Pubblicato il 15 ott 2019
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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
Halloween JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan


  • Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!

    • The game is fun but you will never win because the Chinese dominate every server

    • Congrats on #1 trending

    • #1 trending

    • when you promote a game you never actually play because its crap, but you got a generic sponsorship.

    • I don't play mobile games but I liked comment this just so they see the interaction.

  • I thought the intro was a ad but then realized it still sort of an ad

  • Jon got #1 on trending! Way to go man!

  • A JonTron Halloween episode.... I missed you, baby. 'Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction' up next? Them puns....

  • #1 on Trending!

  • Omfg I love vids like these reminds me of the old days

  • Holy hell, congrats on #1 trending

  • She heard a door open and a faucet running in the restroom, now what scientific explanation do you have for that?

  • 13:19 this is why toys r us got shut down

  • you have the same wallpapers as contrapoints lol.

  • I know that toy's r us because I use to go their my brother told me about how it's haunted

  • 2 uploads? in the same month???

  • Hey y’all Scott here oh wait wrong channel

  • Congrats on Trending #1, good sir.

  • lmao I fucking love this guy

  • 11:52 F u Jon it's not below the waist. You ain't got nothing

  • Number one on trending, congratulations

  • 3:52 ...TOBE HOOPER of Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Poltergeist fan, and you didn't even make a joke?? For shame for shame... That will haunt you for the rest of your life... WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • A technique called look it up

  • What ever happen to his bird?

  • Awww, I was expecting a Galvatron reference xD

  • For a second there I thought Jon was gona bring out the actor...i MEAN ghost of Yanny

  • Now this is some spooky shit right here

  • Like her, I am also a medium. Mid-sized clothing just fits me so well.

  • i cannot begin to explain how much i love jon's halloween videos

  • **sees that Tobe Hooper directed this** **cheers with chainsaw noises and poltergeist chair-stacking**

  • HOLY SHIT! #! ON TRENDING! Good job Jontron!

  • They should've just called ghostbusters, a bit more expcisve but they do it in a timely fashion and they get the ghost GONE!

  • Of course management would hire a psychic to solve their problems before ever admitting their own mistakes.

  • It's the magic ghoul bus!

  • So they just sent old Yani to pester Elizabeth in the after life?

  • Wow he is sooo bad at chipping firewood

  • Sylvia Browne once said that the common cold would be cured by 2008. I get pissed off anytime I get a cold since 2009 to present.

  • #1 on trending!!! Way to go Jon!!!

  • should have said “ooOhhhh SHHINNN”

  • Jon: REAL GHOSTS Phil Swift: *GRUNTS*

  • Damn. The budget of these is ridiculously over the top now.

  • #1 trending

  • Damn it!! I got got!!

  • Is Sylvia talking to Mrs Doubtfire?!

  • Did Jon just design Danny devito?

  • You didn't get me if I was already looking

  • I don't. Mean. To. Upset. You.

  • Aw you fucking GODDAMMIT YOU GOT ME

  • Jesus #1 trending

  • Lorrol vs. yonny Which do you hear?

  • The production quality never ceases to amaze me.

  • 7:41 lol look at the guy in the back on the right

  • Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the best most haunted place in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Has anyone actually download rise of kingdoms, I’m just curious

  • This video is higher on trending than Fortnite. I still have hope in humanity

  • Part 2 please!

  • 11:56 Don’t make me say a no no word

  • #1 on Trending as of writing this. Nice!

  • You big beautiful son of a bitch, 1st on trending

  • 2:47 that’s a lot of ketchup

  • #1 on Trending? Congratz Jon!

  • It’s not really Spooktober until Jontron do the spook

  • "I am putting the store room off-limits, for the next couple of days." So... are the stockers just... not working for a couple of days?

  • I used to be a farmer too. That is until I got shot by an arrow to the shin.