Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
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ROXANNE · Arizona Zervas
℗ 2019 Arizona Zervas
Released on: 2019-10-10
Producer, Recording Engineer: 94Skrt
Composer, Lyricist: Jace Jennings
Producer: JaeGreen
Composer, Lyricist: Jacob Greenspan
Mixing Engineer: Manny Marroquin
Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer
Composer, Lyricist: Lauren LaRue
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  • Rock sand, rock sand...

  • Dumbass song Roxanne..😆💯

  • this was uploaded since my bday

  • Le voy a poner a mi hija de nombre Roxanne

  • Roxane Roxaannee !!!!!!

  • How here at 2020

  • it has a lofi light jazzy background beat

  • rock sand

  • If yall look closely to the picture it look lik mac miller or lil peep 😨😅

  • From tik tok?

  • Does anyone know who made the instrumental?

  • Roxanne GO FIGHT ROBBY ricch

  • ROXANNE is sexy

  • Se meten con mi nombre por estas Roxani-Roxanne 🤣🤣

  • XDDD

  • A good song comes out Tik tok: it's mine now 😄

  • the song everybody blasts on roblox and tiktok

  • rock sand rock sand all she wanna do is party all night... XD

  • My mom tells me to go to sleep I just wanna party all night

  • Rock saaaand

  • Song:Roxanne Tiktok:hippy hopity this is now my property Credit to whoever made this comment first

  • Roxanne is the dog

  • dompet, dompet

  • First my sister listened to this. Then kids at school then I just started it everywhere like damn

  • Sounds like a pigeon Prrrr prrrr

  • I'm sorry I'm gunna say this. Everytime I listen to this I think of Pearl's Roxanne and I'm okay with that. Lol

  • Not all black people sing rap


  • "Spendin daddy's money with ah attitude" 🤐

  • Who from TikTok? XD

  • Where is 30m views Roxanne lyrics??

  • WHO just realized this is a white guy


  • Wow most rappers are black I’m surprised

  • A WHITE RAPPER!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!

    • You act like Eminem doesn't exist.

  • TikTok vibes

  • L

  • Тут есть кто из Русских?:)

  • His song homies is better tbh

  • Dis a white dude,nigga sound like Tory lanes

  • Ion care what people will say about this song, it's an absolute banger

  • I have a girl in my class named roxane and my bf likes her lol

    • Modesty Greenwalt den dump his ass find someone better girl

  • Who just released that the rock and kandy Ken Inspired him


  • Lucky 🍀 Onetap

  • I knew it the whole time

  • Ya'll in the comments talking about 'I dIdn'T cOmE fRoM TiK tOk', as if that makes ya'll special😂

  • Nobody: Someone makes a fire song Tiktok:👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Everything on this song is gay but I kinda like it

  • Arsen Arsen Arsen

  • Tik Tok is literally gonna ruin everything.

    • YOURFRAMER7789 oh... actually your right cause the more fame the song gets then it’ll get annoying... I think

    • Kevin Luna, yeah, but it overrates everything. And everyone only thinks it’s “good”, because it’s just one of those lame memes, that are never funny.

    • YOURFRAMER7789 well I thing tik tok showed us good songs that we never knew

  • Rock sand earrape

  • This is fire 🙏🏾😴

  • Rock sand rock sand all she want to do is party all nice .

  • I remember showing this guy to my cousin and he said that this guy sucks. Look at him now

  • Tik tok? :>

  • *Rock sand*

  • "hey Google" "Play Roxanne on youtube" That's why I'm here 😂

  • Why would tic toc steal every new song bruh

  • this song gets annoying after a while