Rob Pelinka's latest quotes could be setting the Lakers up for failure - Dave McMenamin | The Jump

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Ramona Shelburne, Clinton Yates, Nick Friedell and Nick Friedell discuss the latest championship-or-bust quotes from Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, in the wake of his team adding Anthony Davis alongside LeBron James.
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  • With the way ESPN has thrown our Lakers under the bus I am convinced that Flippers owner Steve ballmer is part owner of ESPN.

  • How bout make the playoffs first 🤔

  • I love all these espn vids have the same videos of pelinka and buss over and over. Like are they just lazy

  • Rob pelinker is a piece of shit

  • I disagree with a lot of what Dave McMenamin says.

  • Hes saying what you should be saying. What does he say I hope we dont win any games? These analyst always think they know shit. Every team should expect to win the title and reflect the effort. Expectations word is used by analyst to create a story to keep their jobs.

  • So what rob pose to say tf? Of course it’s title or bust , Kobe been said it lakers don’t raise division banners and i expect all the players to have the same mindset too and that’s title or bust

  • espn: anything less than championship for the laker is not ssuccessful. Pelinka. I agree Espn: is rob pelinka setting up the lakers for failure?


  • Kobe said it himself they don’t hang division banners so what is the first dude talking about. I bet none of these dudes played basketball

  • yall fucking love that video of jeanie

  • What a stupid discussion. Pelinka was just stating the obvious. He is not adding any pressure. Whenever 2 of the top 4 players in the NBA join a team, their expectations will be championship or bust

  • Rob is right. Bron Bradly Green AD Mcgee Championship line up.

  • Jeanie Buss would get passed around like a blunt in every hood across America from sea to shining sea

  • This guy is a fucking dip shit

  • Whats is the name of the woman in 15sec?

  • its not just Pelinka its also about the media riding leflop putting up there "he's the Goat" then takes them back when leflop fail. lol

  • Dave McMenamin's vocal fry is out of control

  • Media media media my god

  • Who else thinks Jeanie Buss is hot

  • Cough cough.. Majic left, wonder why.. Cough cough...

  • Magic gets fired and suddenly the Lakers build a great roster and all seems to be right. I think we know who was the problem.

  • How about you stop over analyzing everything media dumb f*cking media

  • No one was there last year!!! 😂 why y’all here??? 😂

  • "The Los Angeles Lebronkers is going to win the chip," Rob Pelinka's is saying."The Lakers BIG 3 Davis, Boogie, and Lebron."

  • Unnecessary hate for Pelinka. ESPN has some problem with this guy..

  • Magic has destroyed the franchise. cost em kawhi.

  • Lakers are like counting chicks where eggs not yet hatched..


  • Get this F squad outta here already with these nonsense topics. What do they want him to say? "For us anything short of winning 1 game is not success." ???? gtfoh

  • It’s always title or bust for the Lakers

  • Media always coming up with something

  • How in the fuck is he setting them up for failure, lol? Media wants to eat him and the lakers alive, even when they’re saying what they should say. After all those trades and contacts, what else should they be aiming for? 2nd or 3rd place?

  • Who the fuck are these three guys?

  • Anything to hate on the Lake Show 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • LeGM really made the whole team 🤣😭

  • I mean what else you want him to say?

  • Bunch of bums wanting the Lakers to fail 😂

  • I dont know about you guys. But for me I think Rob is trying to Motivate the Lakers Roster after Kawhi goes to the Clippers. Coz he is going to be the BATTLE OF LA next season.

  • check @4:19, Bron hugs magic, walks RIGHT past Pelinka...........hhhmmmmmmm

  • The fuck?! Low expectations are for the clippers dumb asses

  • He was just stating the very obvious

  • I Enjoy watching Ramona more than I do Rachel.

  • What???!!! You should aim for the greatest! Thats the mamba mentality! Fvcking stupid people.

  • This group of analyst are so boring

  • These guys are fucking morons! The LAKERS have always been about Championships. Just like the celtics they got 17🏆 we got 16🏆KOBE BRYANT always said it too. Every season Lakers aim for a ring. Anything less is a failure! It's not New!

  • what kind of bull shit reporting is this? espn always be finding ways to shit on the Lakers.

  • Championship or bust for King James, need 3 peat before retiring.

  • Who let Chewbacca out of the kitchen?

  • The Lakers have 16 championships. Of course it's championship or failure for this proud franchise.

  • Drop Pelinka

  • championship? lol, first learn to walk before you start to run

  • Jeanie better buss Pelinka and let Jason take over.

  • People think Chris Paul will go to Lakers if he's bought out by OKC. Rondo and CP hate each other

  • well if you got LBJ you want ring or bust. I do like this roster it think its better then people think. The possibility with A,B,C makeups of the roster can be really good. When you have a player going on an a star on the bench getting so rest let it rock. Im not a hugh boogie fan an after watching him on the warriors you seen some good but i seen worse he seems a bit too heavy an from an interview i seen recent hes lost some big pounds wich an be really good. Boogie needs this year bad no teams were interested in him but lakers decided for cheap we got you. He wants to show his value an no better way to do it as a comeback year then playing with other quality players where you are working hard in the offseason to better yourself. This upcoming year for boogie is a make it or see yourself out the NBA kinda year. As for Kyle Kuzma, he's a solid potential high value player an this is his year to show it.

  • *NOT A STORY* Neextttttt

  • The Lakers didn't wiff on last season with Lebron .. It was nt in the cards for the Lakers last year make it into the playoffs and thats is what it is. No Dave ,pelinka's comment was right on the $$. Jared Dudley and Quinn Cook..come on dude you media members make theses situation toxic with these kind of segments .Lebron isnt calling the shots in L.a and know he's not the coach and GM. What was so BS about Pelinka's comment ?

  • What is he supposed to day. Lebron is 35. I hattttte nba media man they are trying so hard to destroy pelinka man.. SHEESH

  • That guy on the end has an incredibly punchable...everything. He needs a good punching.

  • These knuckleheads are always hating on Pelinka... just shut up, the Lakers did great with free agency and its time to get a Chip!