Rime and Reason | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 75

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
The Mighty Nein find themselves transported to snowy Mythburrow in pursuit of a white dragon, and must use all their wisdom to escape with their prize and their lives intact...(guest starring Mica Burton!)
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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 1:20 Sam’s merch corner 6:35 Square hole, round peg 7:15 Travis is so happy 8:35 Intro cinematic 10:10 Episode Starts 12:20 Recap Ends 12:55 Essik on heelies in the snow 17:05 Marisha is great at the Zemnian accent 18:40 Oh Ja 23:20 Beau or Caleb 28:20 Ja, awkward 35:20 Caleb sets up the hut 37:20 Marisha is dialing it in 39:35 Don’t worry, Caleb also rolls bad 45:30 Give me goth bat princess, Disney 51:30 Feathers up 53:15 Hordes of frozen lawyers 1:02:40 Matt drops the map 1:07:55 Jester’s yeti 1:11:20 We’ll find out 1:13:05 Planning is officially over, time to fight 1:22:45 Druids are broken 1:24:10 SchwarzenCaleb 1:27:35 Glove of blasting 1:32:50 Too gross for Reani 1:34:20 Beau slides down a mountain 1:38:35 What Fjord said 1:41:30 HDYWTDT 1:42:40 Don’t judge Marisha’s choices 1:53:45 Really struggling with the accent 2:02:55 This is how a DM lets you know your idea is bad 2:06:10 The spells really are useful 2:07:55 Caduceus and Fjord and The Wildmother 2:16:10 “One day, someone will pray for a miracle…” 2:24:15 Break Starts 2:31:45 Brian W. Foster burn compilation 2:36:15 Art Montage 2:49:15 Break Ends 2:51:20 Fjord lets one rip 2:54:00 Dragons have puppet vision 2:55:45 Brilliant deception 2:56:55 Wow, didn’t know Caleb felt like that about Frumpkin 3:02:45 Caduceus gives an anatomy lesson 3:23:20 Quicksave 3:25:40 Jester has definitely dimension doored with Sprinkle 3:27:20 Au naturale 3:28:35 It begins 3:34:30 The ice spider goes out like a champ 3:36:20 The exact moment things go wrong 3:50:45 The lair revealed 3:59:15 Goddamn Professor Thaddeus 3:59:45 The fuse is burned 4:10:25 It’s been awhile 4:12:30 Leomund’s shark cage 4:13:20 The yetis are smarter than they looked 4:13:50 Caduceus throws him some change 4:16:05 Baby Boomer dragon 4:17:20 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 21st of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask has a picture of Caleb, which Sam captions with a number of things, including “I

    • This comment sole purpose is to get the comment count to 69

    • 3:43:17 _Chaos Crew_

    • As always, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Shortly after 2:51:20 Travis fails to replicate

    • Flando you're a god

  • "Warm warm pass"😂

  • I think Nott's new battle name should be "One Shot Nott".

  • God that fan in the background is atrocious or whatever is making that noise

  • They r not doing Liam/Caleb any justice.

  • I wish they would make sure guests don't try so hard to run the game their way.

  • ok now I want Fjord to be a warlock of the Raven Queen

  • Which is better, Marisha's Caleb or Travis's Jester?

  • 4:09:00 Look at Travis. Best part of the episode.

  • Poor Liam. They can't role play Caleb for shit.

  • Ugh Too much planning, not enough action.

  • Bookmark 1:25:39

  • 2:55:20 finally matt calls out the message spell. for what i've seen people use this spell it's like how Goku uses to communicate with people he knows in a "small" distance .But Jester legit uses it like King Kai, all she needs to know it's the name and she can communicate with a person in another place of the continent .

  • Knowing how White Dragons hold serious grudges, can’t wait to see how this comes back to bite them in the butt...

  • 4:06:30 Travis - YOU SIT YOUR ASS IN THERE. Dad mode activated

  • Oh god, without Caleb there the only brain cells left are with Fjord and unfortunately he was always outvoted with all those 'amazing' plans :D

  • Just a thought... why not just have Caled or Jester use their abilities to turn into a white dragon? Problem solved

    • No one in the group is high enough level to turn into a dragon. Polymorph is only used for beasts.

  • If there ever comes a day when all of critical role becomes animated, I look forward to them trying to justify Calab's behavior in this episode.

  • I feel for you Matt. that planning session. Happens to me when I DM every time there is a puzzle they need to solve

  • Good thing Matt didn't know that breath weapons are not magical and can pass through the Tiny Hut.

  • 1:02:00

  • 4:07:01 PAPA BLESS CADDY

  • Ja

  • I'm convinced they're retarded. Jester is sitting there saying turn me invis I have cold resist and I can teleport 500ft.... Uhhhh hurr Durr but Beau can run fast....... Poor jester no one wants to buff her

  • When u watch critical role and avoid doing ur AP chem Home work

  • marisha rlly pisses me off her metagaming and not paying attention is terrible matt clearly says giant furry hand and is talking about yetis 40:40

    • She has her faults, but it's a bit much hating on her for attention issues during an episode where she's trying to play two characters, with Liam texting her what he wanted Caleb to do, while she's also the group's primary notetaker. It's a prime example of why Matt should've been playing Caleb outside of battle.

    • and marisha fucking the party again she decides to not listen to jester and makes noise at the top like how can one person pay such little attention

    • oh and look her paying attention basically fucked the group again she fucking throws shurikens at the fcking rope when matt clearly said it was roped into the ice

  • Oh, my, but Marisha? That German accent? Just. No.

  • Caduceus's expression as the dragon attacks the dome gives me life.

  • Been stuck on this ep for three weeks

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-Z1pJ0essryI.html ^^^ turn on subtitles, just trust me

  • Full on Jurassic Park going on there.

  • It never fails to amaze me how well Matt can play a freaking dragon.

  • Jester's version of Three Halflings in a Trenchcoat is downright disturbing....

  • "Fuck you, Professor Thaddeus!"

  • Does anyone know what that heartbeat mood music is? Want it for my campaign.

  • That dragon mini is Ingeloakastimizilian from the drizzt books

  • Taliesin could sell anything to me, how do you refuse an immortal pyramid-shaped vampire wizard.

  • "Oh I have Caduceus, what does Caduceus do?" "Add a d4."

  • Thank you Caduceus

  • I hate Reani

  • And 75 eps in and they are acting like they are lvl ones on this one...

  • Everyone talks about how much matt says form and hit in the shoulder, but nobody talks about come to conciousness

  • Still, 6 years later, how can Marisha be so stupid when playing? Such a capable person, yet she becomes absolutely null in DnD.

  • @4:07:00 Vape naysh, y'all.

  • Marisha push up bra is great. I want what she has. That or she got a boob job.

  • Is it coincidence that both Cadeucus and Fjord rolled natural 20s on their first skill check after communing with the Wild Mother and asking for intervention? I think not!

  • You have no idea how badly I want an older Luc to show up from the future having been brought back in time by an alternate Caleb. If that does happen, and the Mighty Nein ever get their own adaptation, Laura's gotta voice young Luc.

  • Reani's stealth check was 25 and an ancient white dragon's passive perception is 23.

  • Thank you CR for this episode. You have given me the title of the next children's book I write. The Swedish mage and the search for the Frankenyeti

  • Does anyone else remember what happened when Talisen’s character gave Travis’ a sword in C1?

  • Why is the Wild mother just Jesus? Always listening and very loving. Gives you answers but they may not be what you wanted to hear. I love it

  • mmm Not sure if Marisha is the smartest choice to give an intelligent scaredy cat character to

    • She's a little too brave and stupid

  • the subtitles are aggressive

  • Every time Marisha says Yah and it sound like the Swedish chef take a drink... 45 minutes in alcohol poisoning

  • Scanlan Shorthalt's Cube cockring.. this Sterling silver wanger hanger... omfg I spit out coffee

  • Had a buddy put on chainmail (freshly bought) shortly after he rolled for stealth at disadvantage (chainmail) and i proceeded to laugh at his 3 because all i could picture was "Let me slip into something more comfortable" *Ching Ching Chung* "Quiet as a Forge" he said lol Also Roll to deduce poop painting

  • 8:18

    • 2:08:23 Laura Bailey is the loudest person ever

  • I was really hoping Beau would do something cool and keep popping out of the dome to smack the ancient white dragon in the face and escape unharmed... she could do it too but nope she just kinda stands there, cant blame Marisha though she was clearly struggling with whatever notes Liam left her.

  • Taliesin looks like he's having a nervous breakdown in the last third of this episode. And I don't blame him

  • That moment when Fjords stops sounding like a bitch and sounds like the Fjord we love 2:18:00