[S1 - Eps. 94] STOPPED BY THE POLICE in Russia

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
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In this episode I am riding from Elista to Stavropol in Russia. Getting stopped by police always makes me nervous and Russian police is no exception!
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  • уважаемые сотрудники хостелов!Неужели трудно три слова по-английски выучить?

  • Love From India ...

  • А чем проблема проверки документов? Показала, проезжай. А если угнала, страна большая , где тебя ловить?

  • premise de cuendre, Russian documents dubled in frech.

  • those hotel guys were really nice :)

  • Permis de conduire

  • Колхозник увидел иностранца

  • Be a tourist in Russia, don't know any law and regulations, pretty basic Yankee.

  • Are U not Come to Indonesia ???

  • hello I am an Indian , I want to know is this bike is better and comfortable?

  • Google has revolutionised travel

  • You weren't going to " get in dutch " with the policeman, you're a curiosity to some. How strict is the process for an international license ?

  • You're so cute 🙂

  • Полицейский, который спрашивал документы, на самом деле просто любопытствовал :) У него на лице все было написано ))))😀😀😀😀

  • Beautiful scenery.. Tq

  • Almost all my bikers friends who visited Russia faced problems with Russia Police. Simply, they were blackmailed. My friends were accused with violating traffic rules, so they have to STAY until the trial date which will be after 4 to 7 days which is impossible. Regrettably, my friends enforced to pay the fines just to save time and headache. Some paid $100 and some #300 and yes.. they do not get any sort of tickets or proof of payment! If this is a one-time indecent, bikers can live with it, BUT the problem it is repeated almost in every city. That means bikers pay at least $1000 or more during passing Russia!!!!!!!! Russia government MUST find a solution for this blackmail. Otherwise, bikers and tourists will start removing Russia from their plans. We (a group of 5 bikers) are planing a trip in the spring season and till now we are not considering visiting Russia because of this. Shame on you Russia Police

  • Any problems on the road?

  • российская полиция это позор России

  • Awesome.. what bike model you're riding?

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  • Nett wie immer , sympathisch und schöne Impressionen

  • Those endless road is love 😍😍 Don't know if I will ever going to experience like you

  • Pangarap koy ikaw

  • I hope you visit Morocco

  • International driving license is only required if your regular license is not in English.

  • Maybe country is beautyfull but russian people are crazyyy

  • Enjoying your videos

  • What speed do u usually roaming

  • Lovely video, nice people and nice scenery , safe journey.

  • The scenery is better than the plains of Kazakastan. Thanks Noraly.

  • Estou aprendendo inglês com você🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Actually he tried to get money from u , thats why he keep asking, i passed same thing and even wanted to check my bags.

  • Russians are most welcomed people in the world... They are very friendly

  • CLICK BAIT. I thought you were chased down and stopped by police for speeding or something. *Yawn

  • western spy 😀

  • The sound of the motorcycle is music of my ears 😄

  • Hi. I am your subscriber. I love your videos. You are just awesome. I am from India. Thinking of buying an Royal Enfied Himalayan. I have 3 questions. First question is why did you choose the Himalayan?! As far as I know, nobody ever rode this motorcycle for world tour. Secondly, In open roads what is the maximum speed you feel The motorcycle is comfortable riding?! Also what is the the average fuel mileage you are getting from the motorcycle?!

  • "водительское да или что это" я поржал только ради этого надо посмотреть

  • Welcome to Khanty-Mansiysk!!! will be interesting trevel to north of Russia!!!! if interestid in, we will be glad to assist and accept!!! roads are fine!

  • Great girl! Respect from Russia!