Ronda Rousey on Fighting and Eminem

Pubblicato il 27 nov 2014
Ronda talks about her signature elbow hold and reacts to Eminem's new song about her.
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Ronda Rousey on Fighting and Eminem


  • Briefcase Joe

  • Rousey is a lot uglier without all that make-up.

  • "I don't really care" yet her tone changed

  • WWE is for kids and americans)) thats not fight, its circus

  • She’s stunning with greatest smile

  • she wasn't readdyyy!

  • So sexy

  • 2 overrated idiots. Feminem and lousy

  • n i c e

  • Her ass is not flat at all!

  • What a lyricist

  • You are good to do porn

  • I'd love her to put me in a hold.

  • Of course the liberal leftist is gonna try & say its hate speech, any one else notice this. Eff you , what ever your name is. Go Trump

  • Ronda, thank 4dah/memory*

  • Beautiful

  • Super sexy

  • id marry Rhonda

  • SHE IS A QT?!

  • Em the goat

  • It was good while it lasted, ♤but Amanda CHANGED DAH GAME●○3

  • Ronda Rousey is hot as hell I don't care what anybody says she has black respect

    • @baba yaga depends on who you ask....

    • is that any better than white respect? i think not

  • Slaughter house in a blouse is was a insult. Due to the fact that joe budden was in that group and the cant stand each other. Because budden is a joke and em is the best.

    • Bobby Windham didn’t even catch that ! Ur 100% rite !

  • She can sometimes blow things out of proportion but I think shes handled the eminem lyrics very well, in a mature and tasteful way

  • Remember the blonde instructor from police academy?🤔yea I was thinking that to where Rhonda’s teaching a whole lot of men with their hands up waiting for that crutch hold a😉😉

  • She’d go off in bed

  • You awesome...and fine asf!!

  • Meh she took it well

  • Damn Ronda, you have the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen!😗

  • Damn! those legs!

  • Barbara' ella

  • Ronda and odd should do modern day nasty boyz call it nasty girls

    • One of her opponents has stated that Ronda smells nasty too.

  • eminem only goes at women and pop stars. I guess he calls himself eminem as a reference to his balls.

    • Do you think he would screw Ronda?

  • Jimmy knows it’s insulting but he agrees with m and most of us. Not a lady sorry

    • Yeah well I like her. I'm not like that I think she's an awesome human being okay. Yeah she's got a mouth and yeah she can back it up. So leave her the f*** alone

  • Wait is it me or does shady 15 on Rhonda Rousey vid say 4 years ago

  • It was a sure complimnt Jimmmy. Com on its not a dissed lyrics

  • She has some shapely legs! I like that Em verse with her name in it too

  • She super sexy.. love her skin tone

  • Im mad she couldnt take an L

  • I wish she would put me in a headlock with her legs 🤤

  • Slaughterhouse in a blouse Greatest quote of alltime

  • Just here for Eminem😊

  • She is sexy yummy

  • She's so hot and she kicks ass killer combo ronda!!

  • Shes like the most beautiful woman alive

  • $hit man Marshal beat me to it, i been lusting on her on the low..Ever since she got beat up

  • Shes pretty hot

  • I just love this lady....!

  • She would beat the hell out of Eminem

  • Titties

  • 0:14 did he wanted to say "So motherfuckin' Bad"?

    • lol i guess i wasnt payin attention watching whole video and then when i seen your comment i clicked and have to agree yeah he did LOL

  • I thought the title said "Ronda Rousey on fighting Eminem".

  • Sexy ass hell! Thug 4 life

  • I'm into a specific type of woman but I admit she can pop my elbow in and out as much as she want.

  • German females are very tough do not underestimate them.seriously you don't want to get them angry. I am not a fan of Eminem he is just a poser nothing more. fast talking is not a skill an this girl could kick Eminem's ass if she really wanted to.

  • ...and then I looked up Em's song.

  • I'm a Stan.. I saw Eminem, I click and skip the whole video just to see Eminem part.


  • If I were take her ass like a Pepsi challenge.... I'd probably rank her just above RC ...

  • Just do porn Ronda. BDSM in particular.