Pubblicato il 15 ott 2019
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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
Halloween JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan


  • Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!

    • John you are the only person on youtube who's ads don't get skipped ahead of.I bet in a few years you could wrangle a gig as an Arby's spokesman

    • JonTronShow Jontron pls react to the nothing but trouble movie

    • JonTronShow i was really expecting a lot more for Halloween like I’m use to from you.

    • Can we get eight more repiles so that it can be 690


  • K

  • When a youtuber has his own studio that's no longer yoytubing it's just having his own show.

  • I worked at toys r us and when i was walking by a 4 foot tall figure of Darth Vader, his lightsaber was down. I turned around and his lightsaber was raised. Right by it was some cars hanging on hooks and they would fall off these hooks just out of nowhere. It was always colder in that part of the store. There’s obviously a practical explanation for these, but it just didn’t feel natural.

  • I hear Laurel

  • I think I know why 6 managers disappeared Karenos got all 6 Infinity scarves

  • Happy and you know it claps your hand

  • 8:44 a minute of silence for all the fine China that has met it's end at the hands of this monster known as Jon Jafari

  • Yohnny Yohnson? Yes PaPa? Haunted Toys r us? No PaPa?

  • Jon: *slashes at jasons neck with a dagger cutting his head off* Also jon: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Thanks for this; aside from a few things (the big ad at the beginning for one), this really felt like somewhat of a return to the classic Jontron I fondly remember. Perhaps it's just my bias for your love of Halloween, but this episode didn't go over the top on 'production budget' or 'what can I buy'; just simply you making fun of "spoopy" stuff. Thanks. : )

  • That fucking wig was great

  • That fuckin door gag always kills me

  • Yohnny Yonson, the famous Nascar driver?

  • This tastes like vintage '16 Jon.. Me likey

  • 3:12 meanwhile i have started my European playstation 2

  • Looks like yonny became literate enough to spell " Elizabeth"

  • Someone here is a blin

  • Why oh why oh WHY was Leonard Nimoy involved in this drivel.....

  • 2:40 why the sword? And he was fast to kill Jason

  • I choked when he showed up in the wig

  • The six managers died of heat syncope not a ghost

  • Here's Yonny!

  • "Fiction? Think again!" best part of the entire video. Not joking.

  • The real reason Jon doesn't make videos as often is because he makes a new theme song for each video.

  • Im I the only one that thought this was a PS2 starting up? 3:12

  • This is why Toys-R-Us went out of business. Also, I think most major retail stores have their own ghost stories. I work at Kohl's and we have a ghost story.

  • My town actually used a pyschic to find the killer of an auditor I did a research report for it for my English class because my English teacher was in the documentary about it

  • He supposedly got us but it was above her waste

  • 3:25 does this remind anyone of that Danny Gonzales song. Yohnny yohnyy Do you miss me (yes papa) Yohnny yohnny

  • Funnily enough Jon carrying a dead body in a bloody bag isn't the strangest thing i've seen lately

  • 3:14 Just a meme.

  • This is the best comedy for depression

  • 16:34 They're all in on it. What a joke.

  • .....clearly there was a mid 90s type of beavis and butthead stoner that was fucking with these people after an employee mentioned a single strange thing that happened and someone mentioned ghosts.

  • So this Toys R Us is haunted by some guy named Yonny who died over 100 years ago. How'd they know who to summon then lol. Cold bitches must of paved over his grave to sell some toys.

  • Jontron gets the WORST sponsors xD hahaha

  • As soon as that bitch said Hello I wanted to say Shut the fuck up navi. She oddly sounded like her

  • Jontron and friends: Yanny! Yanny! Yanny! Yanny! Yanny! Yanny! Yanny! Me: Nah i hear laurel.

  • Lmao i cant stop laughing at the Jason scene. Im dying.

  • Last time i saw my door opens without anyone behind it, it was my cat who opened it Gg

  • 13:32 no it was 1982.

  • Why was the ghost of late night tv not used in this video

  • Plz do another one

  • Why I don't find the alliance from Jon Tron in Rise of Kingdoms?

  • 8:53 "Time passes, as Time will." DIO: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • more like Yonny Yoestar

  • Toys r us predicting it's fate

  • Start of video looks like ps2 intor

  • Did Jon get rid of jacques?

  • Whatever the fuck Jon is doing with his eye at 8:55 is why I subscribed.

  • Gatta be below the waist homie, you didn't get shit.

  • 2:39 and I oop

  • 7:37 is the most scariest part

  • Seeing as its Sunnyvale it was 100% Mr. Lahey hard on the liquor stirring up a ruckus in the storage room.

  • 2:58 Ghoul on the ground floor: this is definitely my lucky day

  • He killed Jason why he just wanted to be friends 😂.

  • Lel smh.


  • Toys R Us really is a ghost, it's died and is now coming back