Removing A Horn-Like Growth And 6 Cysts From Woman's Head | Dr. Pimple Popper

Pubblicato il 3 ott 2019
Dr Lee treats a patient who has multiple bumps all over her head, suspected to be pilar cysts. One of these growths has ruptured, causing it to grow into a horn-like protrusion.
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  • The real unicorn woman.

  • I want dr.pimple popper to be my mommy. Sheso sweet.

  • How can you live with this on your head for so long?

  • I like that there's a follow up portion.

  • WHY TF ARE THEY ADDING IN THESE DAMN SOUND EFFECTS EW Who else found this disgusting but still carried of watching it?

  • I love how she always ask her patients if they’re okay such a caring doctor Normal people: loses appetite Me: goes for snack... this is getting good

  • It’s gross but you CANNOT STOP WATCHING

  • Absolute haram

  • That was scary amazing to watch. Glad all went well with her. You rock best Pimple Popper Doctor ever.....❤️

  • That poor lady, having to live with all those lumps on her head, it must have really knocked her self confidence. So glad she’s free of them now :)

  • How sad this world is and insecure. Your worried about shaving a spot that’s I’ll regrow for sure. And not care it could be cancer. Fuckin ridiculous.

  • We’re the sound effects really necessary in this video? This is cool and all, but they seem like they were only there for grossness factor

  • That horny one 😏

  • Omg this one was super nasty! Ok next

  • For some reason I find this relaxing. Please, do not ask me why. . . . . Seriously, don't do it.

  • She could have gotten a Mexican mom to pull her hair HELLA TIGHT +a FACE LIFT

  • Was the best episode ive seen yet

  • I know everyones life is different and so on but come on bro.

  • I’m just sitting here wondering how these people let these things get this bad 🤢🤮🤮 How tf was this woman brushing her hair or shower?!!? I woulda died!!!! 1:40 “I really have to approach this CYSTematically”

  • Poor lady... she must've been so relieved getting all of those things out for once and for all.

  • Nice👌👌👌

  • My head has small bumbs

  • If there were bumps on my head like that and you needed to shave my head get the razor girl I'll be fine hair grows back

  • Humans make me laugh. Everybody comments on how nice she is and how she is such a caring doctor... but they would be just as entertained if she was yelling at them and telling them to get their lives together... probably more so.

  • That must be painful

  • And...

  • Once I had a massive bump on my shoulder and I got rid of it in over my medicine and overall 4 weeks

  • My stomach :Ouch!!!😩😨😨😨

  • Nnhju

  • How man here we go again

  • Wow! Great work De. Lee!😁❤👊 such a good job!! She really kicked ass in this surgery!! Great job!! Smh wow!!❤

  • The iPhone with no case was the scariest part. What if she drops it?

  • Who else thinks that when they come out it looks like squished banana 🅜🅞🅒🅗🅘👇

  • I got hungry by watching these 😋

  • Why did she have all of those cysts on her head? That cant be normal

  • Ils sont degusting

  • How are they not nervous about this!?

  • Normal people: loses appetite Me: goes for snack... this is getting good

  • This made me so happy💗

  • 2:44 the horny one! Lmaoooo😂😂😂

  • How the fuck does one let shit like this get to this stage? Stop being lazy! Don’t muck around with things like this you only have yourself to blame!

  • FLCL Anyone?

  • oop like this is nasty and like it just ew

  • That horny one. Me: Um.....................

  • James Charles : hey sisters No one: Abousutly no one: Dr lee: hi cysters

    • Multiple people already brought this tho

    • The Taylor Sisters you think your funny chill man

  • Alien part 5

  • “We have to do this cyst-ematically.”

  • How do people even withstand this omg I-

  • This is so gross yet so satisfying to watch.

  • god i get so sick to my stomach when watching these but i still do it 😰😰

  • Starting to think this are fake

  • Is the extra soundtrack necessary

  • My stomach is screaming at me to stop... but naturally I don't.

  • what would happen if you get a cyst on your ball

  • whats up with her saying " the bump on top of my head" no lady that was a horn.and then "i dont wanna have any bald spots" did she not see the same scalp we did?

  • Ok I have only one and I’m so to get it removed on Monday the lady said it’s 1.5 cm big. I’m scared and I wonder if this is going to hurt at all and I’m terrified of needles but I know what to except with the needles she said she’s going to numb it

  • Just wait til 6:26

  • Eww


  • Who else found this disgusting but still carried of watching it? As disgusting as these are, I still can’t stop watching them