Rosa 1v1 against EVERY Brawler! | She DESTROYS EVERYONE... Almost

Pubblicato il 16 apr 2019
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Today we take new brawler Rosa in Brawl Stars against every other brawler 1v1 to see who will win each interaction. Her super is the MOST OP thing in Brawl Stars. Be ready for the newest brawler in brawl stars with this interaction video!
Credit to: Dandanno000 for the wonderful fan art of rosa on the thumbnail!
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  • I could have gotten darryl closer. I was doing my best to control 2 iPads at once! Sorry!

  • Lex u suck at testing them

  • 5:21 did I just see poco do bull's super🙄

  • 3:41 bull saved her

  • Lex I defeated frank with rosa

  • You forgot sandy

  • You're trash lex,darryl would taked the 3 place if you were close enough

    • Thanks! It's always nice to have someone call you "trash" because you made one little mistake. Keep it classy!

  • Ah the good ol' days when she had no voice line and absolutely op

  • Bull*

  • Billet

  • Shelly: Hahah i have my super you can do nothing! Rosa: *uses super* Supercell: Rosa Get Nerf’d! Rosa: f*k

  • Gene not mythic He is myTHICC

  • 1:15 lol look at that rosa

  • The Darryl one wasn’t fair he didn’t get to use up all of the bullets if he landed all of them then in pretty sure he’ll win

  • I went to showdown to push my bull to 500 trophies. My trick is to team as much as possible and backstab. Lol

  • 1:13 nice rosa

  • MISSING Emz VS Rosa 8-Bit VS Rosa Tara VS Rosa Sandy VS Rosa Piper VS Rosa Bibi VS Rosa Rosa VS Rosa

  • 4:49 Does anybody see something weird here🤦‍♀️Tara didnt move at all

  • Who is watching this when Sandy is out? Like if you are

  • Why Dong you use there super

  • Let's can you give me mortis

  • Spike could have done more damage

  • Rosa 1v1 Rosa Win Aganist Spike Spike 1v1 Spike Win Against Rosa Me:These Are Confusing Times.

  • 8:55 in a real life situation you would hardly ever get that close to rosa and not try to run

  • Why can't you use el primo's super to stun rosa

  • Well Spike can kill her now

  • She was so broken

  • 6:05 bruh Carl reaction

  • Common man Shelly destroys Rosa with chain supers

  • Rosa: I AM THE BEST BOXER EVER! El primo: Holy my infinity gauntlet, I am going to end this woman's career.

  • There is a brawler who can kill it and it's nerf

    • SHANTI SINGH nerf is not a brawler R/whoosh me

  • Me:dies to Rosa and bull all the time Asllso me:unlocks bulls Me AGAIN:hehe boi

  • I wish rosa get a big big nerf

  • Hey guys remember when rosa was overpowered when she came out? Well now we have brawlers who can kick a*s

  • I wonder if 8-bit is better than Rosa with her super

  • I think she looks better with the white jacket and tied hair like in the concept art

  • Who also knew that bull is gonna | | | ¥ Like if u did If u didn’t reply

  • Piper can beat rosa if she is not in range

  • New brawler tick and 8 bit

  • El Primo: *defeats Rosa* Colt: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

    • @Sanar Kasir I didn't see his comment anywhere saying that, then how am I copying?

    • Copied that from JK brawlstars.