Robotic Pets Were Weird (Furby, Poo-Chi, iDog, and More) | Billiam

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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Let's take a look back at one of my favorite fads: Robotic Pets. Between Furby, Poo-Chi, and the iDog, there were a lot of them. Let's take a look at some of the popular and more obscure ones!
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  • Sponsored by Amino ► Comment question! Did you have any Robotic pets?

    • Amino is amazing

    • You should try push-starting the furby. There's a little gear that you can access by pushing the beak down. Turn that gear to push-start the furby

    • I still have 2 of the original furbies

    • Chip dog

    • Lol I remember when Poo-Chi has fresh batteries, they would be super fast and intense like yours. When the batteries got low, it would be super slow and creepy. Same with all the other Robo-Chi pets. I had *all* of them except the bird one 😅

  • When I was 7, my life goal was to get a furby. I dreamt about it. I NEEDED one or I would physically DIE. I got one. I played with it for a week then dropped it in the closet, never to be picked up again. Then I got a zoomer chimp. My most prized possession for about a month. Then I knocked him down so hard I broke him. Then I got a real cat. And I never looked back.

  • AHHHH I begged my parents for the Neopets game. I’m so embarrassed looking back at it, but man at the time I was so damn stoked.

  • okay but what about hasbro's bio-bugs toys. i had a bunch mentioned in this video but that bug was my fav by far as a kid lol

  • The technopets actually were considered the G1 robochis.

  • 13:50 wait a minute.....

  • I am 23 years old and still have my i-ce in my bedroom because I feel too guilty to lock it away in a box. I recognize that this is ridiculous.

  • Furby is powerful

  • Furbys for EVEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!

  • 13:50 Is this loss?

  • poo chi puchi and a jojo sound effect is this A JOJO REFRENCE

  • Robo baby is the creepiest thing I ever seen!

  • Surprised whomever owns the rights to Gremlins never sued the creators of Furby for using Gizmo's design. But I assume they had some interaction, because they eventually made an official Gizmo Furby.

  • I had a Poo-Chi as a kid, it was fun for a week or two. But as its batteries started to die, its energetic barks started to slow down become much deeper until it just stopped barking altogether. When that happened I started to think that my adorable robot dog had been possessed by Satan himself, so I locked it away in an end table in my living room until I forgot about it for years on end prior to being reminded of it thanks to this very video.



  • Mine and my sisters Pooches were not that crazy, not even nearly :D You clearly got someones robo dog which shoul never get coffee again.

  • 17:23 omg my brother had one of these and I always stole it from him

  • I'm 18 and I still want a furby lol

  • there was also a line of robot insect pet that in addition to feeding them and making them follow you, you could make battle with each other, a function I never used because I am the only person I know to have ever bought one of those things.

  • Was that an iMac? In a Furby commercial? Man, that just SCREAMS '90s.

  • Billiam is raising his ifish on Nickleback

  • dude learn how to drill plz

    • @Billiam that's what i figured. i'm just being goofy, since i pull stuff like that all the time. I lost count of how many times i've heard someone say "don't hold it like that dude, you're gonna get hurt.

    • I know how, I was just being dumb, lol. Also I didn't want to scratch the table, because I use it for videos, a lot.

  • 9:44 the fuck is your floor made of basedrum

  • Digimon frontier was great

  • I made my dad burn my Furby, because I told my parents it scared me so bad and I was convinced it was haunted. In reality, I was young and didnt understand how its learning capabilities worked. Oh and it randomly waking up and talking without playing with it. I would scream and cry at that thing

  • Fun Fact: The Furby had more computing power than the LEM that landed on the moon for Apollo 11

  • i have fallen into a hole of nostalgia that is this series lol

  • Man I’ll never forget my Furbee telling me “Paul Way-Lo Coco”! I still don’t know what this means but it’s all I remember of that old thing.

  • Hey I know I'm late to the party, but does anyone remember the Veemon robotoy? Or the Pikachu robotoy?

  • Furbies with cloud-enabled AI and with smartphone grade cameras in both eyes would be interesting... Sam with that Robo Baby...

  • An amazing video!!

  • He loss us lmao

  • Smh no Kirby plushie, that thing was the best pet

  • I have a furby I just bought on ebay for like $22 and it still works. I don’t have batteries in but I love it :)

  • *edit:emotional. Dont read if you just lost someone* My dad bought me like...most of the toys on this list. I remember them getting broken alot. Eventually he said fuck it and got me the Parakeet I wanted. My dad held out for years trying robo pet after robo pet. He hated birds cause he grew up with them. I loved birds and never had one. When he got the parakeet he told me later he figured it'd pass away fairly soon beause he had never had a parakeet live longer than 2-3 years, so it wasnt a big deal for him. We ended up having that little budgegriar for nearly 12 years. My budgie baby. He outlived Furby. He outlived Poochie & ChirpyChi. He outlived that god forsaken _"DivaStar"_ named Summer as well as *_all_* 7,002 of my Tomagotchis. He was there when I started 1st grade. He smoked weed with me for the first time (it was an accident, I swear. I forgot to move his cage & he got high AF. Wouldn't recommend but it does bring you closer to your pet.) Michael P. Keaton (middle name "Para") proves that theres absolutely *no substitute* for the beauty of nature & the precious gifts that are _actual_ animals. However, One day, as these things sometimes go, _he_ decided it was _His_ time and just... flew out the door. I'd go outside with him on my shoulder and he never flew away before, and he had never just flown outside. I ran outside and saw him disapear behind a tree but that was it. I looked & looked but its literally like he vanished. He was just *_3 months_* shy of the big one two. He had been acting different lately and I like to think that he flew off to that big cuttle bone in the sky, That he wanted to leave on his own terms and spare me, his best friend, the pain of finding his earth shell empty some morning. A noble ending for one of the noblest of budgies. Michael P taught me and a "I'm the cool dad" type father that sometimes the best things in life dont come in $60 packages & need batteries. They come with feathers and fur and scales and spikes. With beaks and snouts and claws and paws. And, bird or not, each and every one of them has a set of wings. ❤ 🐦🌈☁❤ {Michael Para Keaton} ~2005 - 2017~ Rest easy, dearest friend.

  • I have this weird memory of...a Furby™ _Roller Coaster Tycoon_ ??? Did that exist? Googled it. Nothing. I specifically remember Furbys and building Roller Coasters on the PC though.

  • Why is that iFish one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  • Ah! I loved my poo-chi!!! As someone who lived in welfare house- we weren’t allowed to have pets other than like hamsters (which we had) but I wanted something that could be out of a cage without me holding it lol Oh! I had the t-Rex one too! I completely forgot about it! And the robo baby! Safe to say I had most of these lol

  • My sister had a furby and that thing would talk all night