Pubblicato il 1 giu 2019
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Short people always have some problems. But what if your boyfriend is much taller than you? Or in other words when you are much shorter than him?
Here are some relatable facts about short girl problems and struggles of relationships with a tall guy. These things all short girls would understand. But... Who is this Leo (3:06)?
Enjoy our fun video and live in a comment - what relationships struggles do you have?
#relatable #fun #short #couple
00:06 Tall guy hugging
00:12 Short girl in the car
00:21 Short girl and tall guy couple under an umbrella
00:28 Selfie
00:44 Tall guy in the car
01:16 Tall guy and short girl couple fight
01:47 His shirt, her dress
01:54 Short girl in the bathroom
02:29 Tall guy in the shower


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  • I love your video so much because I’m short

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  • 😍😍Anna isn't short, Ed is tall..

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  • Why the man has bat in hands

  • Anna is so pretty, luv u

  • Super episode but there is one but why this beard boy makes such strange faces !?

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  • lol I just watched the vid where the dad chases him with the bat

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  • Well Anna I dont think u r short but I am short I understand what happens🤣

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  • Im like 152cm height yet here I am 23yrs old living like a kid around tall teenagers ... dk how many was that in ft height Edt: I love myself but I hate my height so much

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