Russell Westbrook should call Dwyane Wade for advice after Rockets trade - Dave McMenamin | The Jump

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Ramona Shelburne, Nick Friedell and Dave McMenamin break down Russell Westbrook being traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets, where he will play alongside James Harden. They discuss how similar his role will be to Chris Paul's, with McMenamin saying Russ should call Dwyane Wade for advice after Wade successfully partnered with LeBron James.
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  • 3 very sick commentators....And that women..yuck

  • Just gonna be Westbrook and Harden scoring 40-50 each every night putting on scoring shows then make playoffs as mid seed and lose in first round nothing special lol but also the bullshit bout they wont be able to play together is so dumb they were childhood friends who played together and they played in OKC together they will be fine 100% better than CP3 and Harden

  • This dudes voice is annoying

  • That old OKC court was nice

  • These Media guys don't get it. For it to work; Russ has to change to tweak his game to maximize on his gifts and abilities. Russ will continue to rebound so he can immediately push the break. The wing players will have to either run the break with him or get to their spots for the kick out. They will need to tell Russ to take nothing but wide open 3's. And only to take 3 wide open 3's a game. In the half court sets Russ will add an different element of the pick and roll with Capela; cause he is so damn quick and explosive if they don't switch he is to the hole with a dunk or layup or midrange pull up or dish to the wing and if they do switch; Capela rolls to the bucket for an Alley or Russ can hit one of the wings for a 3. I really think DAntoni will figure things out for them on Offense. They key as always will be defense. This is why they brought in Chandler and this is why Faried may get more PT this year.

  • Guy on the right talks like the boring brown suit fellas from fairy odd parents

  • They want to play together they will figure a way

  • They should switch positions it sounds weird but think about it russell westbrook is honestly more of a scoring pg and harden is the opposite an sg who shares the ball a lot so james should go at the pg and russell would go sg his athleticism would help him against bigger sgs to drive to the hole and we've seen that at the pg harden is really comfortable he is a natural point guard look at 2017

  • I’m just glad we finally have a PG not afraid to run it into the paint H town hit this chip

  • I hate hearing non hoopers talk basketball. If your aren't Stephen A or Max shut the fuk up!!!

  • Harden isnt superior over Westbrook talent wise? It's the other way around, you imbiciles

  • Dwade had a chip already when he called bron

  • Nick and his stupid smirk I'm not sure who's more annoying him or Ryan Hollins

  • Call Wade for advice? Wtf

  • Both players run the clock up to 20 secs playing 1 on 1. Who will use the ball more? James likes to iso and spread for shooters, the same with Westbrook. Someone has to sacrifice. Why is CP3 fits with the Rockets? Because hes the better shooter that create space to Harden. This will take time to adjust and I see them struggling oj the start of the season. Just like Lebron went to Miami, their chemistry takes time. But I don't think Westbrook is as smart as Wade. Wade has great basketball IQ. Im not saying Russ doesn't have but thats the thing he needs to improve. Not taking bad shots and taking over on a dying minutes. You can see Westbrook pulling up 3 with plenty of time on the shotclock. Forcing to drive on multiple defense.Thats not smart. He's athletic but not smart. You know what Im saying. Clutch plays win playoffs.

  • The media are some devils, they lie through their with ease. Demons

  • Two of the most overrated players of all time Westbrook and Kobe

  • If they’re actually buddies they’ll figure it out.

  • Russ has no bench in OKC....I like the pieces around these two guys. The only way these two shouldn’t work is the coaching is limited. Maybe they don’t win a chip next year, but these guys talk as though they won’t make the playoffs. ESPN gotta do better with their talent. Romana was great, these two guys don’t know shit.

  • That white dude a hater

  • Why should Russ call Wade?..He's known James Harden since they were kids.....They will share the ball and create opportunities for each other and all the other Rocket teammates...2 Former MVP's Know How to Play Basketball..not Rocket Science (Pun Intended)

  • Paul George called Wade for advice and actually had a sit down wit him. He signed with Oklahoma City amd demanded a trade after 1 yr.

  • Transition that's all I'm going to say

  • I would not call Wade on how to play his role, I would more call on how to co-exist. Wade was still effective while playing with LeBron but he definitely let Lebron shine.

  • Nick Friedell is a fucking idiot. Yet another terrible hire by ESPN

  • I’m going to keep saying this. This is a dangerous duo with the right coach. Too bad dantoni doesn’t know how to maximize talent

  • Yes they will co exist. Russ gets harden and vice versa and you need that understanding before you make it work. Y'all delusional and want headlines. Y'all always negative. No matter what the story is. Y'all drag it on hence why the players don't like or treat the media with respect at times.

  • People are overreacting like harden and russell arent professional ball players... sharing the ball wont be a problem both players average over 8 assists a game

  • Good god this guy sounds so fucking boring .

  • Dumb commentators act like they really know these guys.

  • Nah Russ could’ve called Wade if he was in Miami he in Houston now we ain’t got no room to help the enemy sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • From 2 years ago where they missed all those 3s they have been getting worse and worse

  • ESPN: can they co-exist? Analyst: No *play okc highlights*

  • They just need play with two basketballs

  • I fux with it. Yeah I know they are both ball dominate as hell but any team with two former mvps and a deep supporting cast has a shot at the chip! 💯. These analysts with no basketball experience be wrong as fuck! But they don’t care their paid to give their opinion and stimulate conversation whether they are right or not!

  • Why are they on this show for like they be saying some stupid ass shit 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everybody hating we shocking the world🙏🏻

  • show is boring without rachel nicholas

  • Who the fuck is dave lol

  • Idiots

  • If they knew real basketball theyd know that they were so high in usage rate because both teams wouldnt have won without them doing that. But in playoffs they both fizzed out. Itll work

  • What if they both want lower usage rates

  • Also, neither Harden nor Westbrook are as great as Wade who is top 25 all time. And Lebron who is top 5 all time. So the comparison to Wade and Lebron doesn’t really follow.

  • i swear if you don’t sign or get traded to a LA team your move is considered “bad”

  • Absurd. Russ played with Paul George and KD. I know Harden gets his offense differently, but Russ is used to playing with high volume scorers/shooters. I don’t know if they’ll win it all, but Russ is a clear upgrade as a player over Paul.

  • That would make sense

  • Westbrook should call Ray Allen and learn how to shoot a basketball

  • He so annoying acts like he knows basketball

  • these espn analysts need to lay off of it they always criticize everything now i’m not a houston fan or a russ fan but this could work like these same people that say it won’t work are the first to say dantoini needs to not play harden as much in the regular season because he gets gassed in the post season well with russ i’m positive he won’t be playing as hard cus he has a proven finisher in russ not only that but last season russ played w the worst 3 point shooting team in the league now u can say he’s bad at 3s but w spacing and i’m sure practice his 3 point shooting will pick up the amount of times he passed a ball to an open 3 point shooter last season and they missed is crazy lastly this could actively involve clint capela more u know the pick and roll game he had w steven adams this could help make a jump in clint capelas involvement

  • This is deeper than being NBA teammates they grew up with each other of course it will work they know how to play with each other

  • Harden and Russ is looking forward to achilles injury when you see those usage ratings

  • Westbrook avg 10.7 ast a game and Harden avg 7.5, everyone keeps calling them ball hogs but their stats says other wise, just seems they wasn’t getting enough W’s

  • Rox have earned benefit of the doubt pairing two superstar Guards.... at least in the reg season. Postseason? Both guys are infamous for sucking major dick at the wrong time. This will be the ultimate full-on NBA playoff implosion, and Im here for it!

  • O thank god the media is telling us what they think other players should do 😂

  • Why would Russ need advice smh. Dumb A** sports commentators. They just make up stuff to get ratings and keep a Job. And D Wade has never played for the Rockets ??

  • I think he should call kd for advice not russ.😅

  • ramona looking like a snack

  • Wade was always a much better scorer than Westbrook though. Westbrook needs the ball to score.

    • how the fuck you gonna score without the ball. dumbass

    • @SSA INVINCIBLEx technically u do need the ball to score

    • DWade is also the greatest leader to go into battle with. A true warrior

    • SSA INVINCIBLEx can’t disagree with that

    • @Manu 06 I don't even think more athletic. Wade in his prime could do anything

  • Who’s he?

  • Dame should be arrested for the murder of the Oklahoma City Thunder