[RWBY Comic Dub] Walk-In Bath | SHORT FILM

Pubblicato il 6 set 2019
AFTER A YEAR OF PRODUCTION, IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Also, yes, I am fine! Hurricane didn't hit us.
Original comic: clawdeeverproud.tumblr.com/post/185386583429/full-comic-of-walk-in-bath-thanks-for-reading
Ruby Rose, Nora Valkyrie, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao-Long: Phia - it-tvs.com/ch/UCUyb0t_hjEgxHEvQnJuaJmg
Blake Belladonna: Nicole Shara - it-tvs.com/ch/UCxtagjTaRZ5v0rPRwQEnSmQ
Oscar Pine/Ozcar, Lie Ren, Jaune Arc, and Qrow Branwen: Cole Jackson - it-tvs.com/ch/UC6Rs4TNUUjerLjgadHOJcbQ
Spider-Noir: Ty Coker - it-tvs.com/ch/UCCpTN6GwrLbR2FLz98srJxg
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Video edited by: Meguri No Tsubasa (Backup) - it-tvs.com/username-MeguriNoTsubasa
Intro done by: Sylv - sylvan-as.tumblr.com
Outro done by: kaeveeoh - twitter.com/kaeveeoh
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  • Why ship ruby with oscar?! Ruby is clearly over aged for oscar! Oscar's a damn kid

  • Ozpin is still a part of Oscar, call the F.B.I

  • It's weird how people complain about Oscar being younger than ruby but she's like 16 to everyone's 18 and over

  • Ok who else thought it would be Qrow instead of Yang who would get mad that Oscar saw Ruby naked.

  • Voice acting here is for the most part on point, other than Yang each character sounded exactly how they should.

  • Oscar maintained eye contact with Ruby the whole time, he did literally nothing wrong.

  • 4:55 Petal, U Idiot, U Know What Happens When U Way That Phra- *Yang: So, Oscar Saw... EVERYTHING?!?* Ugh... U Guys R On Ur Own, I'm Out

  • And I'm just stitting there in a corner, hiped on killos of caffeine, listening to Overdrive for the 69th time, munching on several different types of cheese and laughing to myself knowing that no-one bothers with the chunky dandere with proficiencies with near every weapon yet prefers a powerfist, throwing knifes and a modular six-shooter

  • 6:10 Ozpin: Oscar, tag in. Oscar: SHES GONNA FUCKING KILL US EITHER WAY!!! ozpin: true but I can atleast stall the inevitable

  • whats that manga

  • Hmmm yes Ruby’s clothes on a bathroom floor with a full tub of water. I wonder where she is?🤔

  • I think I fall in love with this series already

  • Oof XD

  • 😤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • One for the vault

  • Oh boy. Oscar's gonna get the Ara Ara treatment, isn't he?

  • 🤣

  • No... Just........ No..

  • LOL

  • The voice actors are like... 90 percent accurate with the voices. Except oscar, he sounds a but like qrow. XD

  • I like how in this trope the guys and girls freck out when guys walk in on girls BUT WHEN THE REVERSE HAPPEN the guys don't care and the girls ooogle the guys XD

  • Ruby: Uncle Qrow, why are you loading your sword? Qrow: I just wanna talk to him. Ruby: Wait. Qrow: I just wanna talk to him. Ruby: Uncle Qrow, relax! Qrow: I just wanna talk to him. Ruby: It was an accident! Qrow: I just wanna shoot him. Ruby: Hold on! Qrow: I just wanna talk to him!

  • This was fun

  • Oh my lord, I can't believe he just saw her totally naked


  • Uh.... N O

  • When a comic panel is better than the new seasons of RWBY

  • 3:40 Ten knows all he is a ninja

  • That's a pretty good Ruby

  • guess using the bathroom was going to be in SHORT supply?

  • I'm dead...straight up dead😂😂😂

  • I love how Blake just falls over lol!

  • 5:25 qrow just drinking quietly in the background as yang rus off to kill oscar

  • What the fu-

  • I like how there more interested of oscars back then his chest

  • Yang: he's dead Ozpin take control of oscar in good time Me: that was quick for opzin to take care of it

  • 4:57 it can always get worst Ruby

  • Bet you all a malt 40 and 3 cup of sake’ crow more terrified of his own sister’s daughter than he is of the goddess of evil Salem I mean remember rwby vol 5 when raven used her portal semblance to send yang and wiess to crow? He looked like he saw satan himself right???

  • I really do not like the idea of oscar and ruby. Isnt oscar going to disappear and give way to ozpin soon? There is no way ozpin himself will get in a relationship with ruby so ruby falling for oscar and him literally disappearing is not a tragedy i even want to consider. Not to mention how creepy it would be for ozpin to be in a relationship with ruby if that happened. But that opinion does not reflect on this comic and voice acting. Well done i enjoyed it

  • So we all just gonna ignore that Spider noir just traversed multiple dimensions just to get a hat off of ren who was being depicted in something that never happened? What an absolute legend.

  • When fans can understand the personalities of the characters better than the makers themselves, you've messed up.

  • oscar was probably like take off your shirt

  • Ren, Weiss, and, Blake's voices were spot on! Qrow's wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn close! Oscar kinda sounds like Jaune, and Jaune was too squeaky.

  • 4:14 who's the guy who took the hat from Ren? Is it spiderman noir?

  • This is so sad 😭 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  • Ok, no one is talking about Ruby drooling over Oscar's body ay 5:47

  • (does the Muttley snicker)

  • i hate it

  • I will not ship Rosegarden until Oscar is 18. Then I’ll ship them

  • 4:13 is that black and white Spider-Man 😃

  • 1:43, 5:55 *Oh yeah~* 🤣

  • Why do I want a part 2 to this for some reason.... Oh Yeah!, to see the aftermath of this and Ruby's visible confusion and her staring at Oscar

  • omg ruby is just a baby pls don't lewd her!!!

  • Man I really love this- it honestly reminds me of the slice of life nature of V1-3. Especially Yang, she has way more pep compared to the latest few volumes

  • 6:00 Now thats a katana!

  • Yang actually cares about her sister more than Blake? In what universe?

  • I feel bad for Oscar and Ruby right now.

  • Part 2?

  • I actually enjoyed it