Recreating Jamie Oliver's Insanity Burger From Taste | Bon Appétit

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
One dish. Two days. We challenged super taster Chris Morocco to blindly taste a dish made by Andy and then reverse engineer it as closely to the original as he can. The challenge this episode: Jamie Oliver's Insanity Burger.
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Recreating Jamie Oliver's Insanity Burger From Taste | Bon Appétit


  • Nice job Chris!! Got there in the end! x

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    • @Daniel Hillegus it's actually the opposite, the steam rising is what causes it to wilt and soften, putting it on the bottom makes it cruncher.

    • all the americans and canadians are like omg its jamie and all the brits are like stfu noncey wanker, gis us back our turkey twizzlers lmaoo

    • you with woolworths are the worst combination

    • @PubGKnoob Mobile homophobic remark

  • The pug eye mask is fantastic 🙌

  • this grading is so weird, like in Canada 80% - 100% is A-, A, A+

  • The percentage math was alittle off

  • The crunch does go

  • He keeps saying “ya know” when describing the food in detail but no. I do not know.

  • Looking at the scars on his earlobe, it looks like he might’ve had gauges at some point. what a rebel

  • Love the low key blow on Oliver when he said it's a celeb with a name and some normal ingredients hahaha love it. True too

  • Would love to see him do something like an impossible burger if he hasn’t already..

  • That burger looks under cooked.

  • Watching this as a Brit it's hilarious how "the cheese is the wildest thing about this burger". Red Leicester over here is right next to cheddar in everyday, middle-of-the-road supermarket cheeses. It is precisely the "sesame seed bun, iceberg lettuce, ketchup and mayonnaise" of cheeses.

  • dah

  • This looks like the burger they fed the food inspector in spongebob

  • Chris is hot

  • You could tell he was picking cheeses he liked over he cheeses he thought it might be. He said so many times that the cheese was bland and salty but kept picking fairly strong cheese

  • this series is fantastic - both very entertaining as well as informative - also shout out to the clean editing of the ingredient list

  • I love the way he throws shade in the beginning, I need more of this

  • “Who puts shredded lettuce layer under a hot burger?” Babish: :0


  • is blindfolded appearance: 90%

  • Chris "I feel good about that" Morocco

  • I love how he pushes the cart it makes me laugh every time because it's so unexpected of him 😂

  • Andy went easy because they are station partners

  • Why is Andy so hot

  • I think Jamie might have been going for something Big Mac-esque with the shredded lettuce and sauce.

  • I didnt realize what was on his face for 3 minutes

  • Why does Chris Morocco look the same with the pug mask on as he does without it


  • Andy needs his own unique segment where he has to do a challenge...

  • Need that pug blindfold.

  • Drinking game: take a nip everytime Chris is gonna err on the side of something.

  • Brad: I'm a D- student as long as you're passing ya know boom boom Chris: I strive to be an A- Student If this doesn't sum up the striking difference between the two idk what does

  • Hahahahahhaha you seriously got Chällerhocker in America? Your pronounciation was horrible but props for the good cheese choice!

    • By the way it means sit in the cellar in swiss german dialect.

  • I love this recreating series!

  • Red Lester 🥴

  • Chris trying to recreate dishes is me second favorite type episodes of BA. Before anyone ask, I love when they all compete in taste test.

  • Funny that he calls it the layer of sadness.

  • Guess that F*cking cheese!

  • Still confused as to why it’s called the Insanity burger? Bc it’s insane to put the lettuce at the bottom? Lol

  • please tell me there was a "guess that f**king cheese" episode?

  • That mask makes him look like Batman not a pit bull, but that might just be me

  • What if Claire got to be the judge in the next episode?!

  • Took me a while before I realised he was wearing a blindfold with pug eyes lol

  • He never seems to just take a full bite of whatever he's trying to recreate.

  • I dont know Andy, but after seeing how he is rating and the way he gives critique, I dont like him.

  • This is so impressive

  • I think the real evaluation here is that, if Chris can't taste it, it is a pointless ingredient that those other chefs have thrown in for no other reason than an attempt to stroke their own ego. If Chris can't taste it - take it out of the recipe!

  • Heat travels upward. Lettuce on top of the patty is more likely to wilt faster than lettuce on the bottom.

  • Minced meat is always meant to be cooked all the way through. Enjoy getting sick

  • Chris:This is very middle of the road Me:Yeah, that sums up Jamie Oliver.

  • Sad boi burger Sad boi burger Sad boi burger

  • You should make more of these "recreates" video

  • does he ever actually take a bite of the food. idk why but its irritates me, love him though

  • It'd be interesting to see Chris taste it blindfolded, shop for his ingredients blindfolded, and then cook blindfolded!

  • does anyone know what happens with food waste in the test kitchen? like, did the whole burgers that chris picked at minimally get tossed out? have they addressed this before? idk, i hate to be cynical about it all because i enjoy their videos so much but every time i see a video like this or gourmet makes i wonder what happens to all the food between square one and final product. it'd suck if the answer is they just end up throwing out a lot of perfectly good food.

  • That burger is raw ffs !

  • He never actually takes a bite of any whole burger in this

  • I love how he made the burger and then only at the players again

  • the grading is so unfair.. salt is in ketchup anyways.. but they write it as red. I just want to say , look like Chris just can't resist making a tastier version than original in every episode.

  • As a Canadian, I just can't with the undercooked hamburger.

    • @Necrosis3 yup.

    • Doesn't help that a "rare" burger is illegal in Canada I believe.