Road Trip To The City With No Laws!

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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    • Danny Duncan you’re funny man

    • Know one... Danny Duncans back seat wahahhahsh😭🤪🍑🍆😭

    • Jacob Arellano gay homa

  • I go to ocotillo wells which is right next to the place lol I’ve been there and have been to salvation mountain and slab city multiple times

  • The cops break up traffic to clear it up ahead and un-conjest it. Also do it if there’s a crash

  • Huston why no


  • Anyone else getting gets flashbacks

  • Yo he really started crying

  • Bro he came to abq New Mexico and I missed him I’m soooooo pissed bro 14:30

  • That dudes bike just sounds horrible

  • Is that mixed kid your relative?

  • Danny Dunkin y’all shomr on how to talk to girls

  • 10:45 *Almost breaks arm*

  • Im waiting on a Danny nd a steady Kane video

  • 13:00 I’m dead

  • The cop was traffic breaking

  • Do you really not know why the “sand” is

  • Fun fact. The Alamo sea from gta is based off the salton sea

    • @BoominPody oh shit really?

    • Fun Fact the humans in GTA are based off humans

  • The cop was traffic breaking to slow down thy twaffic

  • Your the f@cking best ever YOUR SO FUNNNNNYYY 🤘🤘🤘🤟🤟🤘🤟🤘🤟🤘🤟

  • get a better knife than that shitty s&w

  • The highway patrol do that to stop vehicles getting in front of them so they swap lanes to stop people but when there is a incident quite fatal in front

  • Mr beast went there

  • Perfect advice for how to talk to women🤘

  • I’m pretty sure the cop was trying to clear the road

  • This shit reminds me of mad max

  • Yo that’s where they filmed count me in by Lil Yachty am I right

  • Mrbeast did this

  • U know joe???

  • Fuck

  • I guess I'd put up with him and pretend to be his friend to get free shit and get to go do all this fun stuff. He totally acts like a "Matt".

  • Mr beast stayed between those trees

  • Danny you'd be a good dad ur good at teaching lessons.

  • Ok so Danny can like, get it.

  • Is that place from gta 5??

  • #69

  • momo a baddie frfr

  • Mrbeast went there

  • you better not die than

  • Noooo you passed coachella😩😩😩

  • That’s could a traffic break which breaks traffic from a car crash or high speed chase

  • Fricken a dude

  • Nm

  • Cop: I don’t speak that Mexican Mexican boy: donde esta la leche

  • danny just go up to some random person and ask them to show you there penis

  • 4:25

  • They looked so uncomfortable during the girl pep talk

  • who else seen the place in gta 5

  • Or the guy is stupid and he doesn’t know how to work a damn car

    • or he just stole it and hes a stupid ass and doesn't know how to run it

  • Looks like a mad max camp

  • Ha I live on dat street

  • Danny speaking facts about girl advice

  • Trevor is such a mother fricker dude -something Arron would say

  • Mr beast: HHHHMMMMM

  • They SERIOUSLY left out HOUSTON’ TEXAS!!!! WTF ITS THE BIGGEST CITY IN TEXAS Edit: I’m disappointed Danny

  • How old is Danny?why does he hang out with children?

  • That’s so crazy that guy that biked from Massachusetts is my history teachers brother from freshman year wtf

  • Where’s OJ shirt and buys a knife.

  • Love you danny

  • The police where doing a traffic brake for like chases and stuff

  • That cop so had to make sure he wasn't illegal