Rime and Reason | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 75

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
The Mighty Nein find themselves transported to snowy Mythburrow in pursuit of a white dragon, and must use all their wisdom to escape with their prize and their lives intact...(guest starring Mica Burton!)
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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 1:20 Sam’s merch corner 6:35 Square hole, round peg 7:15 Travis is so happy 8:35 Intro cinematic 10:10 Episode Starts 12:20 Recap Ends 12:55 Essik on heelies in the snow 17:05 Marisha is great at the Zemnian accent 18:40 Oh Ja 23:20 Beau or Caleb 28:20 Ja, awkward 35:20 Caleb sets up the hut 37:20 Marisha is dialing it in 39:35 Don’t worry, Caleb also rolls bad 45:30 Give me goth bat princess, Disney 51:30 Feathers up 53:15 Hordes of frozen lawyers 1:02:40 Matt drops the map 1:07:55 Jester’s yeti 1:11:20 We’ll find out 1:13:05 Planning is officially over, time to fight 1:22:45 Druids are broken 1:24:10 SchwarzenCaleb 1:27:35 Glove of blasting 1:32:50 Too gross for Reani 1:34:20 Beau slides down a mountain 1:38:35 What Fjord said 1:41:30 HDYWTDT 1:42:40 Don’t judge Marisha’s choices 1:53:45 Really struggling with the accent 2:02:55 This is how a DM lets you know your idea is bad 2:06:10 The spells really are useful 2:07:55 Caduceus and Fjord and The Wildmother 2:16:10 “One day, someone will pray for a miracle…” 2:24:15 Break Starts 2:31:45 Brian W. Foster burn compilation 2:36:15 Art Montage 2:49:15 Break Ends 2:51:20 Fjord lets one rip 2:54:00 Dragons have puppet vision 2:55:45 Brilliant deception 2:56:55 Wow, didn’t know Caleb felt like that about Frumpkin 3:02:45 Caduceus gives an anatomy lesson 3:23:20 Quicksave 3:25:40 Jester has definitely dimension doored with Sprinkle 3:27:20 Au naturale 3:28:35 It begins 3:34:30 The ice spider goes out like a champ 3:36:20 The exact moment things go wrong 3:50:45 The lair revealed 3:59:15 Goddamn Professor Thaddeus 3:59:45 The fuse is burned 4:10:25 It’s been awhile 4:12:30 Leomund’s shark cage 4:13:20 The yetis are smarter than they looked 4:13:50 Caduceus throws him some change 4:16:05 Baby Boomer dragon 4:17:20 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 21st of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask has a picture of Caleb, which Sam captions with a number of things, including “I

    • Not gonna lie, I thought "Matt drops the map" meant he literally dropped it, I was quite mistaken

    • 8:28 Travis gives Matt respect or is afraid of him 😂

    • #subtoflando

    • This comment sole purpose is to get the comment count to 69

    • 3:43:17 _Chaos Crew_

  • 3:15:00 Together with last episode they have been "planning" a couple of hours now. I cant wait to see the first round of combat. If i was a bettin' man I'd say their plan goes up in flames (or ice).

  • Did Matt say "it can go both ways" and Mica reply "as do I?" - cuz if so, I love her even more

  • I think I just realized that Leomands tiny hut makes a dome on the ground, but just on the ground, and white dragons can burrow... imagine if that thing went under and up through the hut to get the Mighty Nein.

  • Fjord was never a boy scout it seems. There's DEFINITELY knots that let you yank on a line to untie it lol

  • Why did fjord need a shitty basic longsword if he has the ax +1 from jester

  • Talesin/Cad is the coolest cucumber.

  • Bye bye cowboys go Eagles

  • anyone know what the soundtrack is around 1:15:17, for about the next minute and a half?

  • Purposefully ambiguous to avoid spoilers: After the things Nott took... they could 0 - 100 teleport back there for another spree ^_^

  • Matt Mercer as Bats is possibly my new favorite NPC.

  • When does giving feedback about things we don't like constitute being some sort of internet bully? I know CR are not into negativity, but whens the limit reached? Really just want to give feedback, but know that the hired pit bull of CR in Mr. Foster turns any negative feedback into some reason for being and an excuse for a deluge of profanity. When the fans of something cant criticize that which we enjoy so much in fear of being called a cyber bully, that also is a form of bullying. CR I love you, but really did not enjoy the last guest PC. The PC felt shallow, juvenile, and more of a "hey PLUNK here is a guest PC" than any type of intelligent story design. Take it for what you will CR and Mr. Foster, but i long for the days of guest PC's like Patrick Rothfuss, Kit Buss, Will Friedle, and Khary Payton. I have never commented due to lack of need, but unconditional acceptance for acceptance sake may have its limits. Don't get me wrong, i find 95% of the things you do amazing, just feel like you all missed the mark here. Fan since episode 1 campaign 1, thanks.

  • Until this episode I didn’t realize how much I needed Arnold Schwarzenegger to play D&D.

  • We can only hope Gelidon follows Raeni's scent home (not that far as the dragon flys) and kills her

  • Dang, that girl can not do basic math

  • Cutting the rope was a bimbeau move!

  • Anyone else think it is bizarre that cats don't have dark vision?

  • Marisha playing Caleb and another episode with the lesser Burton? Yay...

  • 1:37:05 God, Matt is soft

  • Why do people get mad at Matt for enforcing rules?

  • 1:45

  • Tallison ha! "I thought about that, the rope might burn." Lol you beautiful troll.

  • Matt: So that's a critical hit because you're paralyzed-- Taliesin: uuuuuuuuuuuUUUUMMMMMMM- Matt: You're not within 30 feet.

  • Poor jester. So smart but lightly ignored.

  • Wow its very obvious in the episode how much liam drives the flow of the story. Full of indecision the whole episode.

  • Its amazing how quickly my brain adjusted to Travis' new accent

  • Reina could have just summoned a White Dragon Wyrmling... CR 2 creature...

  • Can anyone remind me what the story was with Fjord changing his accent?

  • Kan you just hire Mica and have her be on the show permanently?

  • That was sick!

  • I'm only a little bit into this episode but I can't help feeling like Reeni is playing a total murder hobo and it's clashing with how these guys have been portraying their characters almost this whole time. I mean, they seem like they usually try the diplomatic option at least once before attacking a bunch of unsuspecting monsters.

  • This episode, especially the last part, was the most hectic shit. The mental image of Giledon just tearing into the side of the dome was amazing, Matthew really makes his players feel scared when their characters are

  • Caleb MVP with or without his player.

  • "I have long distance dark vision (120'). Do I see a faint blue glow?" The answer should've been. "No. Because darkvision doesn't grant you color sight in the dark." Darkvision is different from devil's sight.

    • @Martin Gélinas Haha. Excellent point.

    • At the same time, if it's GLOWING, you wouldn't even need darkvision in the first place.

  • Worse than season 1, each of these episodes is more and more becoming extensive people-talking-in-hallways scenes comprising about 3.5 hours with about 30 minutes of actual narrative content and progression occurring. I was listening to this in the background and stopped listening for a little bit. Focused on the episode and found the cast still carrying on about what they had been talking about 30 minutes earlier. The character development scenes are nice, but are rapidly becoming overlong, not really useful to the narrative, and a bit self-serving. I’d lost interest in season 2 somewhat early on and stopped watching. Forgot why and thought I would give it a try again. Now I remember why.

  • the funniest thing about this is at lvl 9, this is only a hard encounter for the M9

    • With bad dice rolls, an ancient white dragon could easily take a couple members out of a level 9 party. I've done it myself as DM with an ancient red dragon that killed 3 of my level 14 party of 6

  • Wtf Marisha... Those are his spell scrolls to learn and help the party not to give out and be used once an gone forever... Fucking hell...

  • Marisha's Caleb is awesome :D

  • It's so funny how under Fjord's name it says "Warlock"

  • This is very reminiscence of when Vox Machina escaped the mind flayers

  • The longer Marisha stays "Zemnian", the more she sounds like Nico. it-tvs.com/tv/video-5XJC0cZD6zg.html

  • Jfc they're planning to piss off all the big flying things aren't they? Also, bless Marisha for her accent work this episode. I didn't know I needed that until now.

  • So did they just forget they had a whip that could grab things at a distance?

  • 3:46:00 best joke throughout the series at this episode

  • "Ya you know, cuz druids are broken!" *Fish splat intensifies*

  • I love how they spent the entire episode forgetting that Caleb can only cast the hit as a ritual

  • Matt as bats is my new favorite character.

  • 2:40:07 There it is. That is the gif I've been waiting my whole life for.

  • Am I the only one who fucking loved the music during the Caduceus - Fjord scene (the communion)? Not just that it was a beautiful song, but how perfect it felt for the situation?

  • one thing ive noticed is that you say people lose the pass with out trace bonus when they leave a 30ft radius, but the spell says "choose X creatures within 30 ft" they then gain the +10 bonus for the duration even if they leave the starting radius. But...DM's rule is law so you do you.

  • dumb af valley girl attitude ruins an otherwise decent mission design

  • so uh...matt's ancient white dragon impression...Hot

  • Skype is a quality program.

  • I am SO sad nott and Jester didn't take more time getting shit in that hoard. They easily had so many rounds. They could have kept looking until they heard it come back and dimension door to the hut after..

  • Taliesin," the rope might burn" from ice blast from a white dragon. What type of Ice burns???

    • They don't call it freeze burn for nothing. It may not be combustion, but ice will burn you regardless.

  • Mica: “Sportsball!” Me: “Yeah! Sportsba- oh wait that was cancelled again...”

  • jester has been mvping these past few sessions, what a baller

  • "I did think about that, the rope might burn." I love how only Matt gets the joke. God I love Caduceus's low intelligence.

  • Matt is SO forgiving when it comes to nat 1's. My DM punishes us so much when we roll a one

  • Matt is a super nice GM, because ancient white dragons have a 40 ft burrow speed