Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Highlights | November 15, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | November 15, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Foul?

  • Does LeBron not age or something

  • This Kings team is getting better and better... BUT my Lakers are the bomb!!!

  • Why were people booing Kuzma?

  • A.D a Gangsta with that block! The KING & BROW still looking good and getting better.✊💯💖

  • 3:59 THAT DUNK!!! 🙉🙉🙉

  • Luke Walton Suck As A Head Coach

  • 4:01 thank me later

  • Bruhhhh Harrison if the coach told you to take that coo if not I know you’re world class talent but the man was hot . Gotta give him the ball

  • RIP MLG highlights

  • I can tell you one thing for sure....there ain't nobody that will dunk like that in their 17 year in the WoW!!!

  • I call that dunk a stinger!!! why? cause dunks like that STING!!!!

  • no one in the league can one hand monster dunk like LBJ. period!!!

  • LBJ said here thiS!!!! LOL..

  • Kostas antekumpo Needs some playing time.

  • Davis and James on the same team should be illegal, deadly combination ✊

  • Who won?

  • On the last play of the game, that was a foul!

  • WASHED 👑

  • The Kings used to be so awesome. Now they're just like any other basketball team. They really used to have style and some amazing players like Vlade, J-Will and Mike Bibby. Rick Adelman and his boys could really School these children. Whatever happened to THAT team? It's too bad.

    • Go back to China LeBron

  • Hold up so that's a foul on bron but not on that last play stop

  • Absolute Bullshit foul call at the end. That was offensive foul if anything. What a joke

  • Watching millionaire chase a ball around I don't think so...this is for sheep

  • Cannot stand the lakers come man we losing to these ...... we gots to do better we must eliminate them terminated is better end them now! This is Ndajaka from A New Wakanda the sun must not set on the laker empire.

  • haha, the Lakers shoot off confetti after every season win. Whatever works to hype up lebrons self esteem.

  • @3:59 is greatness. hit the like button

  • Sacramento Kings are trending wow! 😳

  • Honestly AD did foul at the end

  • how the heck did the Kings actually take on one of the western Powerhouses... - Lakers fan here. Great game!


  • Lebron a commie move to China mamas boi


  • I wonder who pissed off bron lol

  • #washedking

  • Lebron MVP

  • Refs need to make the right call, if its a star player they never do smh

  • How’s that a foul on Lebron and it’s not a foul on AD?

  • Free Hong Kong

  • this guy is many miles has he put on his body to still have the will the strength the force to give that dude a facial is nothing short of AMAZING

  • Kuzma’s hair changes every game.