Rich Brian - Kids (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 19 lug 2019
Rich Brian - "Kids"
The Sailor, the album by Rich Brian out now:
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"Kids" produced by Bekon & The Donuts, Frank Dukes, Brian Imanuel, & Craig Balmoris
Music video directed by Sing J. Lee
Produced by MAMAG Studios
Edited by Miles Trahan and David Blackburn
A kid from Jakarta, Indonesia. #TAYTB
Check out Rich Brian’s story and others who've joined the #NYALAkanIndonesia movement at, a collaboration with OCBC NISP to inspire kids.
Rich Brian
88 is double happiness


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    • #NALAKANIndonesia

    • @Nguyen Thien Huy wtf??你跟我说这些哈麻子哦🙄🙄

    • Website for children from 1 to 13 years old with a time of entertainment is useful. Babekid helps children learn, develop creative thinking, learn activities and many good songs for children. Babekid is updated with new videos daily.

    • 哈哈哈

    • I hope Mr.Headbox and Reza Darmawangsa can join 88rising for next project

  • original indonesia dari sang raja

  • I’m not even Indonesian and I’m happy seeing y’all being proud of your country

  • 1 Hour Loop rich Brian Dat stick {Lyric}

  • keep on working👍

  • Sounds like a mac miller song

  • This song was repeatedly playing in Triple J station in Melbourne, Australia. Started Googling who this kid was & was shocked is Indonesia. Amazing talent, brilliant music & awsome vibe. All my friends love you music, you're an absolute legend !

  • Felt in love with this MV

  • Music united us. This is fire 🔥 Love from 🇲🇾

  • this music deserve everything

  • pencak silat is amazing

  • burn

  • Respect richbrian. For indonesia BOGOR

  • Wheres your identity indonesia your greatest rapper is from china? 🇮🇩🇨🇳?

  • Kita punya raper bagus berkualitas dari indonesia tapi bocah bocah masih menyanyikan "lah bodo amat bodo amat lah" pening pala gua dengernya

  • necu doc na rujanfest

  • Pliss 88rising bawa younglex :v

  • Ay, uh I'm putting numbers on the board and blowing more digits I haven't started, man, these are just the before pictures Shout out my parents, my mother gave birth to four winners All of the players in the game, it's always cold benches Been in the studio, I forgot how to sleep Not tryna make an album they forget 'bout in a week They said the fruit never gong fall far from the tree I used to be the kid, now the kids wanna be me Tripping 'bout my future like way before there was cameras Hella plans on my calendar 'fore I went all professional Less souls to trust, man, these people making me cynical More copycats and less people sounding original Same destination, we just took different routes Fuck being one the greatest, I'm tryna be the greatest one I ain't saying I ain't grateful for everything I've become But the throne is more comfortable than this chair I'm sitting on My name is Brian, cold bars is what I'm known for If my vision is scaring me, then I don't go for it 'Member my first days here when it was all foreign Now I'm on TV with James Corden, that shit was crazy Just got a place with a backyard, I feel amazing Nothing can get between me and the dreams I'm chasing Ain't got the time for partyin', no more getting wasted Unless you got the 1942, man, then get the chaser You hating on me, but you know I gotta You big in your city, I'm the king of a continent These rappers tryna make the trending topic Why the state of music going south? But I don't even want to talk about it Let's talk about it, nah, let's talk about it Before all these folks decide it's cool to give a fuck about it Everyone's tryna make hits, I'm just tryna make music You know, the kind that makes you feel when you listen to it? I'm the youngest child, I don't need more attention You writing some bullshit, I write the lyrics meant for the captions I'm making songs that'll probably outlive us for generations Started off as the sailor, look at me, now I'm the captain I won't lie, this shit is fun Tell these Asian kids they could do what they want Might steal the mic at the GRAMMYs just to say we won That everyone can make it, don't matter where you from Can't forget about the day that Sean called me Talking 'bout a vision called 88 that he's dreaming Man, I love him like a brother, if we fall, we gon' recover Just a man with a vision who mastered in causing trouble (you can't see) Man, I can't see the finish line Fall back, fall back, I ain't fucking 'round this time (anymore) Did God know he created a legend in '99? (anymore) Fuck pretending on a track, man, I mean every single line Touched down, never holding back Shining like some bustdown, sailing 'round without a map Been a underdog, now it's time to let me quarterback Killing shit in uncharted territories, man this shit get hella gory Whole country of people proud, so I'm never worried Glad you're sitting through the credits, man, this is my story The type of shit that make me cry when I record it This the type of shit that still gong make me cry even when I'm 40 R.I.P. Nipsey, R.I.P. Mac These inspirations always gong motivate me to rap Let's celebrate their lives and the people that they impact The marathon continues, ain't no way we looking back Amazon Prime flow, you know I'll always deliver We crossed oceans for a chance just to feel something better Generations to sacrifice, that we'll always remember It's that circle of life shit, they hold me up like I'm Simba They told me I ain't welcome, I'm here to stay, and my visa says so Just wait and see who's songs they gon' blast up in they headphones Come back like every couple years to destroy like tornadoes Victorious tropical flow coming straight from Indo' These plants only grow to just get cut and disposed Their spotlight is dimming, my future's so bright that it glows You want the blueprint for impossible, I'll let it show Remember when Pac said, "The concrete grows a rose"

  • Nyesel gw pas sekolah dulu suka cabut pas pelajaran b.inggis...

  • Oh Dude

  • kesini grgr postingan lobster 2 warna di indozone

  • Reporter : who favorite soccer club in Indonesia ? Rich Brian : Persija Jakarta


  • Rapper Nada dari Korea Selatan g nyangka kl Rich Brian orang Indonesia..dia ngarep bisa duet tuh . .

  • Atta : iam the king Rich : punten slur :v

  • Gini dong wkwk👍👍😥🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • boom bap brian

  • I don't know why, but I'm crying.

  • thank you brian for loving your country :)

  • King of Indo : Rich brian

  • Cool

  • "AMAZING ARTIST" ! 💯✔🔥👂👌

  • 2:44 izzy pas kecil 🇲🇨

  • bro seeing this makes me so proud and i aint even indo. south east asians represent

  • atta halilintar goblok

  • 2:08 is that a tyler reference

  • Old school Black Eyed Peas feels anyone?


  • Seperti bukan kenyataannya tapi hasilnya sangat bagus, lagunya juga easy listening, semangat rich brian, anda akan semakin sukses.

  • this song should be in some motivating boxing movie or some shit like that :OO

  • Ayy support from 🇵🇭

  • Wowww Jakarta! So proud!

  • Ginagago nyo lang yan dati ngayon panis na kayo HAHAHAHAHA

  • Tetap ingat dengan negara aslinya itu dia rich brian,sukses terus🙏

  • Warna musiknya sama kaya lagu dari legend 2pac

  • G

  • Proudddd offf you!!!!

  • 0:59 OCBC NISP Tower Ambassador Kuningan Jakarta, pantesan rasanya familiar sekali haha

  • 😍😍😍😍👍💋

  • Disslike 5k? wthefck :')

  • This one is a hit for sure! 🔥🔥🇦🇫 Love from an Afghan!

  • Thank u brian, Indonesia jadi lebih di kenal dunia

  • Amen showed his potential this album showed his growth better bars and different sound

  • Bars through the roof

  • For some reason I can imagine The Weeknd being featured in this

  • Talking about copy 🐈 but on some drake riding shit

  • this lowkey has mad kanye graduation vibes

  • Mohon untuk warga +62 untuk tidak bar bar

  • I love you Brian ❤️

  • "I'm the youngest child I don't need more attention", bitch he came for us elder siblings!!!!!