Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
De Roast van Robert De Niro! The one and only, the legend! Welke grap van Robert De Niro was het beste tijdens de Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin? Laat het weten in de comments!
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  • Why the fuck Caitlyn is there who the fuck is she bloody psychopath crazy man !

  • What a brilliant man :)

  • Imagine co starring with Al Pacino and being on comedy central roast the same year. Bob...this don't suit a legend like you. Hilarious though xD

  • The jokes arent that bad but DeNiro's timing is off.

  • Deniro is the joke ..

  • Love how all the Trumpers are now triggered at Rob now.

  • Good gosh Bob you look ancient and act like you can barely keep your balance due to your age! Hurry and get back to Shady Oaks Retirement home!

  • De Niro’s last good movie was in 1995 (Heat) so past 24 yrs downhill-he’s obsessed with Trump...get over it dude. #TDS

  • Who the fuck are you?😁😂

  • He's hopeless. In fact they are a dying breed thanks to their I Q.

  • Rupert pupkin roast alec baldwin

  • This is good. But every roast I see today there is only one thought in my mind - if only Don Rickles was here!

  • Hell this just ruined my admiration for Robert ,even hearing him talk like that, jokes or not.


  • Holy shit hahahaha

  • Fucking boss

  • I agree, WTF are you doing? Turned into a space cadet.

  • The King Of Comedy

  • Well he is trained from the master none other than legendary don rickles just look back at his burns.. It is nothing compared to all this bs.

  • dan carelone went hard

  • This was soooooooo bad...............ohhhhhhhhhhh soooo edgy

  • Deniro are you heading back to pedifile island

  • Trump 2020 trump 2020 trump 2020 so fuck you deniro has been out of work actor . Hope that wife of yours takes your loser ass to the bank

  • What a bunch of un-entertaining douche bags.

  • He killed.....Fuckin love Bobby D

  • "Wtf am I doing here" exactly Bob, exactly..

    • Exactly, nobody's interested in what this idiot has to say about the president or anything else

    • Bob, I think it’s time for u take to take your meds again

  • I don't know if Bob really doesn't know where Sean Hayes sit. But it comes out to be a pretty genius joke.

  • De Zero is a massive cunt but he was actually quite funny

  • “Who are these people? Who the f are you?” 😂😂😂😂

  • De Nario is such a looser

    • @Robert Baratheon ok let's leave politics out of it. (Honestly trying to have a nice debate about a movie) I'm reading more an more reviews about how bad it is. I'm a Trump supporter but still think DeNario was the shit in his youth. <that's a complement.

    • @Robert Baratheon I've actually never heard a 5 year old insult anyone? Do you get insulted by 5 year olds a lot? I'm so Triggered 😂 I'm sure you're successful at video games😂

    • Vera 1957 so triggered lol. I’m 30 actually - no college debt, doing quite well for myself actually. It’s always entertaining seeing boomer’s like yourself have the insults of a 5yr old though.

    • @Robert Baratheon sensitive little bitch. I didn't cry about you calling me boomer (wtf that means.) Look DICK BREATH, Donald Trump is your president *AND in 2020 he will make you an all your gender neutral moron friend cry for 4 more years. I'm guessing you can't afford to pay back your college loan?😂🖕🏼 You are a loser that needs entitlements to survive.

    • Vera 1957 *and. Oh libtard, one of you mongoloids favourite buzzwords. Just missing snowflake, and cuck - the other 2 words in your vocabulary. It’s funny to see how much celebrities that hate trump trigger you though, shows how thin skinned you maga knuckle draggers are.

  • “Who the fuck are you” -killshot

  • What’s the joke with the Moscow Hotel room? Like I get the reference but what’s the actual punchline

    • The 'roasters' are the whores pissing on Trump (Baldwin) , I think...

  • Yawn...

    • @Eric Ryan wow such butt-hurtness🤣 I bet Bobby makes you call him daddy while he rails on you.

    • Yes, your life is a yawn. I bet you love you some Drump dick.

  • De Niro is a joke. That was not funny one little bit.

  • Bobby Knuckles

  • They don’t do very good at promoting roasts. I never know when they air.

    • you wouldve heard about it if it was good

    • Usually the end of every September.. Just Google Comedy Central Roast around that time.

  • Hey, where is the joker?

  • Libtard shit head

  • Deniro hasn’t been good in 20 years

    • @steve mcquen Not to mention that hes a d********.. In real life just ask his assistant who suing him for abusing the 💩 out of her..

    • @Andrew Mack De Niro is a brilliant actor no doubt about that, but he's a buffon privately, especially when talking about politics.

    • He done some great movies in the 90's and now has pulled off the Irishman but I know it's hard not to get butthurt by his political views. Not everyone has to share your political views.

    • @anthonyu2 Really, you have to be a Trump supporter to notice that ha? Poor baby...

    • Nick Rage ok trump supporter lol

  • Can someone do to Niro what Phoenix does to him in Joker?😂🤔 Oh wait...