RiceGum Reacts to W2S RiceGum Diss Track! #DramaAlert

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2018
This is unreal what RiceGum said!
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  • at least I wasn't on blogtv with my hands up.

  • I’m a fan of you keem but I think it was mest up of you saying at least I’m im not Ricky Berwick

  • 8:57 fire? The first sentence i see (your mom looks like kim jong un) Is racist and it like what kids say when they fight

  • Your going down bitch w2s is going to beet yo ass

  • Stop bullying a cripple Keem

  • Well said. R.I.P.

  • Why are you bulling Ricky Berwick

  • Thats a shit advice.Stop bullying Ricky.I mean I know he is mean at u but be a little mature m8.

  • Why ya gotta diss Ricky like that

  • shut up about Ricky

  • what flavor off g fuel is that

  • Was the lady throwing gang signs or hand signals

  • I

  • The video has how people had died and had been slaughtered. But the videos title and thumbnail was about ricegum reacting. Just sad 😔

  • Good afternoon!

  • Who thought it was funny when Harry said ''looking like a malnourished lesbian''

  • At least ricky didnt say the n word like crazy

  • That diss track was shit he used the same beat

  • lets get rigghhhhht into the noose

  • 1-0 to the gabby show😂😂😂

  • Are you kidding me?? I would love to be Ricky Berwick

  • What is that women doing at 4:10

  • Ricegum a bitch

  • Fans of mrbeast why did ricegum quit the last to leave the circle wins

  • When I saw image with ricky berwick with gun in my head went like what the fu**

  • Ricky Berwick may be diffrent but atleast he looks like he is happy and having a great life

  • the death of 5 people is way more important than a stupid fucking beef uuggghh

  • Go fund me page come out : goal 100,000 Beast: gets 100,000 get it done with 1 donate

  • Good afternoon

  • Clickbait

  • Note to self never mess with harry and his diss tracks or his fifa or soccer videos otherwise he will roast so fucking hard

  • pizarro is my last name...

  • 4:51 what that lady doing in

  • Caner

  • What if I am Ricky berwick

  • Ricegum’s mom to wroetoshaw:Hello Wroetoshaw(W2S):Good afternoon u look like Kim jong un

  • R.I.P To The People That Died , It Was Awesome That Dwayne Seen That , Heart Warming. 😭

  • Ricky has suicidal thoughts after this

  • Hey keep u never mentioned that W2S told WillNE to snap his legs

  • that loss is making me cry