Rescue dog Removing Thousand Big Ticks From Dog's Ear

Pubblicato il 4 mag 2019
In this video i want to show you how to rescued dog from attacking hundred ticks.
We will Rescue dog by removing thousand big ticks from dog's ear
Before and After dog attack by thousands of ticks! Check out :
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  • What a brave pup. Ticks are gross - but I must admit it's weird satisfying watching them be removed

  • Who else is getting icthey

  • Asu ne nyengir

  • Rip dog were all sorry that happened we all hope in the name of God doesn't happen again.😔

  • poor baby 🥺

  • Make it fast, why so lousy, are you not pity to the dog why you make like that

  • Is this India

  • Every like is a treat for a dog.😭🥺

  • Imagine each time he moves the tick off screen that he is in fact consuming it.

  • God bless to the poor dog hit the like botton 👇

  • Damn I feel bad for the dog bruh

  • How in the world did that happen

  • I feel so bad for the dog

  • Ah yes he removed a thousand ticks on the dog's ear.


  • Your doing a good gob

  • This is bad

  • I don't like how in the intro they take the time to show then the ticks host remove them from the poor puppy

  • Really very suspect on these people they have 3 video about and claim it’s there dog wouldn’t you notice the ticks before it got this bad 🤷‍♂️

  • wow

  • That's so 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sad

  • How to remove easy ticks

  • Ti ka door karaine aasaan tarika

  • Poor dog. So glad extracted those parasites out

  • My dog gets fleas as usual, my dog doesn't get ticks where I live. But if my dog started getting ticks when I get my own house, I WOULD FLIPPIN TAKE THEN OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AND I WOULD GET SOMETHING TO KILL EVERY FLEA IN MY YARD, AND SHAVE MY DOG FUR OFF TO KILL ALL ZE EGGS AND THAN I APPLY HEALING CREAM, DONE ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • The world is so cruel to beautiful animals like this dog

  • so gross

  • Awwww poor dog. 💔😭😭

  • Try not to cringe challenge

  • I feel so weird after watching this

  • What a poor poor dog i feel sad for the dog

  • I need to kill all tics in life now and I need that dog to get 200000000000000 treats

  • Me: *watched a few parts* WARNING: of you can not stand dirt do not watch Me: wtf

  • All hail the people who kill ticks and the animals that eat ticks that kills the tick population

  • That so nice

  • ช่างภาพถ่ายได้แย่มากเปลี่ยนไปเปลี่ยนมา โฟกัดไม่ดีเลยดูแล้วรู้สึกรำคานมาก สงสารน้องหมาทำไมปล่อยให้เห็บมีเยอะขนาดนี้ รู้สึกแปลกใจ

  • Quit watching these people. These dogs are being exploited for money and you are helping them by watching!!! They tie the dogs up so they get infested, they pour saved small ticks and pour them on the dogs to reinvest them! Please quit watching

  • pagaling ka dogy😍

  • His ear must be itchy to hell 😳

  • OH MY GOD that is so much TICKS

  • Wow this is sad

  • Deez ticks don't have any sence! . . . . Uhm... My account photo...

  • Wow men 😍what a great 👍 job

  • I feel like all of us watching this looked up "tick removal" for our amusement. We are all weird 😂

  • This is like the only time someone on here wears GLOVES THANK YOU FOR WEARING GLOVES AND BEING CLEAN 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 also thanks for getting ticks out of the doggo

  • Please tell me you burned all these ticks or killed them in Amy satisfying way.

  • Then after they removed the bugs I would pour them out and crush them by stepping on them.

  • This poor pup must be sedated or something, with all those ticks wouldn't it start to attack, unless it's really week. Poor thing.

  • If I see one tick on my dog I will burn it in lava I will freeze it in liquid nitrogen I will even shot it 👿👿👿 stupid ticks

  • Oooh noo poor dog after this videos I hope he will be ok and hopefully he will get delicious treats 😢😢😢

  • What about the ones on her face and back????

  • You fool

  • Ouch oh that poor dog


  • I have a stray dog and it has been happy since i found it it had some ticks and I removed it and they all came back I’m back at the uk gotta wait until next summer to see my babies

  • Is he ok😞😞😞😞

  • Here's my other comment and he's black and white and his name is Oreo please come to the apartment in Freeport please I love you too. I really miss him I'm so much memories

  • Please help my puppy if you're hearing thisfrom our house and I really really miss me my puppy he's ran into the woods and please find him run away from my house

  • They should have put the whole cleaning and recovery process of the dog. This is so unclear and not satisfying. I cannot tell if the dog was completely clean or not.

  • This is so sad!