  • How do people not like you 😑 You’re awesome 👍

  • Have you guys ever done a campfire recipe??? My girlfriend and I are going camping in September (and if I'm super lucky, her left hand will be slightly heavier when we come home). Anyway, I'd love to cook her something at the campsite other than cheese filled hotdogs. Love you guys.

  • I like Louis.

  • Hey sam I hate your fucking guts !!!!! Just kiddin. I love your videos. I try to copy your amazing shit all the time biznitch !!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌👌❤️❤️✌🏻

  • Im not sure if I like this..(love) this channel because of the personality/real uncut nature of the channel or because sometimes the food prepared is sooo, sooo good. It definitely made me love to cook again. So, fu#* these assholes. (See, I just did something you guys do so well. I bleeped myself only half the time). Side note; I get that it can be super challenging to put out SO much content. And sometimes it does appear that for that reason you are "mailing it in". Too much in the way of themes that support a 2 week stretch. I get it, its a LOT of prep work. And it's difficult to make decisions based on a desire to maximize views. But this is my one constructive critique. P.S. The VEGAN shIrt is awesome Luv Ewe

  • I love being different, continue being different! Love all your videos. Your funny and food looks very good.

  • Man i love this channel. Idk how people hate so much

  • Love Louis I have 3

  • Screw them your great keep cooking

  • I just found your channel, what can I say? Only one thing I LOVE IT!! Screw all the haters, loved the hot chicken! Keep up the f-ing great work!!!

  • What you should have done after picking up the doggie is sat him in a pot of water & put a lid on it!!! Then camera cuts to plating & tasting!!! Oh sorry that may be a bit much for sum bitches!!!!?? Lol!!!

  • I really don’t see anything these people are talking about 😂

  • It's funny how haters seem to criticize every little thing about everyone else when they are probably the furthest from perfection themselves - ass-hats. Keep going, Sam - your recipes are great and you're super chill even with that Canadian-ish accent. 😉

  • Fuck the haters! Your fucking awesome! Don’t change a thing


  • Alot of people say he doesnt use his own home grown ingredients, but im sure 85% of them dont even cook

  • I don’t understand why people hate when he doesn’t do the things you would want him to do, like if you don’t like the things he’s doing shut your computer and cook yourself. 🤣😒🤣 He’s funny, have good taste with those shirts and talented when he’s cooking. And not a lot of people can cook in this world like me,if I could cook like him I’d be stuffing my mouth right about now.💀

  • I enjoy your videos, the haters can suck it

  • Good job 👏 bro!!

  • You should do a flat top propane grill comparison but in a price point we can all afford. Like under $500 or something. Love the Evo but $3500 for one is too much for most people, I think.

    • That would be kinda difficult after cooking on the Rolls Royce of outdoor cooktops.

  • Lay off the herb Luis

  • Love the channel, love the recipes. All I'd ask is please make the vids shorter. That way I can watch more of them in the time I have available. And if you on IT-tvs stress people out, then that group of folks need some major psychiatric counseling.

  • I've been watching this channel for a long time and this is my first time commenting, Love the channel and you guys! You guys Rock! Oh and Kelly !! What a doll! Keep pissin em off Sam!!

  • 7:37 Btw; making it a contraction, not possessive.

  • Louis is lovely!

  • I love this! Do more bad comment vids! People are hilarious!

  • The simplicity of what one that you love? I feel like I missed it. Or you forgot to say it. 😜

  • 💛u guys & your awesome channel, always fun to watch

  • Actually pretty funny Ya have to realize some people can never be happy They are called liberals, leftists, Democrats All suck the fun out of life

  • Damn, Louis has that "you chopped my balls off" sad vibe.

  • Came looking for the London video, landed on here. Worth the diversion. LMFAO.

  • That dog looks high asf

  • Sam, you’re fun and smart! 😀

  • Could you make a video where you cook Louis please?

  • I love you Sam you crack me up 😂 x BIG love from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Very nice. You are the coolest asshats on IT-tvs. Thank you for all you do. My wife baby-sat a chihuahua for a week one time. The little bastard woke me at two am by cleaning my butthole under the blankets. Interesting experience. I'm not sure about them little dogs. I may need some counseling.

  • Dude the first video I watched I thought what a idiot however it was like a train wreck! I still can't stop watching!!

  • SOOOOO fucking funny!!! Stress from laughing so hard im going to puke LOL!!!!!!!

  • Low budget dice clay had me rolling! That's an insult that I would cherish forever.