Robo-Pets Were Weird: Furby, Poo-Chi, iDog, and More | Billiam

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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Let's take a look back at one of my favorite fads: Robotic Pets. Between Furby, Poo-Chi, and the iDog, there were a lot of them. Let's take a look at some of the popular and more obscure ones!
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  • Sponsored by Amino ► Comment question! Did you have any Robotic pets?

  • It hurt me so bad how rough you were with everything in this video!!

  • 13:50 l ll ll l_

  • Did that modern Furby just crap out a car into a virtual toilet on an iPad? uhhhhhhh, no thanks.

  • Is there a jojo reference in everyone of your videos! Cause if there is...OH NO! IM GONNA HAVE TO WATCH THEM ALL

  • Something that traumatised me as a 6 year old was when my pixel chick was angry and moved out cause I wasn’t playing with her enough I thought she would never come back

  • furbies are assholes. the little bitch at 3 am starts screaming FEED ME and 6 year old me shat himself

  • Poo chi was so much fun

  • 6:00 it still takes an AI to learn anything.

  • please do that idog surround sound system, i'd watch it

  • i used to have the ltd edition spiderman idog

  • You would really like the icybie. It came out right after the poochi, and it can even interact with the poochi. It was one of the first highly advanced robot dogs that tiger made back in 1999. It could walk, it had pet sensors, it could talk, it would interact with other robot dogs at the time, and it could understand what you say. So if you said sit, or lay down, icybie would do those things.

    • I want to do a followup with the icybie!

  • OMG, I had the fish and completely forgot about it until now. I'm pretty sure I got rid of it but watching this video makes me wish I hadn't.

  • "Complete with Nightmare"-Jontron I hate those things

  • furby: exists me: :) i love you :) billiam: *DISGUSTING CREATURE*

  • Strange aeons and billiam is the crossover we need

  • I love how your channel shows off obscure nonsense that I grew up with and ultimately forgot about almost 20 years later. Had that Blue Robo dog and the Yellow Mcdonalds robo-cat.

  • What is sound 0:43

  • I just got the new 20th Anniversary Digimon vpet.

  • Okay Furby connect is way cuter!! It’s eyes are WAY better

  • oh my robo baby is terifying

  • Im getting a blue idog

  • Poo-Chis were huge in the early-2000s. That fake silver/metallic look of his plastic was everywhere back then. He kinda reminds me of those old Mac computers

  • A High Tech Toy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • "iDog reacts to generes." So if I play USSR anthem, it would be ourDog?

  • You should do a video on tamagotchis

  • Who needs real pets when you could have a furby

  • I had a poochi and lost the bone, so it kept asking for food. I felt so bad that I was starving it, I used other toys to try to feed it(I didn’t know the bone had a specific sensor) and it still was hungry, so I turned it off and put it in my parents room and never touched it again 😥

  • Furbys are fucking terrifying......... My mum had a friend who had a furby from the 90s and when I was round she took it out so me and my friend could play with it. It looked at her and said in a creepy ass fuckin voice (the voice box was broken idk) "Long time no see" and squinted at her...........................

  • Feels weirdly like 're living my childhood watching this haha.

  • Yessss long furby, I really want one.

  • Robo raptor ? Reminds me of Austin Evans

  • A couple of years ago a company called Cerevo did a similar smart pet thing with a Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell. Could be worth a look!

  • Omg was Poo-chi always that small? Wow lol

  • After the Regis came out I Loss interest in pokemon.

  • I have a 2nd Gen AIBO. It's pretty cool, still works amazing and we got it in 2000. $3200 retail when we got it.

  • I had a few FurReal Friends!!! :)

  • Plot twist- Alexa is just the furby is but more intelligent after escapeing to Amazon after furby was discontinued

  • I actually have almost all of the furbys, the 2012 one broke, and the 2016 one is sort of broke. And I had a furby from the early 2000's but I dont know what happened to that one. My mom even had a furby and she was full on an adult, I wonder how much money we would have if she kept them and sold them, lmao.

  • I remember I used to have a furby I was kinda freaked out by it.

  • Furbies are cute, furry, and fluffy >:D,- I have a collection of them.


  • I laughed so hard at “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH” on the iFish jfc. I related to a lot of this video - I had happy meal furbies as well as a second hand full-size one (which I had desperately wanted but ended up terrifying me). I also had the happy meal Robo-Chis (Chirpy-Chi was the best!), a FurReal kitten (It didn’t do very much at all, all you could really do was press its back to make it purr/meow and knead its paws), and later, an iDog Pup, which I was surprised you didn’t mention; these things were like the iDog but didn’t actually connect to anything and instead you were supposed to feed them music just by playing it to them and I could never get it to work. I had the pink one, which was supposed to prefer pop, and have a vivid memory of playing it my CD single of Sweet Escape multiple times in an effort to stop the ‘feed me’ light pattern.

  • I have the robotic raptor and the turn on button is its but hole

  • The fact that you hate Furby makes me sad ;-; Im in the Furby fandom and everyone here loves furbys and thinks of them as cute little babys. I have 7 myself and they are adorable! If you don’t want that Furby, please dont destroy it! Send it to someone or sell it to someone who will enjoy it like we do! Not all furbys turn into long furbys, most of them don’t, but people customize their normal furbys too and someone might just really be looking for a snowy furby! People love to dye their furs to make a completely custom Furby, replace their eyechips, paint their eyelids, make custom ears, add horns, and more! Also for the furby you got not working, its very easy to take it apart, it just takes a while of turning a black gear behind its face for it to turn on (unless something else is wrong). There are also 2005 Furbys! If you find 1998 furbys scary, you would hate 2005 ones! They have much more realistic eyes, a soft plastic eyelids and mouth that can move to make emotions, and has more of a grandma voice. Most people in the community agree that 1998 and 2005 Furbys are the best, but we still love the 2012 and 2016 furbys as much! You should look into the furby community on Tumblr and Instagram, and you might find that furbys arent so scary after all! If you do keep the snowy furby, you should name them and take care of them because we all love our furbys in this community and we love to play with them. Every other toy community is about preserving the toy, but we love to rip it out of its packaging, play with it, love it, take it apart, and customize it. Its really fun and awesome! Hope anyone else reading this will see how great furbys are and appreciate them some more!

  • YOU MENTIONED MONSTER RANCHER IN THE OPENING!!! Seriously no one remembers this game series and I used to play MR2 all the time as a kid. One time, my Pixie “Butterfly” passed and my dad just shut off the system so I could go “back in time” and save Butterfly.

  • tfw i still collect and play with my furbies in 2019 *snap* this ones going in my cringe compilation anyway.. i have 15 and i love them all so much!! some are glitchy which can be scary, but all they need is a little tlc to get into working order!! furbies aren't extremely creepy, my only problem is the eyes, but they can easily be replaced with custom chips!! overall, furbies are little elderly friends who will sing you their songs and tell their stories, but may have issues with their health due to how old and frail they are. they truly were intended to be cute and for kids, not scary!!

  • Lol i still have the robotic raptor

  • Anyone remember wappy tho? That use to be my jam

  • Ive had the bird windup toy from mcdonalds since i was a baby and i didnt know what it was from and im very happy that i know now

  • I thought it was a n i m o not a n e m o

  • I think the new furbyes dont have the light sensors since they sleep when you stoped toughing them

  • I always wanted a Poochi but all I had as a kid was the McDonald's version.

  • On my god, I loved the Burger King ipets!

  • Oh my god I remember poo chi I loved that robotic doggo. Robbo baby tho, Christ almighty send that demon back to hell.

  • O_o furbys are amazing

  • omg I have a green chibi robo 🤠

  • The ipets have all the infinity stones

  • Amino is cancer

  • *as a 7 furbies - owner I feel offended*

  • Furby shouldn't wake up due to light it needs to be turned into its side or upside down to wake up

  • “I loved the ipets.” Edit: i rlly want one, if anyone has one, pls gimme?

  • Now hatchimals are a thing

  • Furby boom

  • I LOVED my OG Furby. Had the little carrying backpack for him and everything. I think he's kicking around in a box somewhere with my mom's in storage. I also had a whole array of robopets including Poo-Chi; Meow-Chi; Chirpy-Chi; the Tekno dog, cat, and bird; and an OG cat FurReal friend. I also collected Micropets. I never really had an issue with my Furby going off during the night but a few of my Micropets would

  • Back in the late-90s when everyone over 40 thought modern technology was evil for one reason or another.

  • you should let the iDog listen to SOVIET ANTHEM so it will be a SOVIET WORKER and let those CAPITALISTIC PIGS listen to PURE SOVIET MUSIC

  • I always wanted an iDog when playing DnD for the friend that Skypes in. It would be fun to turn him into a talking dog.

  • Im srry but why is everybody talking like everyone else in the comment section

  • I’m glad I never was given a furby as a kid despite wanting one. Years later at a sleepover my friend had one in her closet and it’s death squeals at 3am were hands down terrifying.. Edit: I had the Robot dog thing, different model/brand I think as it was all silver. That robobaby is hands down horrific..

  • woww, your content is so well-made!! keep up the great work 💫

  • I had a furby in 1998, and my mother did have to feed it throughout the night! Later on I also got a furreal cat where the advertised feature was pulling it's tail to make it hiss as you., and an electronic dog that would drink and pee. Mine broke after I fed it apple juice...

  • Had a parrot FurReal friends, this brought back memories

  • What on earth is the furby in the thumbnail?

  • I had a furby I threw in a lake. My parents fished it out and it still worked and was still talking.

  • the furby’s motor might’ve broken down from sitting in its box for 21 years

  • Robo baby and furbies scare the sh*t out of me

  • I had a poochi growing up and I got bored of it quick because all it did was pretty much dance.

  • maybe check anki vector its pretty expensive but it seems pretty cool andkinda has wall-e feel to it

  • furbys is amazing I have 2 of them